Jews use “Crowds On Demand” company to create illusion of support for their global takeover agenda

Antisemitism rally. The Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis talks to a large crowd of Jewish people about the rise of anti Jewish violence in the UK and Europe, as they hold an antisemitism rally outside the Royal Courts of Justice in central London. Picture date: Sunday August 31, 2014. Photo credit should read: John Stillwell/PA Wire URN:20784363

Jews’ recent “zero tolerance for anti-Semitism” rent-a-crowd scam in the UK

Crowds on Demand is an American publicity firm. It claims to be the only “rent a crowd” service, providing its clients with the ability to hire actors to pose as fans, paparazzi and security guards. The company operates in Los Angeles; San Francisco; Las Vegas; New York City; and Washington, D.C.  The firm was founded in October 2012 by Adam Swart.

Is it misleading? “Yes. That’s the idea”—Adam Swart

The firm sells services that allow clients to simulate a celebrity lifestyle. Its “Celebrity Shopping Experience” is a trip through town in a luxury car, with cheering fans and paparazzi at every stop. The service was the subject of a “Good Morning America” piece in which a correspondent pretended to be a king while he went through a shopping mall with a paid entourage.

The company also carries out publicity stunts for companies and public relations firms using actors.

Just before the November 2012 election, company founder Swart said that the company was considering a request by a candidate for a staged political protest.

Another Jew scam to get the gullible goyim confused about the Jews' real agenda for them, which is total control for the Jews in an ideal Jewish sovietised world, under Israel's biblical end-time 'Davidic' antichrist

The ongoing “Free Palestine and Stop the Massacres in Gaza” demonstrations by Jews are obviously just more Jew “herd instinct/ rent-a-crowd” scams to try to get the gullible goyim further confused about the reprobate Jews’ real agenda for them, which is total control for the Jews in an ideal Jewish sovietised world, under Israel’s biblical end-time ‘Davidic’ antichrist

Crowds on Demand has come under criticism for selling the pretense of fame and popularity. Elizabeth Currid-Halkett, an associate professor at the University of Southern California Sol Price School of Public Policy, criticized the company for deceiving the public.

A Washington Post columnist mentioned an e-mail he received advertising the company’s “Celebrity Arrival Service” offered to politicians:

I received an e-mail the other day from Crowds on Demand, an L.A.-based company that, for a fee, will send a bunch of “team members” to your event, stuffing the crowd with confederates to make you look important.

Crowds on Demand recently stepped into the political arena, conducting rallies and gathering signatures for clients in California, Arizona and Washington. This increasing involvement in political affairs has drawn criticism from some who believe the practice of providing paid demonstrators is unethical.

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Have you ever wondered how a politician disliked by most could fill a room with screaming supporters giving the perception they have your local communities support?

Look no further than a company called “Crowds on Demand“, a company who hires multi-talented actors who are experts of improvisational theatre to provide the illusion of support for a candidate. Nothing draws a crowd, like a crowd.

The company who has provided its services for athletes, artists and fashion people has recently admitted to providing services for both Republican and Democrat candidates.

Ceo and founder Adam Swart was emailed a few questions about his services by activist Ian Cioffi. The company owner was asked if his system is proven to work in U.S. politics?

Swart claimed, he has done work for “dozens of candidates in the US primarily but not exclusively Republican. Mostly they are candidates who suffer from lack of enthusiasm/turnout at rallies and in need of a ‘game change’ (sorry, that’s a loaded term now!). The candidates have been primarily congressional/senate candidates. We’ve only worked with one (serious) presidential candidate thus far.”

Jews have one agenda for the gullible White Christian European "goyim" in America and quite another in the evil, antichristian, Talmudic state of Israel

Reprobate Jews have one agenda for the gullible White Christian European “goyim” in America today and another quite different for the evil, antichristian Talmudic state of Israel

So what other benefits could a company of this magnitude offer?

Adam went on to express that they could even go miles further with their expertise and can give a sense of legitimacy for the candidate.

“I have found our approach has led to increased poll numbers and, in many case made the margin of victory for a few reasons: A) Photo-ops at rallies. Having a diverse group of people (race/gender/age) around the candidate is critical especially for those who are constantly followed by reporters, but even for those who only get a couple of pieces per day. B) Enthusiastic crowds bring more media attention and shift the narrative onto grassroots supporters. Press always want to understand why people support candidate x or candidate y.

Giving them great footage of enthusiastic supporters speaking about their love for the candidate provides great quotations C) Gives a sense of legitimacy for the candidate among their existing supporters. When they see lots of enthusiastic folks at rallies, they feel like they’re backing the right horse. D) Bolsters the candidates’ self-confidence. Some candidates knew about the paid crowds and other times we have been hired by outside organizations. In both cases, seeing more supporters gave them the confidence to up their game on stage.”

When the founder of Crowds on Demand was asked “what reassurances do you offer that the crowd does not leak the fact that they were paid to arrive?”

Swart responded in an email that “We have all crowd members sign binding non-disclosure agreements. Our crowd members work for us on a regular basis and understand we value discretion given the sensitive nature of the business. The ‘leak’ issue has only happened on one occasion over the past three years. ”

Jews don't always rent a crowd. They sometimes just simply provide a scam crowd themselves, to get the lie of their global takeover further down the road at any particular time. Did you know that same sex marriage, like black African immigration (aka "nigger infiltration"), is not allowed in the disingenuous, antichristian Talmudic state of stolen Israel?

