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Did "Six Million" Really Die?

Deloused or exterminated?

The figure of the “Six Million” Jews who ostensibly died during the heyday of the Nazi regime is, in the first instance, obviously a cabbalistic figure, because numerals of that sort have been used by superstitious Jews for ulterior and often subversive reasons since ancient times.

For example, the Talmud says the Romans wrapped “sixty-four million” Jewish children in their Torah scrolls and burnt them alive in the city of Bethar, early in the Christian era; despite the fact that demographical records make it plain there weren’t anything like that number of Jews on the planet at the time.

Hasidic Jews ‘prophesied’ in 1919 that God required Six Million persons as a “holocaust” (lit. “burnt offering”) to appease his wrath and get the Jews back into Palestine; and many Jews evidently believed that just such a “holocaust” was provided by the Jews running the Jewish Soviet of the USSR, who starved to death millions of Ukrainians—‘six million men and women are dying; eight-hundred thousand children cry for bread … through no fault of their own, through no transgression of the law of God or man’ — see

The “Six Million” Jews who ostensibly perished under the Nazis to get Jews back into Palestine are also sometimes translated by Jews into the ‘holocaust’ of Gentiles who ostensibly did likewise by dying in WW 2, and notably in the firebombing of German cities like Dresden and Hamburg, and most of the cities in Japan, including the nuclear fire of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The number six and its multiples by tens, thousands, and millions is recognized by superstitious cabbalistic Jews as very significant in a whole host of ways; and hence it’s doubtless no mere coincidence that the biblical “mark of the beast” has links to the six lines of the guard bars on bar coded products and the six lines of the Magen David, and is cited as “six hundred three score and six”. Especially since finance Jews will control e-commerce in end-times by the collateral of their ownership of the bulk of the world’s gold; and Israel’s King Solomon, who’s celebrated by Jews as a prototype of their soon to be revealed ‘Davidic’ king and antichrist who’ll rule the world by the Jews’ money, received “six hundred three score and six” talents of gold as tribute money, when at the apogee of his power.

All of the foregoing does not, however, preclude the possibility that about six million Jews died in World War 2 Europe under the Nazis. A post on the notable Holocaust History Project Web site at is relevant here …

The Six Million Figure – Where Did it Come From?

1. “Six million Jews died in the Holocaust.”? Just where did that figure come from? And what does it mean?

2. The earliest attempts to put a number on the dimensions of the Holocaust came from simple before-and-after demographic comparisons. Take the number of Jews in Europe before WWII, subtract the number found there after the war, add back those who managed to escape, and round it to the nearest million.

Of course, all these numbers are estimates. Even with the vigorous effort by the United States to count every single person once every ten years, and even with all our modern-day technology, it is widely recognized that the census misses over 1% of the total population – and that it misses minorities by an even higher percentage. In many areas of Europe at that time, census taking was not nearly as comprehensive as it is in the United States. Other writers, using different estimates, have proposed both lower and higher figures. Some go as high as seven million. At the other end of the scale, Gerald Reitlinger arrived at a figure of between 4.2 and 4.5 million.

This method of estimating also simplifies the issue slightly. An elderly person who died peacefully in bed in Paris the morning after the Germans invaded France was not really a victim of the Holocaust, but would be counted as such by the simple method above. The same goes for a Jewish soldier killed in battle. Accordingly, other writers have tried other methods to come up with a Holocaust death toll. For example, Raul Hilberg used more conservative definition, trying to count only those who were actually captured by the Nazis and died under their control, whether by shooting, gas, starvation, or disease. He came up with a figure of about 5.2 million.

These numbers are still estimates. This is true of any large-scale disaster. We do not have an exact figure for the number of people killed in WWII. We do not even have an exact number for the death toll of the 1900 Galveston hurricane – estimates range from 6,000 to 12,000, with 8,000 being the most widely-used figure. So it is not at all surprising or unusual that the estimates of Holocaust victims range from 4.2 to 7 million.

