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Jews conspire to spread a horrible contagion in America as lead up to microchipping the masses in their ideal world under antichrist

Even YOU might have some guy like this looking down on you in a hospital bed somewhere soon enough!

We all know the Jews have been “poisoning the wells” in Gentile nations since ancient times; often by just simply tossing the carcasses of their murdered Gentile enemies into them, especially ritually killed children; but in more recent times by much more sophisticated means. Something that’s a particularly popular pastime with Jewish settlers in the land of Israel today; and was doubtless first learned by the Jews from the Torah, which provides the account of the Philistines “stopping the wells” in Canaan with earth in the days of their patriarch Abraham.

Jews know all about this, and when they realize something evil they’ve done just can’t be lied about successfully any more, because it’s too well documented, they start to make all sorts of demented jokes about it, to try to subliminally baffle the goyim on the issue, which is doubtless why Jews have surreptitiously kept the Jew fool Borat’s “throw the Jew down the well” video in the top two or three searches for the word “Jew” on YouTube, for ages now. Don’t even bother to watch the lunacy, it’s honestly not worth it; and it’s a real shame to see Americans blindly giving him lots of giggles and applause at the end …

Also you get the silly Jewess in the following video saying “she loves viral, pandemic movies”; and both of these Jews seem to at least subtly betray knowledge of the Jews’ plot to spread a contagion among their Gentile enemies in America shortly … it’s just the way they come across. Either way, be sure all of the Jews as one wicked, dishonest unit know all about anything significant Big Jewry is about to do, anywhere, at any time … just like they all had foreknowledge of 9/11, but kept it a secret, until it was too late for the 2,000 plus Americans that died on the day …

Here’s the account of how the Jews tossed the ritually murdered body of “little Hugh” of Lincoln, England, down a well …

1255, Lincoln. A boy called Hugh was kidnapped by the Jews and crucified and tortured in hatred of Jesus Christ. The boy’s mother found the body in a well on the premises of a Jew called Jopin or Copinus. This Jew, promised by the judge his life if he confessed, did so, and 91 Jews were arrested; eventually 18 were hanged for the crime. King Henry III himself personally ordered the juridical investigation of the case five weeks after the discovery of the body, and refused to allow mercy to be shown to the Jew Copinus, who was executed.

Jews know how to take care of themselves in a pandemic, and if they're wearing a mask it's more likely to hide their complicity in the event, than to protect them from something they knew all about well in advance of the atrocity

But how will the Jews themselves, as the (hidden) perps of the imminent, heinous pandemic atrocity, not also be infected and undone? Well probably by arranging for the release of a strain of some virus or something that doesn’t attack people with certain types of DNA or certain weird genetic traits, which is certainly something the Jew has possessed since ancient times.

Now check out this article

** Evil Israeli terrorists and radical Zionist extremists are conducting a long-term and systematic campaign to poison the wells in remote areas of Palestine. Even Israeli police are shocked by their actions. Everyday life is difficult enough for the resilient residents of these arid and war-ravaged lands, but water is essential for their survival — particularly the elderly, the sick, and young children. Many poor palestinians walk for miles through scorching rocky desert to reach their well, and then use what strength remains to carry heavy tubs of cool life-giving liquid back to their families to drink and wash with. ***

Settlers poison Palestinian well

A Palestinian village in the northern West Bank has appealed for pressure to be put on Israel to end the recurrent poisoning of their only source of water supply by Jewish settlers.

Last week, heavily armed settlers from the settlement of Yitzhar, near Nablus, vandalised and sabotaged the water supply on which the nearby village of Madama depends.

The latest poisoning is the seventh of its kind during the past three years, according to village officials. An Israeli army spokesman said the military is looking into the matter.

Yitzhar was established more than 20 years ago on confiscated land belonging to the people of Madama and is inhabited by Talmudic settlers seeking to expel non-Jews from Palestine and Israel.

Jewish settlements built on occupied Palestinian lands are deemed illegal under international law.

‘Organised terror’

According to Madama’s local council head Ayid Kamal, Yetzhar has always been “a source of provocation, vandalism and organised terror”.

“They come in broad daylight and throw filthy materials like diapers and poisonous substances inside the spring’s source, and when we complain to the Israeli authorities, they tell us the army cannot do anything about it.”

