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Jews’ sovietization of “Kosher Canada” almost complete—beware America your ruin is next!

The Jews’ control of what’s now “Kosher Canada” goes back to the rise of the Jewish Bronfman family of bootleggers and whorehouse owners, who’d made a fortune on the perimeter of Montreal in the Prohibition era. The Bronfmans were major players in establishing the Bank of Canada (via the 1934 Bank of Canada Act), as the sole issuer of banknotes in the country and the central bank for the Canadian dollar. A ruse consolidated by the Jewish banksters who arranged for the Bank of Canada to be designated a “Crown” corporation, during the tenure of Canada’s Prime Minister Mackenzie King.

For while that was ostensibly leaving the bank’s share capital with Canada’s Minister of Finance and the Canadian people; it was really transferring it to so-called “Crown accounts”, which are in the domain of the private corporation of the City of London, and presided over by a committee of about a dozen Judaized financiers representing several banks in the City, headed by the Bank of England.

Jews in Canada backed Mackenzie King’s election as Canada’s Prime Minister in 1921, because they knew he’d worked Stateside for the Rockefellers and as John D. Rockefeller Jr’s close friend and confident. Mackenzie King was a draft dodger and an eccentric who communed with the spirits of the dead; and among the spirits he ostensibly contacted later in life were Leonardo da Vinci and F. D. Roosevelt.

“Time” magazine (1953) said King ‘owned—and used—a Ouija board and a crystal ball’; and some say he had regular sex with prostitutes and fell in love with Lord Tweedsmuir, his Governor General in 1935. If King’s dark side was even partly true, it would’ve provided the leading Jews with that which their Protocols call “some dark, undiscovered stain, some Panama”, by which they could’ve manipulated him to suit their agenda; just as they’ve either bought out or brought to heel most other leading Gentile politicians since that time.

Keith Landry president of the Canadian Jewish Congress with Jewish booze mogul and president of the World Jewish Congress, Edgar Bronfman. Bronfman led the effort to extort billions from various European countries as “holocaust reparations.” Both Bronfman and Landry are furious that Lebanon’s ambassador Raymond Baaklini would even dare to mention Jewish media control

The Jew Samuel Bronfman founded the Bronfman Empire in Canada, after making a killing off bootlegging, as a result of the introduction of the 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, called the Volstead Act. When the prohibition act was repealed in 1933, Bronfman left off bootlegging for drug dealing, and employed syndicates like Murder Inc. to deal with opposition in the trade. The Jew Bronfman joined with other Jewish criminals of the ilk of Meyer Lansky and “Waxy” Gordon; and in partnership with Tibor Rosenbaum, Clay Shaw, and Louis Bloomfield—–three of the criminals officially linked to the Jews’ plot to assassinate JFK—–he established a money laundering network that extended half way around the world.

Samuel Bronfman’s descendants are now industry moguls in Canada, and own many of the country’s outlets of mainstream pro-Jewish media propaganda; and Jews and their acolytes, of the ilk of the Bronfmans, are in the oligarchy pulling the strings on leading political puppets like the Jew Stephen Harper, in “Kosher Canada” today.

Samuel Bronfman also developed ties with the criminal entity officially responsible for the callous murder of the Charles Lindbergh child in 1932. Charles Lindbergh was a patriotic American hero who opposed U.S. intervention in World War 2 Europe, because he knew the war was being orchestrated by finance Jews and their corporate acolytes to facilitate the looting of nations, the destruction of white Christian Europeans, a return of the Jews to Palestine, and the huge profits to made from rebuilding ruined Europe after the event.

Lindbergh’s political views had a lot in common with those held by Joseph Kennedy (i.e., JFK’s father) and the popular “anti-Semite” U.S. General George Patton. Lindbergh fell out with the Jews and their acolytes in America, after stating, in a famous speech in 1941, ‘The Jews are one of the principal forces attempting to lead the U.S. into the war. The Jews’ greatest danger to this country lies in their large ownership and influence in our motion pictures, our press, our radio, and our government. I am saying that the leaders of the Jewish race wish to involve us in the war for reasons that are not American.’