3. It is not, however, legitimate to argue that since these estimates are so wide the true figure could be much smaller (or, for that matter, much bigger) – say, by a factor of ten or more. Since the Nazis themselves explicitly reported shooting about a million Jews in the occupied Soviet Union before creating the concentration camp system, a number below 1,000,000 (as some Holocaust deniers try to claim) is not credible. The legitimate estimates all have actual foundations in evidence. “Since we don’t know, it could easily be far less” is pure handwaving with no evidence at all.”

Even if the mass gassing of Jews at Auschwitz by the Germans is exaggerated or entirely false that does not necessarily mean that several million Jews did not die. But I do not think that mass gassings in German labour camps is a falsehood, even if there are grounds to believe the extent of it has been exaggerated by the Jews and their acolytes for ulterior reasons – see

There is now no doubt that Himmler and the SS had extermination of the Jews in mind from at least as early as 1943 – check out this recently recovered audio, which provides irrefutable evidence, at

For an excellent archive of Holocaust photographs that more than adequately refute Holocaust denial see: (scroll down the page to see all of photographs available).

I believe the Jews deserved the Holocaust and were punished by God under the Nazis because of the crime of the Crucifixion, their general wickedness as sold out to lust after and accumulate mammon in apostasy from God, and the way they’ve persecuted Christians and massacred Gentiles since the first century. I also believe God raised up Adolf Hitler to mete out his righteous retribution on the Jews in a manner similar to the way he raised up King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon as his “servant” to punish the Jews for idolatry and iniquity in the seventh century BC (c.f., Jer. 27.6-8). Hitler’s Germany was also punished by God during and after the war, in a manner similar to the punishment God meted out on the Chaldeans, after he’d used them to punish the Jews.

Check out this popular video produced by a Jewish convert to Christianity, who says the Jews deserved the Holocaust, and that by suffering under Hitler they fulfilled several Old Testament prophecies of Moses that warned of the curses that would fall on Jews for their sin and apostasy, which reached the pits in the crime of the Crucifixion and rejection of the gospel …

To quote the Holocaust History Web site regarding extermination of Jews at Belzec, Sobibor, and Treblinka:

Operation of the Camps

Deadly Efficiency

The three camps were set up roughly at the same time in early 1942. As opposed to concentration camps, or hybrid camps such as Auschwitz, the Operation Reinhard camps were pure extermination camps. They existed for no other purpose than to kill Jews. There was no forced labour, and no work for inmates, other than that directly associated with the killing process, such as processing arrivals, removing corpses from the gas chambers, disposing of corpses and other such ghastly work. In this way, the Operation Reinhard camps are virtually unique in the Holocaust experience. As Erich Bauer, the so-called Gasmeister (gas master) of Sobibor put it:

I estimate that the number of Jews gassed at Sobibor was about 350,000. In the canteen at Sobibor I once overheard Frenzel, Stangl and Wagner. They were discussing the number of victims in the extermination camps of Belzec, Treblinka and Sobibor and expressed their regret that Sobibor ‘came last’ in the competition.At the height of its activities in July 1942, Treblinka was receiving 5000 Jews a day. The absolute efficiency of the camps as industries of death is demonstrated by the fact that, as opposed to other camps, there are very few survivors. For example, it is believed that of the people at Belzec for more than just a few hours, only one or two survived the war, while at least 600,000 were murdered.

The Killing Process

Although there were some differences between the three camps, the killing process was similar in all three. It was ruthlessly efficient and has been described as a conveyor belt by an SS doctor. Each person in the process had a precise role to play and in a particular sequence. The twin goal was to conceal the reality of what was happening from the Jews as long as possible and to kill them as quickly and effortlessly as possible. The two processes of concealment and “conveyor belt” took place simultaneously. For this to occur seamlessly, a several-stage exact process covered the time from arrival of a “transport” (as they were called) to the actual killing of the Jews. This process resulted in most Jews being killed within two hours of their arrival at the camp.

In fact, the killing process really began before the Jews arrived. As soon as the camp was notified that a transport was about to arrive, the various participants were deployed to their positions. Since the three Operation Reinhard camps were too small to accommodate large trains, a few cars at a time would be backed up to a ramp in the camp and the occupants unloaded. The participants in the killing process included SS, Ukrainian auxiliaries, Jewish prisoners, and the victims. Only the SS and Ukrainians participated for the most part willingly.