Kamal said the ultimate goal of the settlers is to force the villagers to leave their land. Last year as many as 12 children in the village were diagnosed with liver infections and many others developed stomach pains as a result of drinking contaminated water.

The Yetzhar settlers also burned down standing crops belonging to the villagers, often in full view of the Israeli army.

Connivance suspected

Palestinian villagers, as well as some international aid workers, suspect there is connivance between the settlers and local Israeli army members.

The British charity Oxfam had repaired the water system at Madama, covering the natural spring’s mouth with concrete. However, every time new pipes are installed, the settlers smash them and contaminate the spring water by dumping hazardous materials, local residents said.

In two instances, settlers opened fire on Palestinians and foreign aid workers in the area.

An Oxfam spokesman said the charity would once again try to undo the damage.

“We want to help those helpless people, we hope the Israeli authorities will get serious with the settlers and stop their actions,” a spokesman said.

Jews watch and wait like vultures for the masses of the goyim to succumb to starvation, poison and other evils at their hands

Also this one

Another relevant aspect marking the 1990s was the increase of vandalism against the Ibrahimi Mosque: Anita Vitullo, a Jerusalem-based freelance writer and researcher, explains that “from 1967 until February 1994, the Islamic Waqf authorities documented fifty-five major incidents (in addition to a catalogue of daily harassments) involving Israeli military and settler violence against the mosque. These included the army dynamiting the Abbasid-era stairs and settler incursions such as poisoning the water system, arson attempts, theft, spraying chemicals on carpets, beating worshippers, and attacking them with tear gas and gunfire, petty vandalism, and desecrating the mosque.” The situation exploded in 1994 with the massacre in the Ibrahimi Mosque on 25 February when the American Jew settler Baruch Goldstein killed twenty-nine Muslims praying there. Goldstein belonged to Kach, the terrorist right-wing Jewish organization, and was its representative in Kiryat Arba’s local council.

Also this one

Amnesty International has called on Israel to investigate the deliberate contamination of Palestinian farmland – allegedly by Jewish settlers.

The human rights group said that toxic chemicals had been spread on fields in the Hebron region of the West Bank.

Farm animals had died and farmers had been forced to quarantine their flocks, the organisation said.

It also demanded that Israel put an end to “increasingly frequent” attacks on Palestinians by West Bank settlers.

These poisoning incidents appear to be part of a deliberate attack on the livelihood of Palestinian farmers in the West Bank,” said Kate Allen of Amnesty International UK.

“The Israeli authorities should mount a full investigation and bring the perpetrators to justice.”

Jew rats burned alive in Europe for spreading the bubonic plague

Rat Poison

The chemicals were spread on fields near the villages of Tuwani, Um Faggara and Kharruba in March and April, the group said.

Sheep, gazelle and other animals have been contaminated by the chemicals, and farmers livelihoods had been affected, the organisation said.

According to Amnesty, Israeli and Palestinian scientists who analysed the chemicals spread on the fields found two types of rat poison – one of which is banned in Israel.

Amnesty says that the Israeli authorities have made no attempt to remove the chemicals safely from the fields or to investigate the poisonings.

The villages affected are in a part of the West Bank that is under Israeli military control. Palestinian security services are forbidden by Israel from operating there.

Palestinians also complain of violent intimidation by Jewish settlers in the Hebron area.

In July 2004, Israeli police said they suspected Jewish settlers were responsible for poisoning a Palestinian well in the same area.

In fact the propensity the Jews have had for “poisoning the wells”, or surreptitiously providing something to corrupt a good source of something good to destroy Gentiles, is just as well documented as Jewish ritual murder and the Jews’ notorious love of money; and it has been something not a few of the finest researchers have more than adequately substantiated; and would endorse claims that the Jews plotted to burn Rome and blame Christians for it, started the Great Fire of London, and spread the bubonic plague in Europe, etc; not to mention the more recent introduction of fluoridated water by ZOG, the anthrax attacks after 9/11, and the AIDs plague—the later some argue has its source in the Jews themselves, who ostensibly have the highest HIV-positive rates per capita today.

