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Negro necklacing and its anti-diversity lessons for whites


Jo Jackson on the Incogman’s blog:

“Damn jew meddling as always was that f*ckin nigger mandela that invented the nectire tire necktie, with gas in it and pull it down around someone and light it up ..”

You’re right there!

If there’s just ONE thing we whites can “learn” from niggers/kaffirs is how to deal with our own form of “Uncle Toms”.

Blacks in South Africa HATE black “sell-outs”/traitors more than they hate whites and that is how they deal with them. They tie them up, place a car tyre around their necks, fill the inside lining of the tyre with petrol and set the bastard alight.


Give the sanction I would have NO QUALMS doing the same to a piece of pale skinned, self loathing, “sell-out” white trash who assisted the Yids in destroying Rhodesia and South Africa – the same political RED scum who are selling us ALL out right NOW around the f*cking world – especially in Europe and North America.

Have you noticed in the MSM that anything marginally “off colour” i.e. non white is classed as “black” ?!? Ha! there’s NEVER any mention of the white bitch European component in the Mongrel’s make up?

In our lands it’s mainly low IQ white female bitches that have no qualms about mating with apes and producing MONGREL bastards which inherit the worst of both races.

That is why miscegenation and white feminism is highlighted and promoted to the hilt in the war against our race. Clinton’s bitch, as is Blair’s are pure evil!

Scheming white feminists are far more dangerous than any form of non white. They are the kike’s most useful tool while they appeal to clueless “protective” dick heads. Our western political establishments are FULL of these c*nts.


The schemers however are the wiley pale skinned female Jews. All are invariably “feminist” in the open promoting as much for “girl power” lol! but unsurprisingly the majority are staunchly “traditional” behind closed Jewish doors with a circumcised dick right up them.

Pale skinned Jewish ‘feminists’ are the purveyors of literary poison to predominantly young white female children, encouraging them to flaunt themselves before they’ve even started ovulating, through subtle magazines like Cosmo, Mari Claire and myriads more besides MTV leading to hard core porn.

Jewish feminist magazine Lilith

They instil in them through this filth the “athleticism” of the ape as being superior to white men and all the other garbage surrounding it with a view to destroying their God given beauty and genetic make up.

In the UK we now have stats like this and this, giving you just a glimpse of how brainwashed the pathetic white population of the UK is now.

South Africa’s whites have not and probably will not react now to what’s happened/happening to them and nor will those of the Antipodes. The latter in the Antipodes might last a bit longer – what a hell is in store for them.

They’re no different to those ‘cattle’ controlled by the Morlocks in that HG Wells movie of 1960 “Time Machine” and will be bred out by 2050.

HG Wells The Time Machine Cover


jewish new world order