The unloading of the victims was the first stage in the process. Jews arriving at the Operation Reinhard camps had usually been sealed in cattle cars for several hours and deprived of food and drink. Many died during transit. Those who survived the trip were almost always in a greatly incapacitated condition – starving, hungry, sick. They were in no condition to resist their fate, even the very few who might have guessed it, but the SS left nothing to chance. As soon as the door of the trains opened, the arrivals were swarmed by SS and auxiliaries armed with submachine guns and whips. Attack dogs were also employed to instill fear. In Belzec, an orchestra played music as the arrivals disembarked. The show of overwhelming force, the music, and the incapacitated state of the victims combined to disorient and confuse them, and render them more likely to believe and do what they were told. Often at this point, an SS man spoke to them, saying that they had arrived at a transit camp, that they would soon be put to work, but that they first had to be deloused or disinfected. If they did exactly what they were told, they would soon have a bath and a hot meal, receive new clothes and then be assigned to work details. This camouflage, which only had to work for a few short minutes, was usually very effective.

The second part of the process was the transfer of the Jews from the arrival ramp to the gas chambers. This involved determining which Jews would be gassed and which shot, separating them by gender, having them undress and herding them into the gas chamber. Determining which Jews were to be gassed was quite easy, and quickly done and did not involve a large-scale selection process, as was the case at Auschwitz. In the Operation Reinhard camps, virtually all of the arrivals were gassed shortly after arrival. The only exceptions were some who were too weakened, young, aged, or infirm to walk to the gas chamber; these individuals were taken off to another area, and shot. Their bodies were then dumped into pits and later burned.

With the exception of a very few strong individuals who were selected for labor (usually they would serve as Sonderkommando), all the rest were destined for the gas chambers. They first were sent to separate barracks where they undressed. They were given the impression that they had to remember where their clothing was, or to mark it, since they would need it later. SS officers explained to them that they were being processed for work, either in Germany, in the east, or in one case, in a future Jewish state in the Ukraine. The women also had their hair shorn.

Then they were forced to run through the Schlauch [tube], which connected the reception areas of the camps (unloading ramp, undressing hut, hair shearing hut, etc.) and the extermination section. The “tube” at Treblinka is described thus:

Transport Square in the Lower Camp was connected to the extermination area by the “tube”, or, as the Germans called it derisively, “the road to heaven” [Himmlelstrasse]. The “tube” was nearly 100 meters long and 4.5 to 5 meters wide. It began near the women’s undressing barrack, continued east and then south to the extermination area. It was fenced on both sides with barbed wire 2 meters high and intertwined with tree branches so that it was impossible to see in or out. The “tube” crossed a thin grove of trees, which continued eastward up to the camp fence. At the entrance to the “tube”, near the women’s undressing hut, a sign said: “To the Showers” [Zur Badenanstalt].The men were usually run through the tube first, since they represented the greatest security threat, should they figure out what was going on.

At the end of the “tube” was the extermination area. It was composed of the gas chambers, burial pits or crematoria, and living quarters for the prisoners (Sonderkommando) who were forced to participate in the killings. These prisoners did not last very long – they were murdered on regular occasions and replaced. There were slight differences between the camps, but the general design was consistent throughout.

Once the Jews had been run through the “tube”, they came to the gas chambers. The gas chambers represented ordinary baths. Once here, the Jews were crammed into the gas chambers, and there was no longer any need for deception. Guards hit them with clubs and whips to force them the last few meters into the gas chamber. Once inside, the doors were sealed and the gas was introduced. Several descriptions of the gassing process survive and they all concord with the following observations by Wilhelm Pfannenstiel, a Waffen-SS hygienist, of a gassing at Belzec:

[The Jews] ran naked from the hut through a hedge into the actual extermination centre. The whole extermination centre looked just like a normal delousing institution. In front of the building were pots of geraniums and a sign saying “Hackenholt Foundation”, above which were a Star of David. The building was brightly and pleasantly painted so as not to suggest that people would be killed there. From what I saw, I do not believe that the people who had just arrived had any idea of what would happen to them.Inside the building, the Jews had to enter chambers into which was channelled the exhaust of a [100(?)]-HP engine, located in the same building. In it, there were six such extermination chambers. They were windowless, had electric lights and two doors. One door led outside so that the bodies could be removed. […] Once the engine was running, the light in the chambers was switched off. This was followed by palpable disquiet in the chamber. In my view it was only then that the people sensed something else was in store for them. […] After about twelve minutes, it became silent in the chambers. It became silent because the Jews were all dead.”

