Why the Jews are the unrepentant destroyers of all that’s decent on the planet


“We Jews, we are the destroyers and will remain the destroyers. Nothing you can do will meet our demands and needs. We will forever destroy because we want a world of our own.” —You Gentiles, by Jewish author Maurice Samuels, p. 155

Okay, so this is likely a bit of a shock to most of you, to find that the Jews have themselves been callous enough to celebrate themselves as psychopathic conspirators and the main destroyers on the planet. So why not read on and find out WHY the Jews have been so obsessed with wiping out Christians and terrorizing Gentiles, since they nationally rejected Jesus Christ and the gospel of their salvation in the first century.

Well first up, the Jews have become seriously pathologically eccentric, since they morally ‘spun out of orbit’ by rejecting the Trinitarian God of Israel’s patriarchs and the Bible at the center of the universe in first century; and the Bible says the true tribal Israelis among them have been blind to what they’ve been doing to subvert and destroy righteous Christians and innocent Gentiles, because they’ve rejected the light of the world in the person of God’s Son Jesus Christ and adopted instead the hypocritical Pharisaic Talmudic religion of so-called rabbinical Judaism.

Typical true tribal Israeli women in the IDF. Notice the light to medium olive skin, diminutive stature, soft eyes and generally pleasant Middle Eastern appearance. Increasing numbers of true tribal Israelis are converting to Christ, as a precursor to the twelve tribes national repentance at the return of Christ, as promised in the Bible

Typical true tribal Israeli women in the IDF. Notice the light to medium olive skin, diminutive stature, soft eyes and generally pleasant Middle Eastern appearance. Increasing numbers of true tribal Israelis are receiving Jesus as Israel’s promised messiah, as a precursor to the twelve tribes’ national repentance at the return of Christ, as promised in the Bible

To compound the problem, there are Jews of non-Israeli ethnicity, who’ve just simply been raised Jews because some of their forebears had adopted the religion of Judaism; and who’ve brought their base racial and ethnic attributes into the gene pool of apostate Jewry since ancient times.


Among them are the Edomites in Jewry, who’ve taken the name of a Jew, but are, of course, not Israelites, even though they are Semites, as the offspring of the Hebrew patriarch Abraham’s grandson Esau. The Edomites are completely godless and harbor an intense hatred for God, Israelites, and Gentile humanity in general; and they actually want to usurp the land of Israel that God has promised to the true tribal Israelis as his ancient covenant people.

Another totally wicked ethnic group in Jewry are the Jews of predominantly Eastern European, especially Causasian/Khazar/Turko-Mongoloid ethnicity, who’ve inherited some of the basest attributes of fallen humanity from their forebears and have, in recent times, become prominent in the United States, where they’ve made their fortunes by engaging in all sorts of vile behavior and sordid criminality. These depraved Caucasian/Khazar Jews are truly despicable; and are usually easily identified by their covetous, beady-eyed, rat-like facial features—the men have a pronounced slope to the forehead and elongated nose and the women often have fingers resembling the claws of a rat.

Caucasian/Khazar Jews

There are also Jews who’re descendants of the ancient Edomitish Amalekites. These Amalekitish Jews are particularly callous and cruel, and will use their money and influence even to destroy their “lesser brethren” in Jewry; and they’re prominent in the synagogue of Satan, which is a loosely affiliated, secretive assembly that rules the international Jewry; and notable among them have been the Rothschild banking family, and in particular Lionel Rothschild who authored the transcribed speeches in the Protocols of Zion.

The nominal Jews in the synagogue of Satan in Jewry, who’re predominantly of Amalekitsh and Edomitish ethnicity, have perpetuated the serpent worship of the Amalekitish Hyksos kings of Egypt. These sinful serpent worshipers in the synagogue of Satan have justified their serpent worship in their own eyes by reconciling it with the Israelites’ idolatry of worshiping the brazen serpent Moses put upon a pole to save the Israelites from serpents in ancient times, which was popular among the apostate Jews just prior to the reign of Israel’s king Hezekiah.

But that said, they’ve really, of course, worshipped “that old serpent, the devil and Satan”, who is the arch-adversary of all who’ve forsaken the true and living Trinitarian God of Israel’s patriarchs and the Bible. In fact not a few Jews have realized that the synagogue of Satan’s serpent worship is actually worship of the devil and Satan; and some of them, like Harold Rosenthal, have even publicly admitted that the g_d of Jewry is in fact Lucifer, which was, of course, the name of the devil or Satan as a prominent angel before he fell by transgression in ancient times.

Jewish woman Barbara Spectre conspires with the international Jewry to morally and racially ruin White Christian European countries with “melting pot” multiculturalism, so the apostate Jews can more easily reign supreme over the mongrelized masses of the Gentiles by their money in a brave new age. Jews single out White Christian Europeans for degradation and elimination more than the people of other races and nations, because they know they’re pretty much the only people with the spiritual insight and racial attributes capable of discerning who the apostate Jews really are and what they’ve been doing to dominate and destroy Christians and Gentiles, since the Jews rejected Jesus in the first century. Sadly most White Christian Europeans have already been totally deceived and largely destroyed by the Jews’ evil machinations, mainly due to years of being brainwashed by the Jews’ MSM and Hollywood propaganda that was concocted to achieve just exactly that end.

But the one thing that unites all Jews against God, Christians, and Gentile humanity is their rejection of Jesus Christ and the gospel for the love of money, which they use to subvert and destroy gullible Christians and Gentiles. But why would the Jews want to conspire against and destroy Gentiles, if they have so much of the world’s wealth to enjoy? Why don’t they just live it up and let live, while the opportunity presents itself? Well their idea is that God has chosen them to not only inherit all of the wealth of the world, but also to dominate and ultimately largely eliminate the Gentiles, just as the Israelites were commanded by Jehovah to drive out and destroy the Canaanites in ancient times.

Having said that, some Jews don’t want to just live and let live because they know they’ve forfeited the eternal life God had for them, by rejecting Jesus Christ and the gospel; so they’ve vindictively sought to destroy as many of the gullible Gentiles as possible and lead as many of them gently by the hand away from the gospel and into the sin the Jews love to commit, so that they’ll be down in hell with the apostate Jews after “dying the death”.

Jew Robert Oppenheimer sheds crocodile tears over the destruction he knows he has brought on Gentile humanity by his invention of the atomic bomb that was first trialed on the goyim “human cattle” in the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki … 

2 responses

  1. ange6h

    This is a bit off topic but, i am a hairstylist and one of my customers (a woman) was part of the Manhatten Project..she was very disturbed by her participation and said all scientists involved were kept away from one another. Not one of them was privy to not only the real project agenda but also any communication with all other MANDATED participants. They were told they were serving their country and had no choice in that matter. We developed a friendship, and I was struck by her remorse…

    August 10, 2012 at 3:10 pm

  2. katie

    Well my former neighbors husband bombed dresden and more of Germany no doubt…..I’m not so sure it was a great idea….and apparently….to my great surprise others had said the same to her
    ….the south is heavily zionist though….it’s pretty pointless to even mention any and I mean any comment that Jews may be anything less than blameless….its disgusting to be quite honest….what do they get out of their zionism? Could be the drugs talking😉

    May 28, 2014 at 6:06 am

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