Now check out this amazing comment left on “Zion Crime Factory’s” blog the other day (I’ve added a few vids and pics) …

“I respect your sentiments, but be careful. I’m telling you sincerely that a lot of Canadians, probably the majority, see Americans as dangerous buffoons and rednecks and completely believe that Americans are absolutely ignorant for wanting to protect such rights as bearing arms or maintaining private property. They see you as the enemy and themselves as a very, very superior people. And they are starting to militarize. That is a Harper initiative.

An example for you followed by a few more. A very good friend of mine, well, former very good friend of mine, found me on Facebook a couple of years ago. I’m telling you I loved him like a brother … we had lost touch for 17 years. For the first hour or so of our first telephone chat it was like a day hadn’t passed … but then the conversation got deeper. I have seen the light … he hasn’t.I think our disagreements started with his invite for me to come and see him in Vancouver.

I told him I was very apprehensive about going back to Canada, especially that I couldn’t travel armed like I can in this country. He was appalled … he told me he feels the same about this country. The conversation quickly went political/social. There is nothing that he doesn’t depend on government to do well for him … giving free heroin to addicts in downtown Vancouver administered by nurses is a “great project” … all done on the taxpayers’ dime. Go to Vancouver, check it out … see the results … tell me what you think.

And it ain’t niggers you are gonna see strung out … you got it, whites and some natives, but mostly whites. But this friend believes he is totally enlightened because he reads the Jew Noam Chomsky, and you can’t tell him otherwise. I tried a couple of more calls … it couldn’t be done. I was going to end up hating him and him me. I didn’t want that.

Do you know that in the nineties Vancouver was the aids capital of the developed world because of heroin and sodomites, all policies celebrated by the majority of Canadians? “In Canada?”, you say … yes, in Canada.

Do you know that a few years ago a minister in Saskatchewan got 5 years for quoting the bible regarding the immorality of sodomy? It’s hate speech….and that province is supposed to be the “Bible belt”.

Do you like multiculturalism Sazzy? If you do, move to Canada… if you think it is bad here, you haven’t seen shit. It is federal law. 3 of my neighbors in my apartment complex in 03 where straight out of Africa … like two months before … scar patterns all over the face … we’re not even talking Somalis here, they would look very advanced compared to these folks. We’re talking in the bush with a spear one day, the next in a Canadian downtown.

Native born, white Canadians now call Vancouver “Hongcouver”…go take a look…tell me what you think. You can travel through whole cities that are parts of greater Van and not see English or see white people.

I had another good friend…the sister of my best friend who died in an accident at 19 … she became like a sister to me. Hadn’t seen her in years til 2003. I stayed at her place. I heard her kids fighting, 10 year old boy, 12 year old girl … she says, “If you don’t stop that, I’m going to call the government on you!” I couldn’t believe what I heard. I told her mother right away. I asked her where her daughter learned this.

She got very nervous, changed the subject. A few days later mom was partying late with some friends, the kids were with grandma. When the daughter came back to the house, she insinuated to mom that she “knew what mom had been doing” … as though she had something on her. I told my friend that this attitude was alarming. Besides that, this little girl was honestly just an overbearing little bitch that needed to have the shit slapped out of her, like almost all the kids I came across up there. Mom’s answer to me? No shit, I kid you not … a panic-like, “She won’t catch me!” Catch you doing what and who is she gonna tell? You’re scared of your 12 year old?

I felt like I stepped into a fucking movie. I left her house. I went to stay with another good friend as I was in transition having just gotten back to the country from a few years abroad, most of them here. I told him about my experience. “Oh yeah”, he says, but nervously, “the kids all have a number they are given in school to call child services if they see their parents doing anything suspicious. A ton of people are getting busted and are scared shitless of their kids”. I asked him why they put up with that…nervous laugh, changed the subject…

I heard story after story that if your neighbor even hears you raise your voice to your kid CPS is at your house in 5 minutes with you in cuffs. Meanwhile, I personally have many, many friends, middle class white boys from high school holed up in their apartments all winter long smoking crack…cops don’t do shit. I had a run in with one and had to call the police. He has turned into a crackhead. When the cops heard he was a crackhead they told me.” It’s private property, he can do what he wants” … except discipline your kids of course.

