Jews are fake buddies of Blacks, so they can use Blacks to destroy White Christian Europeans

Jew rats' real sentiments for the Blacks they dope up and incite to kill, rape, and riot in America

The Jews’ sacred literature, the Talmud, says the Jew should” by way of deception” make war against his Gentile enemy; as a Pharisaical rabbinical interpretation of some of the tactics the Israelites used to overcome the inhabitants of Canaan and possess their land, after crossing Jordan under the general Joshua in ancient times. Something that explains why the Mossad adopted that as its motto, and why Martin Luther King Jr was given liberty to preach, and why no Jew can be trusted, even if he’s a Neturei Karta Jew telling everyone to save the Palestinians and that Jews should have no state and that Zionism can’t succeed.

Something that has, of course, also been aided and abetted by the spin of the Jewsmedia and the so-called liberal Jews’ scam of their ‘support’ of the interests of Black people the world over. Especially in the West, where the antichristian Jews have used the Blacks they’ve mixed with Gentile nations by the slave trade, to undo racially and destroy morally their most feared adversaries, Christian European White people.

White Europeans are waking up to these tactics of the Jew scamsters the world over; and yes, even in dumbed down America, where most White Evangelical Christians are blind to the Jews as their inveterate enemies. Especially if these comments are anything to go by:

“Jews parade the black slaves they brought to America around in front of us “hateful” Whites to further instill a sense of guilt and shame into us as a method of control.

They make money off of them by establishing organisations such as the NAACP which takes in millions in donation money from goyim chumps to clear their consciences of White guilt.

They use Blacks to perpetuate civil unrest to destabalize our society. To strengthen their status as the eternal victims, they use them as allies to increase their revenue, much of which is diverted to Israel.

It is simple. Jews are the brains and Blacks are the muscle. Jews are the master villains, while the Blacks are their henchmen. The Jews use Blacks to breed out Whites, creating a mongrel mixed race. Whites are pressured to have Black mates, Black friends, and act Black.

It’s called “White guilt” … all White people under the age of 40 have grown up indoctrinated into these false lies. I too grew up into it, and I am 34. I remember my Black 4th grade teacher, pushing the Jewish curriculum down our collective young throats. Endless old reels of the civil rights era … unending footage of Blacks being lynched by White police, old Holocaust videos of emaciated Jews in pits, piles of their dead carcasses, etc.

And all the while, these crimes being blamed on the White men … but it didn’t stop there … if only it did, then my grievances would be less…. but they went on to blame US WHITES STILL ALIVE for reaping all the benefits of an advanced culture created by our ancestors… and instead of cherishing this culture, the Jews and Blacks work their damnedest to DESTROY IT … and I am left standing like an idiot with his jaw gaping, at the legions of self-hating WHITES who have BOUGHT into this garbage! And are sitting idly by, or actually helping these Jews and Blacks, bring down civilization itself.

How DARE I be accused of “Racism” when it is the perpetrators of the most racist acts themselves … those damn traitorous, self-hating Whites, those Blacks and those Jews who are doing everything they can to destroy the infrastructure of the most advanced civilization on earth, the most democratic and inherently good system that mankind has managed to create?!

This is what the Jews say racially from the heart, where they have license in the Talmudic state of Israel

This country has gone the way of the PIGS [i.e., the herd of swine in the Gaderenes, possessed by devils in Luke’s gospel] in the Bible when Satan entered into them and they drowned themselves into the sea. Jews love Blacks because they HATE Whites and want to DESTROY Whites and White culture, so they can RULE over a race of mixed brown people that will not oppose them, that they will have their way with them for all time. Lazy brutes they can simply manipulate with meager handouts.

I don’t feel that Jews love Blacks at all. Jews have used Blacks as a means to an end. For centuries Jewish merchants mercilessly exploited negroes in the African slave trade, with a disproportionate amount of Jews in the antebellum South owning slaves in comparison to the White gentile population. Jews have been exploiting them for centuries, ever since the first Jewish traders and merchants got off the boat from Portugal and Spain and into the New World.

It is very easy to see how Jews manipulate and exploit Blacks to fulfill their agendas. Look at the destructive promotion by Jews of the Marxist Black revolution, better known as the “Civil Rights Movement,” in the 1960s. International Jewry totally turned the tables and started using them as pawns to keep White Americans in check, among using many other tactics such as feminism, equality, multiracialism, tolerance, etc.

More Jewish racial hate, where they have license to speak their mind

Most international Jews have no concern for Negroes whatsoever, and irrefutable proof of this is in the “blood diamond” industry in Africa. Jews have had a monopoly on the diamond merchant business for centuries, ever since it turned international in Belgium and the Netherlands a few centuries ago. To this day Debeers (run by the Jewish Oppenheimer family) and Lev Leviev (the Soviet-born Jewish CEO of the world’s second largest diamond exporter) use Blacks as slave labor to extract diamonds, with total disregard for their health and safety. A book published by the Nation of Islam called The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews provides very convincing evidence.

Jews use Blacks as a means to an end to divide and rule over Whites. If anyone deserves to get revenge against them it’s Blacks!