No marvel then that the best Intelligence to hand indicates that the Jews intend to shortly spread a horrible contagion among the American people, and blame it on “some Arab guy in a cave” somewhere; so that they can introduce mandatory micro-chipping of persons in the country, as a precursor to carting away ‘dissidents’ and patriots to be incarcerated and tortured in their FEMA camps, and as ostensibly the only way to trace and contain the awful disease they’ve let loose to that end.

This imminent, mandatory mass micro-chipping of both Jews and Gentiles in the Jews’ evil, ideal antichristian world has of course been on Big Jewry’s drawing-board for some time now; and as such, it will also, of course, be a precursor of mandatory subcutaneous chipping in the right hand and forehead of all persons who want to trade with the Jews under Israel’s antichrist, just prior to the biblical last great social cataclysm.

The flimsy protection you think you've got in your survival kit won't help you----you'll all soon go like silly pink pigs to the Jews' slaughterhouse

Recommended further reading and viewing …

Warning!!! Jew orchestrated pandemic imminent in the US!!!

Jews orchestrate on-going atrocities in African states to get control of oil and mineral wealth

Almost any honest person who has taken even a cursory look at the way the world operates as a system of politics, commerce, and religion will concede that the love of money is indeed the root of all evil; and that one only needs to just simply “follow the money” to find out the real truth on any controversial issue at any particular time. The foregoing maxim is certainly true when applied to the oil and mineral rich nations of Africa, which have resources that the Jews have wickedly coveted.

Here’s some history on Congo (DR Congo) …

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is often referred to as Congo. However, in order to distinguish it from the neighbouring Republic of the Congo to the west, the Democratic Republic of the Congo is sometimes referred to as DR Congo, DRC, or RDC, or is called Congo-Kinshasa after the capital of Kinshasa. It also borders the Central African Republic and South Sudan to the north; Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi in the east; Zambia and Angola to the south; the Atlantic Ocean to the west; and is separated from Tanzania by Lake Tanganyika in the east.

The country has access to the ocean through a 40-kilometre (25 mi) stretch of Atlantic coastline at Muanda and the roughly 9 km wide mouth of the Congo River which opens into the Gulf of Guinea. The Second Congo War, beginning in 1998, devastated the country, involved seven foreign armies and is sometimes referred to as the “African World War”.

Despite the signing of peace accords in 2003, fighting continues in the east of the country. In eastern Congo, the prevalence of rape and other sexual violence is described as the worst in the world. The war is the world’s deadliest conflict since World War II, killing 5.4 million people since 1998. The vast majority died from malaria, diarrhea, pneumonia and malnutrition. The Democratic Republic of the Congo was formerly, in chronological order, the Congo Free State, Belgian Congo, Congo-Léopoldville, Congo-Kinshasa, and Zaire (Zaïre in French). Though it is located in the Central African UN subregion, the nation is also economically and regionally affiliated with Southern Africa as a member of the Southern African Development Community (SADC).

But to get a fuller picture, one needs to go back to the early 1960s, when UN and Congolese troops attacked the independent African state of Katanga, so that the country’s substantial mineral wealth would fall into the hands of the Jewish industrialists and financiers who’d had acolytes in high places serving them to achieve that end.

The Katanga cross — now obsolete currency in the judaized state of DR Congo

For UN and Congolese troops started a war in the anti-communist state of Katanga, as a result of UN ‘peacekeeping’ operations in the Congo from 1960 to 1963. “Blue beret beasts” and Congolese troops broke into homes, and bayoneted old folk, women, and children; and they callously bombed schools, churches, and hospitals; and machine-gunned on sight the many officials, ambulance drivers, and policemen trying to maintain the relatively righteous existing law and order. As a result of the atrocities of invasion, the pro-Christian state of Katanga was subjugated to the pro-Jewish puppet regime of Central Congo, ruled by Mobutu Sese Seko, one of the most brutal of contemporary dictators. One-third of the world’s known diamonds have been found in the Congo, making the country a significant source of gems for the Jewish De Beers cartel.