Check out this link that refutes holocaust denial on the basis of the credibility of disposal of bodies at the German labour camps:

Having said all that, Jews do not, of course, have a monopoly on suffering a holocaust as they would have the world believe; because the Jews have genocided countless millions of Gentiles and Christians since the crime of the Crucifixion, in places like the USSR, Armenia, Algeria and most of the other mineral rich African states, and are still doing it.

President of the Ukraine, Viktor Yushchenko, has recently gallantly countered the Jews’ hyped up holocaust stories and monopoly on holocaust memorials, by dedicating 2008 as “Ukrainian Holocaust Remembrance Year”, to recall the sufferings of the SIX MILLION Ukrainian Christians callously starved to death by the Jewish Bolsheviks in the 1932–33 famine.

The once published figure of 4 million Jews perishing at Auschwitz was a Jew contrived exaggeration of what was still a significant number of Jews that perished—probably more than a million still perished in that camp alone; and it has, of course, been used by Jews to help them get back into Palestine, gain sympathy for their evil ambition to bring in an ideal world under Israel’s antichrist, and obtain exorbitant monetary reparation from the Germans.

Nevertheless, there must have been more than 2.5 million Jews who perished under the Nazis, and I am quite sure there were more than 4 million and possibly as many as 6.5 million; so it is not, therefore, correct to deny a Jewish holocaust during WWII, and I understand that even David Irving – officially a discredited historian – now generally concurs with the figure of at least 2.5 million Jews perishing in that era, and has publicly stated that “millions of Jews died”.

It is true that many Jews had evacuated the European theatre of war under the various Nazi emigration programmes; but please notice that the number that would have perished from malnutrition and disease in the 400-odd ghettos the Nazis set up in Poland, the Soviet Union, the Baltic States, Czechoslovakia, Romania, and Hungary, in the years 1939–45, must have still been considerable, because there were 400,000 Jews in the Warsaw ghetto alone!

If you add to that the ordinary mortality rate of the Jews left in Europe during the six years of WWII, and the number of Jews that would have perished from the labour imposed on them, and from general mistreatment, malnutrition, and contagion like louse-borne typhus, after being transported from the ghettos to German labour camps, the numbers must have reached “holocaust” proportions, even if Auschwitz and the other labour camps weren’t “extermination camps” – which is something that cannot be substantiated and runs completely contrary to the plain evidence available today.

You can also add to that the hundreds of thousands of Jews that DID perish under the systematic Nazi extermination programme put in place once the Jews’ treachery and wickedness as the shadow adminstration of Churchill’s, Roosevelt’s  and Stalin’s regimes had really got the Germans fired up — see Gerald Fleming’s book, Hitler and the Final Solution and the abundant evidence provided at

Notice from this newspaper clip that the Jews and the allies were well aware of the use of gas by the Nazis towards the end of the war---Erwin Rommel's son also commented on it

Despite the tendency the Jews have had to cash in on the horrors of the Holocaust by making up tall tales about how Jews died, and by hyping the atrocities in the rash of Holocaust movies that have come on the scene – especially by resorting to their peculiar penchant for sexual voyeurism; Adolf Hitler and the Nazi bosses (especially Himmler) DID have extermination of the Jews in mind as a “final solution” from at least as early as 1942; and there’s no doubt that the SS officers and Einsatgruppen DID execute hundreds of thousands, even though they generally found it repugnant and too brutal.

I believe Hitler distributed bona fide accounts of Jewish ritual murder of Gentiles and Christians among the SS officers and other Germans called on to carry out “the final solution of the Jewish problem”, because he wanted to boost their flagging morale and provide an incentive for them to finish the morally difficult and grisly work as quickly as possible.

Check out these images …

Gas chamber in the KGB headquarters in Vilnius---personal effects of victims have been placed under the glass as a memorial

Mobile gas chamber used by the Germans to kill Jews

Majdanek gas chamber