Robert Gallo: The Man That Created AIDS

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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  1. frz

    Hey sir,
    I’m realy goin tru a lot of stress livin with hiv(aids) . I av lost my family my galfwnd I’m completely confused in my life please help ever1 plz take out the cure I know, it will bring high income of money into your accounts buh really if you some faith in god plz cure us !!!! We beg u😦 this dease is has took my family 2 da grave I’m the only 1 surving I wana stop have the antiviral drugs becz I know dat ur source of income buh please save us I wish u knew wat I’m goin through plz cure us before da evil in my blood kills me I beg u !!! Let’s all work 2ghetr nd make a peacful world, see the tears in our I’m an ophan plz save me😦 plz if u love god plz save us I’ll wrk free for u people buh jst cure us… U guys r nyc people buh y do u do evil thingz we all humans will all die buh let’s make a betta future killin sum1 isn’t smart buh a sin dat 1 day u av 2 reply b nyc nd everythn will b nyc 2 u…. I BEG frm god forgivness for this sickness I neva went nd gt niethr my pernts dey gt infected mistakely plz help us …. May god giv u all da strenght 2 cure us …. My love 2 u wil alwaiz b der🙂

    June 10, 2012 at 12:04 am

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