Perhaps you say, “Big deal, the niggers and cops here have been like that forever. That’s normal, so what.” Well, it wasn’t normal in Canada when I was growing up there and as a young adult, only 15 years ago. When I was in High School in the 80s, you didn’t even see cocaine, only amongst hard core bikers. There was lots of weed, mushrooms, acid. I know, cause that was my scene in those days. And you looked out even if you were smoking weed, cause they would jack you up quick. And there was no such thing as a ghetto. They didn’t exist in Canada. In a span of just over a decade, thanks to free trade, the Jews completely collapsed the society. Thousands, if not millions, of what would be perfectly able bodied white men work half the year, then collect UI and get all medical paid by the government while they smoke crack in their houses.

These aren’t niggers, they aren’t even poor. Some were my good friends. Then you go and talk to them if you come from here (I’ve been a US citizen for over 25 years) and all you hear is “you’re a no good American that just kills and rapes people all over the world”, as if they have some sort of moral authority to say something to you due to what our Jew government does. And they are irate about it … the vast majority that I know will see an American as a piece of shit.

See, but it all looks good on paper and on the outside. Everyone has housing, health care, income, access to education … what’s my problem? Well, I can say the same things about prison, I’ll get all that shit there too…..what about the rest? It’s a real-life 1984 .. no shit.

Downtown in the major city where I lived (not Van), I see some liberal hippy kids hanging out in a park. Drinking a bit, not out of hand at all, not causing a scene, doing fire-spinning and that type of shit. Suddenly a black van pulls up, “commandos” jump out, 4 of them, plus a driver. No police markings, no ID, they honestly look like an elite tactical unit from the secret police.

They jack these kids up quick, cuffed, in the van, on the ground. I am watching wondering who the fuck these guys are … this is Canada man … they see me, and it is “What in the fuck are you looking at man? You want some too?” I split. I never, never saw shit like that growing up there … nor did anyone else I know.

I’m 100 percent sure these kids weren’t selling dope or up to anything besides public drinking… could tell by the complete look of shock on their faces … I was in that park for 2 hours before this happened with those kids … this is just done for intimidation, nothing else.

I told the same friend as before about this, that is looked really, really weird. “Man, you spent too much time in the States, you’re paranoid …” then changes the subject as he laughs nervously and shuffles his feet. Told a few others about it…..same reaction … it was like …” We know … but WOULD YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!”

Everyone one I knew there is a completely different person now … and all for the worse … There is a complete and total atmosphere of big brother everywhere, way worse than here, way worse. I wouldn’t even mention the “JQ” [i.e., Jew Question] with any of them, they would lose their minds and honestly I would fear for my safety … and you it is very, very hard to be armed in Canada. They are completely in the Matrix.

Do you know that when the patriot act passed in the US they passed far more, far more draconian laws in Canada? That [Jewish] cocksucker Steven Harper as PM was given the equivalent power as if he were the President, Vice, Speaker of the House, and Leader of the Opposition in this country. He can do almost anything by decree.

This is fact … This I learned from a political professor that was interviewed on the radio when I was there is 2003 and looked into it … it is fucking shocking … and no one in Canada knows or cares … cause they all know, that if you question shit, there goes the government benefits, now there is a Human Rights Tribunal investigation against you with a 100 percent conviction rate (until just recently I believe), now you got no friends, your blacklisted, can’t get a job … the society is completely, totally Jewed.

Everyone is completely addicted to government money. And if it isn’t government money, doesn’t matter. If you are working for private industry it is pretty well the same cause the laws are so strong that the business itself will be hammered hard if one of their employees runs afoul of the government policies. Private business is just a conduit for government money.

Just a few months ago the province of Alberta passed a law that says the state has an authority more binding than that of a parent to teach morality to children. Do you understand what that means? It means that if, for example, you don’t what your kid to hear about the gay lifestyle in elementary school, which is mandatory now, you can be criminally charged. It is a hate crime. You can have your kids taken and be sent for re-education … of course, it will sound much better than that, cause they will call it “sensitivity training”. And you best believe they will let your employer know about it and maybe threaten to investigate them.