More of the Jews' graffiti, where they're free to express their sentiments

Now check out a couple of vids …

Here’s a racist Jewish rabbi calling blacks “baboons” — I think the full length vid has pretty much disappeared now, probably because even the Jew censors of JewTube thought he got quite excited towards the end …

Also review this series, especially the third excerpt. Notice the commentator’s hypocrisy, where he tries to spin the bankers involved in the housing loan scam foisted on Blacks as all non-Jewish. Who’s he trying to fool? All banks in America go back to Jewish banksters somewhere ...

Recommended further reading and viewing …

Even some Blacks, like their pawn Malcom X, have known something about how the Jew scamsters have been using and abusing Blacks in America …

Why Jews Support Black Causes

BTW, the Jews know from the Torah that their patriarch Moses’s wife was a black Ethiopian (Nu. 12.1); but they still treat Ethiopian Jews in the state of Israel as trash that ought to be sent back to the deserts of North Africa.

Check out this weird ‘chimpout’, which appears to be perpetrated by a cult of psychotic Islamic mainacs who have a really crack-pot Web site here. About all I can make out from the jabbering is that they think the Jews are faking their ethnicity and their role as the Black man’s best friend, so I guess it’s relevant …

33 responses

  1. Ooo sa

    True thoughts we must eliminate the niggers they are fake and are attempting to breed out our real dna and create a new race. A nigger tried to say He was going to take me to jail for panhandling their secret plan was to lock me up and burn my body in the infirmary of county jail. They are all part of an evil ai system they use whites girls as their spies. The hierchy is communists on top below them are fake Jews in Palestine under those Jews are the fake evil niggers and below the niggers are fake white spies all artificial sentient beings against the true king and for promotion of truth. They are vain in their practice of religion.

    November 24, 2015 at 3:07 am

  2. That is why they have that unnatural smell about them it is a gland extract from a reptile they are sentient and are rebellious rebels if we do not act now the starship will be gone. ALM

    November 24, 2015 at 3:14 am

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  4. Anonymous

    Holy cow you people are insane.

    How is it that European descended Caucasians make up 15% of the Earth’a population, and more or less have maintained that statistic for the past few thousand years, but yet they are being “out bred” by the “mongol races” that have existed for longer periods of time and who have always had an advantage over the white man in numbers and in historical cultural innovation? Name something a white man ‘invented’ or discovered’ that wasnt already invented or discovered by a man of color.

    Smoke some Ganga and chill the fuck out. Tune in to reality, the only reality there is, or be ready to get left in the evolutionary dust.

    January 18, 2016 at 8:19 pm

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  6. Anonymous

    Blacks were just fine and happy before the white man came to exploit us under the name of a God Jesus. White people get it together, the disciples of Jesus were not white. You are thieves and have stolen even your identity. Black people need to get into their spirituality and regain our strength so we can fight the Devil. Worshiping along side him, praying to his God will not help us. Heal Africa and return the people. Blacks have no friends.

    April 2, 2016 at 5:33 pm

  7. By the tone of your comment you’re likely a JEW disinfo troll who hates God’s Son Jesus Christ and Israel’s messiah, because he has exposed the hypocrisy of the apostate Jews who’ve rejected the gospel and damned themselves to hell fire by taking sides with the devil and Satan against Jewish and Gentile converts to Christianity since the first century….

    The disciples of Jesus were NOT White… you got that right Jew boy…

    April 2, 2016 at 6:10 pm

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  9. Just get used to it ? Your going to be a goi slave in a Zionist utopia braiding side locks and waxing up the beards of the Rabbi’s.
    Don’t you know the Papist church is invested with Zionist agents and the big Pappa is in bed with the Jewish whore of Babylon ?

    Look to the Holy scriptures for your salvation not a man made cult !

    May 16, 2016 at 10:44 pm

  10. Isjeis

    Don’t blame Satan because he has nothing to do with the kikes. Zionism is of the bible and there’s verses to prove it. Learn more at

    June 23, 2016 at 8:32 pm

  11. Anonymous

    you are awesome we need to spread the truth ao the so called guilt Will come to an end. We are surrounded by racist lazy brutes and greedy evil jews Why shouldn’t the White Man not enjoy the fruits of His labor, invention, intelligence, etc. We will not support the parasitical enemy no longer let the jew do it. They should put the jews blazy brutes and mongrels together away from us forever when I see them I feel totally disgusted especially when our eyes have been open.
    Go Away out of OUR COUNTRIES parasites

    July 11, 2016 at 9:12 pm

  12. John Elkins

    I saw in a Jewish Magazine in Los Angeles that the Jew’s are putting Black Ethiopian migrants in a fenced camp to send them back to their country. It is deplorable from some of the comments I read. Some have been there for a couple years. I thought Israel had brought them to their country because they were suppose to be Jewish ancestors, par se. I can see the media is very manipulative in their personal agenda’s in manipulating the common sometimes no thoroughly educated person(s). The Credit Bureau’s and banks are operated by them as well. What a monopoly!

    October 18, 2016 at 7:37 pm

  13. Moses married an Ethiopian woman

    October 18, 2016 at 7:41 pm

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