The United States was stockpiling industrial diamonds during Sese Seko’s reign; but American citizens couldn’t deal directly with De Beers, because it had been indicted during World War II for violating U.S. antitrust law. So Mobutu did De Beer’s diamond deals through the Jews’ CIA operative Maurice Tempelsman, a Jew of Orthodox background and notorious as the closest friend and most trusted financier of the Jewess Jackie Kennedy toward the end of her life. Israeli diamond traders now control more than 50 percent of the DR Congo’s diamond exports; and they brokered deals with Congolese leader Laurent Kabila that included diamonds for Israel in return for arming and training Kabila’s troops.

Here are more details, without direct mention of the Jews and their acolytes as the hidden perps …

Patrice Lumumba

In May 1960, a growing nationalist movement, the Mouvement National Congolais or MNC Party, led by Patrice Lumumba, won the parliamentary elections. The party appointed Lumumba as Prime Minister. The parliament elected Joseph Kasavubu, of the Alliance des Bakongo (ABAKO) party as President. Other parties that emerged included the Parti Solidaire Africain (or PSA) led by Antoine Gizenga, and the Parti National du Peuple (or PNP) led by Albert Delvaux and Laurent Mbariko. (Congo 1960, dossiers du CRISP, Belgium) The Belgian Congo achieved independence on 30 June 1960 under the name République du Congo (“Republic of Congo” or “Republic of the Congo” in English).

Shortly after independence, the provinces of Katanga (led by Moise Tshombe) and South Kasai engaged in secessionist struggles against the new leadership. Most of the 100,000 Europeans who had remained behind after independence fled the country, opening the way for Congolese to replace the European military and administrative elite. As the French colony of Middle Congo (Moyen Congo) also chose the name “Republic of Congo” upon achieving its independence, the two countries were more commonly known as “Congo-Léopoldville” and “Congo-Brazzaville”, after their capital cities. Another way they were often distinguished during the 1960s, such as in newspaper articles, was that “Congo-Léopoldville” was called “The Congo” and “Congo-Brazzaville” was called simply “Congo.”

On 5 September 1960, Kasavubu dismissed Lumumba from office. Lumumba declared Kasavubu’s action “unconstitutional” and a crisis between the two leaders developed. Lumumba had previously appointed Joseph Mobutu chief of staff of the new Congo army, Armée Nationale Congolaise (ANC). Taking advantage of the leadership crisis between Kasavubu and Lumumba, Mobutu garnered enough support within the army to create mutiny. With financial support from the United States and Belgium, Mobutu paid his soldiers privately. The aversion of Western powers to communism and leftist ideology influenced their decision to finance Mobutu’s quest to maintain “order” in the new state by neutralizing Kasavubu and Lumumba in a coup by proxy.

A constitutional referendum after Mobutu’s coup of 1965 resulted in the country’s official name being changed to the “Democratic Republic of the Congo.” In 1971 it was changed again to “Republic of Zaïre.” On 17 January 1961, Katangan forces and Belgian paratroops – supported by the United States’ and Belgium’s intent on copper and diamond mines in Katanga and South Kasai – kidnapped and executed Patrice Lumumba. Amidst widespread confusion and chaos, a temporary government was led by technicians (Collège des Commissaires) with Evariste Kimba. The Katanga secession was ended in January 1963 with the assistance of UN forces. Several short-lived governments, of Joseph Ileo, Cyrille Adoula, and Moise Tshombe, took over in quick succession. Zaire (1971–1997)

Ridiculous Jew puppet Mobutu rules Zaire —later DR Congo

The new president Mobutu Sese Seko had the support of the United States because of his staunch opposition to Communism —[note that this is a Jew sponsored lie, because Congo was itself in reality a pro-communist state]. Western powers appeared to believe this would make him a roadblock to Communist schemes in Africa. A one-party system was established, and Mobutu declared himself head of state. He periodically held elections in which he was the only candidate. Relative peace and stability was achieved; however, Mobutu’s government was guilty of severe human rights violations, political repression, a cult of personality and corruption. (Mobutu demanded every Congolese bank note printed with his image, hanging of his portrait in all public buildings, most businesses, and on billboards; and it was common for ordinary people to wear his likeness on their clothing.)