Sorry about the long rant, but just a final couple of words. I didn’t mean to go on this long, but I could go on much, much longer. I just told you a bit of what I have seen and experienced up there.

I was reading over what I just wrote and I could see how you might say … ” Well, we have a bunch of white people meth heads here … there is a ton of new immigrants here … how is it that different? You’re overreacting …” This is the difference Sazzy. Have you heard of anything like the Tea Party in Canada? Anything like the Oath Keepers? Heard of anyone like Ron Paul? Know of anything like the NRA? Any sheriffs like Joe Arpaio in Arizona? Any parties like A3P? Could you even read this site in Canada? I doubt it … years ago I tried to send a link from Amren to someone up there … it was blocked as hate speech.

The only person or entity that I know of in Canada that is trying to do something to fight Jew Tyranny is Paul Fromm and his organization, and remember, I have lived there for quite some time and tried desperately to talk to and find people that had a clue. And I tried inside the country as a citizen and in person. I met Mr. Fromm personally at the C of CC conference in 2010. I asked him why he stayed and why he doesn’t get out. He said he thinks about leaving all the time but wasn’t ready to give up yet, but basically seemed to be of the same opinion as myself.

And in all the personal examples that I mentioned here, none of those people thought like this 25 years ago when we were close friends. OK, none of us were Jew wise, but we never would have just brushed this shit off and praised junkies shooting up free heroin in the streets of Vancouver. That same friend who now praises them would have been the first one to say …” Get a fucking job man”. No, they have been completely emasculated and brainwashed, and they are a reflection of the whole society up there, and it has been done intentionally and expertly. They have become true believers, and/or are so apathetic to morality that they are very dangerous people.

Reprobate Jews militantly oppose Christian evangelism by Jews for Jesus in Kosher Canada

It wasn’t like I went back and found some hard core lefties and liberals and said, “See, the country went to shit!” No, these were my good friends. We had the same values. I still have them and the conservative ones have grown while I abandoned the liberal ones I used to have. They went completely the other way, and I know at one time they were decent people. This has really, really troubled me.

Here in this country we at least have many millions that know EXACTLY WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON and are refusing to be a part, and are vocal about it. Look at the examples I listed above, and there are many, many more as you know. In Canada, if there are any, they have to keep their heads so low just to survive that they are paralyzed from making any change whatsoever.

Doesn’t that sound like the USSR? It sure feels like it when you are there …

Don’t be so naive Sazzy, or anyone else reading, to think that what the Jews did to the population of Russia can’t happen again or already hasn’t, and that it couldn’t happen right on your back door step. And if it does happen, or has happened, and I believe that it has in Canada, this is deadly fucking serious. The only difference is the mass detentions and killings haven’t started yet.

That won’t start until all of North America is one nation if they get their way, and it will be those brainwashed, communist motherfuckers up there that already have been trained to hate your guts, sponsoring UN troops to come down here to do it all. And if you don’t know, the Jewish organizations have more influence and more power in Canada than their counterparts here in the States. Look into it. That’s why Harper is sucking their cocks so badly … he has to … not to mention he probably likes it.

You do know that Harper is a conservative, right? I have heard him described in Canada as a hard core conservative … you got that? That’s how far left the country is. We all know that both parties in this country are owned by the Jews, but have you ever seen a conservative American president or candidate kiss that much Jew ass, that openly in a speech? Probably not even a democrat has got his nose as far up a Jew’s ass as Harper did in that speech, not even Clinton or Oboingo … and Harper and his conservative party has been in power for quite some time now …

To me, that says it all … that is why the country and its people are fucked … if that is a conservative in Canada … what the fuck is a liberal? How about a Marxist on steriods?

So think about it hard Sazzy, if the Canadians are really your brothers and sisters … is that an informed opinion? Cause I have seen first hand that most of those people have converted to Judaism in how they live … they are just as nasty … and no Jew is a friend of mine.

I think it was my duty to let you know … but I respect your opinion … you haven’t seen what I have … that I understand.

The “good old days” in Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, a town in the province of Quebec

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Raymond Baaklini, the Lebanese ambassador, shown in a file photo, said yesterday: “90% of the mass media in Canada is controlled by Jews or Zionists.”

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