“Follow the money” to the Jews and their puppets and acolytes as the chief perps of Africa’s atrocities

Corruption became so prevalent the term “le mal Zairois” or “Zairean Sickness” was coined, reportedly by Mobutu himself. By 1984, Mobutu was said to have $4 billion (USD), an amount close to the country’s national debt, deposited in a personal Swiss bank account. International aid, most often in the form of loans, enriched Mobutu while he allowed national infrastructure such as roads to deteriorate to as little as one-quarter of what had existed in 1960. With the embezzlement of government funds by Mobutu and his associates, Zaire became a “kleptocracy”.

In a campaign to identify himself with African nationalism, starting on 1 June 1966, Mobutu renamed the nation’s cities: Léopoldville became Kinshasa [the country was now Democratic Republic of The Congo – Kinshasa], Stanleyville became Kisangani, Elisabethville became Lubumbashi, and Coquihatville became Mbandaka. This renaming campaign was completed in the 1970s. In 1971, Mobutu renamed the country the Republic of Zaire, its fourth name change in 11 years and its sixth overall. The Congo River was renamed the Zaire River.

In 1972, Mobutu renamed himself Mobutu Sese Seko Kuku Ngbendu Wa Za Banga (roughly translated as The Great Unstoppable Warrior who goes from Victory to Victory, Leaving Fire in his Trail. During the 1970s and 1980s, Mobutu was invited to visit the United States on several occasions, meeting with U.S. Presidents Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush. In June 1989, Mobutu was the first African head of state invited for a state visit with newly elected President Bush. Following the dissolution of the Soviet Union, however, U.S. relations with Mobutu cooled, as he was no longer deemed necessary as a Cold War ally. Opponents within Zaire stepped up demands for reform.

This atmosphere contributed to Mobutu’s declaring the Third Republic in 1990, whose constitution was supposed to pave the way for democratic reform. The reforms turned out to be largely cosmetic. Mobutu continued in power until the conflict forced him to flee Zaire in 1997. Thereafter, the nation chose to reclaim its name of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, since the name Zaire carried such strong connections to the rule of Mobutu. Rwandan/Ugandan invasions and civil wars Main articles: First Congo War, Second Congo War, and Kivu Conflict By 1996, tensions from the neighbouring Rwandan Civil War and Rwandan Genocide had spilled over to Zaire. Rwandan Hutu militia forces (Interahamwe), who had fled Rwanda following the ascension of a Tutsi-led government, had been using Hutu refugees camps in eastern Zaire as a basis for incursion against Rwanda. These Hutu militia forces soon allied with the Zairian armed forces (FAZ) to launch a campaign against Congolese ethnic Tutsis in eastern Zaire.

Rwanda massacres were Jew orchestrated atrocities that make the Holocaust look like a summer holiday


In turn, a coalition of Rwandan and Ugandan armies invaded Zaire under the cover of a small group of Tutsi militia to fight the Hutu militia, overthrow the government of Mobutu, and ultimately control the mineral resources of Zaire. They were soon joined by various Zairean politicians, who had been unsuccessfully opposing the dictatorship of Mobutu for many years, and now saw an opportunity for them in the invasion of Zaire by two of the region’s strongest military forces.

This new expanded coalition of two foreign armies and some longtime opposition figures, led by Laurent-Désiré Kabila, became known as the Alliance des Forces Démocratiques pour la Libération du Congo-Zaïre (AFDL). They were seeking the broader goal of ousting Mobutu and controlling his country’s wealth. In May 1997, Mobutu fled the country and Kabila marched into Kinshasa, naming himself president and reverting the name of the country to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. By 2008 the Second Congo War and its aftermath had killed 5.4 million people.

Jews put Laurent Kabila in power after tiring of Mobutu’s misuse of the privileges Jews gave him

A few months later, President Laurent-Désiré Kabila thanked all the foreign military forces that helped him to overthrow Mobutu, and asked them to return back to their countries because he was very fearful and concerned that the Rwandan military officers who were running his army were plotting a coup d’état against him in order to give the presidency to a Tutsi who would report directly to the President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame. This move was not well received by the Rwandan and Ugandan governments, who wanted to control their big neighbor.

Consequently, Rwandan troops in DRC retreated to Goma and launched a new militia group or rebel movement called the Rassemblement Congolais pour la Democratie (RCD), led by Tutsis, to fight against their former ally, President Laurent-Désiré Kabila. To counterbalance the power and influence of Rwanda in DRC, the Ugandan troops instigated the creation of another rebel movement called the Movement for the Liberation of Congo (MLC), led by the Congolese warlord Jean-Pierre Bemba, son of Congolese billionaire Bemba Saolona. The two rebel movements started the second war by attacking the DRC’s still fragile army in 1998, backed by Rwandan and Ugandan troops. Angola, Zimbabwe and Namibia became involved militarily on the side of the government to defend a fellow SADC member.

Joseph Kabila

Kabila was assassinated in 2001 and was succeeded by his son Joseph, who upon taking office called for multilateral peace talks to end the war. In February 2001 a peace deal was brokered between Kabila, Rwanda and Uganda, leading to the apparent withdrawal of foreign troops. UN peacekeepers, MONUC, arrived in April 2001. The conflict was reignited in January 2002 by ethnic clashes in the northeast, and both Uganda and Rwanda then halted their withdrawal and sent in more troops. Talks between Kabila and the rebel leaders led to the signing of a peace accord in which Kabila would share power with former rebels. By June 2003 all foreign armies except those of Rwanda had pulled out of Congo.

Much of the conflict was focused on gaining control of substantial natural resources in the country, including diamonds, copper, zinc, and coltan. DR Congo had a transitional government until the election was over. A constitution was approved by voters, and on 30 July 2006 the Congo held its first multi-party elections since independence in 1960. After this Joseph Kabila took 45% of the votes and his opponent, Jean-Pierre Bemba took 20%. The disputed results of this [Jew orchestrated] election turned into an all-out battle between the supporters of the two parties in the streets of the capital, Kinshasa, from 20–22 August 2006.

Sixteen people died before police and the UN mission MONUC took control of the city. A new election was held on 29 October 2006, which Kabila won with 70% of the vote. Bemba made multiple public statements saying the election had “irregularities,” despite the fact that every neutral observer praised the elections. On 6 December 2006 the Transitional Government came to an end as Joseph Kabila was sworn in as President. The fragility of the state government has allowed continued conflict and human rights abuses. In the ongoing Kivu conflict, the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) continues to threaten the Rwandan border and the Banyamulenge; Rwanda supports RCD-Goma rebels against Kinshasa; a rebel offensive at the end of October 2008 caused a refugee crisis in Ituri, where MONUC has proved unable to contain the numerous militia and groups driving the Ituri conflict.

In the northeast, Joseph Kony’s LRA moved from their original bases in Uganda (where they have fought a 20-year rebellion) and South Sudan to DR Congo in 2005 and set up camps in the Garamba National Park. In northern Katanga, the Mai-Mai created by Laurent Kabila slipped out of the control of Kinshasa. The war is the world’s deadliest conflict since World War II, killing 5.4 million people.

In 2009, people in the Congo may still be dying at a rate of an estimated 45,000 per month, and estimates of the number who have died from the long conflict range from 900,000 to 5,400,000. The death toll is due to widespread disease and famine; reports indicate that almost half of the individuals who have died are children under the age of 5. This death rate has prevailed since efforts at rebuilding the nation began in 2004. The long and brutal conflict in the DRC has caused massive suffering for civilians, with estimates of millions dead either directly or indirectly as a result of the fighting. There have been frequent reports of weapon bearers killing civilians, destroying property, committing widespread sexual violence,causing hundreds of thousands of people to flee their homes or otherwise breaching humanitarian and human rights law.

An estimated 200,000 women have been raped. So when you read of the on-going atrocities in the DR Congo, always remember to blame the Jews for them in the first instance, and not the base animal instincts of the ordinary and gullible black men they’ve used to serve their ends. Evidence of Jew orchestrated atrocities in the DR Congo are provided in the following GRAPHIC images that prove the Jews’ ancient and ongoing vindictive hatred for innocent Gentile humanity does indeed know no bounds …

Congolese woman degraded and raped by acolytes of judaized DR congo government

Christian Congolese man horribly tortured and ‘crucified’ by vindictive acolytes of the antichristian Jews

Internal organs torn out of murdered Congolese man and devoured by black African beasts

Young Congolese woman raped and then shot in the vagina by Congolese savage

Congolese woman burned alive —these Jew orchestrated atrocities make the Jew Holocaust pale in comparison

Congolese man with lips and tongue cut off