Jews don’t always rent a crowd. They sometimes just simply provide a scam crowd themselves, to get the lie of their global takeover further down the road at any particular time. Did you know Jews are the leading advocates of same sex marriages in America and that they use crowds of Jews with banners opposing it to distract attention from that fact?

Adam Swart believes he is just making fame into a business. He touts that 10 of my guys are more effective than a 100 bodies in a recent interview.

When asked if his business is disingenuous or fake on the speaking on wealth podcast, he responded that “what we do is get people to pay attention to your event, to your product, no ones gonna say they are going to love it, but ordinarily there are many potentially talented artists who we work with, talented fashion people, talented athletes…”.

So next time you go to a political rally and see fans so undeniably in love with a candidate with no rational reason, ask yourself is this person being paid to be here? Are you supporting a fake politician?

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Creep Reggie Watts teams up with Jewess Sarah Silverman to further scramble the brains of gullible Americans


Self confessed “avowed disinformationist” comedian and musician ReggieWatts has teamed up with the vile Christ-hating, reprobate Caucasian Jewess Sarah Silverman to further confuse and disorientate the gullible goyim stupid enough to be ‘entertained’ by them.

Jews barely make up 2.5 percent of America’s population, but did you know that about 70 percent of the comedians in the country have been Jewish?

Jewish comedians are always trying to make Gentiles laugh, to reassure themselves in their psychopathic paranoia that there’s no immediate threat from them; but also to make them complacent about grave moral, social and political issues that are impacting their lives, so that they’ll be more easily undone and destroyed by what they’re laughing about, when the subversive Jews have actually brought the crisis of it to pass.

Jewish comedians also of course want to lead as many gullible Gentiles as possible gently by the hand away from the true God and the gospel of their salvation, and down the biblical “broad way” to destruction (aka Jew York City’s Broadway of movies and stand up comedies); so that they’ll at least have plenty of company down in the intolerable heat of hell fire, after dying in their sins and giving account of themselves before God’s righteous resurrected Son Jesus Christ on Judgment Day.

The Jewish informer and Orthodox Christian convert Nathanael Kapner on  has succinctly endorsed that, by confessing that ‘the Jews are at war with the Gentiles. Jews fear the Gentiles. This is why Jewish comedians are always trying to make Gentiles laugh. For once the Gentiles come to their senses and realize the Jews are the enemies of their redemption, the Jews know they had better run for cover.’

Believe me you’ll just love this guy and soon be giggling in agreement with him, like the idiot interviewing him, even though you’ve been told to beware of him …

Check out this article

Watts’ improvised musical sets are created using only his voice, a keyboard, and a looping machine. An avowed “disinformationist“, he frequently disorients his audiences. He performs regularly on television, radio, and in live theater. He appeared on the IFC television series Comedy Bang! Bang!, which began airing in 2012. On December 12, 2014, CBS announced that they had signed Watts to lead the house band for The Late Late Show with James Corden in March 2015.

Watts was born in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, the only child of Christiane and Charles Alphonso Watts; his mother is French and his father is African-American. His father was an officer in the United States Air Force and the family lived in Germany and Spain before relocating to Great Falls, Montana, where Watts was raised and graduated from Great Falls High School in the class of 1990. Watts also took piano and violin lessons from the age of five until he was 16, and has said his love for music started when he saw Ray Charles playing the piano on television as a young child.

Watts moved to Seattle in 1990 at the age of 18 to study music. He briefly attended the Art Institute of Seattle before eventually studying jazz at Cornish College of the Arts. While in Seattle, he played in a number of Seattle bands of wildly varying genres, including Hit Explosion, Swampdweller, Action Buddy, Chiarrscuro, Clementine, Smell No Taste, Wayne Horvitz 4+1 Ensemble, Das Rut, Synthclub, Elemental, Eyvand Kang Seven Nades, and Free Space, amongst others.


In 1996, Watts became the front man for soul, rock, and hip hop group Maktub. While touring in the earlier years with the Wayne Horvitz 4+1 Ensemble, Watts was forced to downsize his effects pedal from a Roland Space Echo tape delay to a Line 6 DL4 delay modeler, a smaller device that makes it easy to travel. He began using the Line 6 in live shows with Maktub, in order to replicate the duplicate harmonies from the recorded material. Then, he experimented with improvising entire songs in solo acts with the Line 6, while trying to sound like Tom Waits, playing initial gigs at small Seattle venues and artist bungalows. While in Seattle, Watts composed musical scores for Northwest dance choreographers and he dabbled in sketch comedy with future theatrical collaborator Tommy Smith.

In 2004, after recording five albums over eight years, Watts moved to the Lower East Side, New York City. In 2005, he recorded his first solo single, “So Beautiful”. Inspired by The State and Wet Hot American Summer, he began infusing spontaneous comedic material with the beat box-driven musical compositions. He shot comedic web shorts for Superdeluxe, Vimeo and CollegeHumor.

In 2006, Watts started to branch out into performing for television and film, while continuing to pursue live performance and the creation of new performance technologies.

In 2007, Watts appeared on Plum TV’s “Scott Bateman Presents Scott Bateman Presents” and starred in the CollegeHumor internet video “What About Blowjobs?” The video became a viral hit. The same year, he also wrote and performed the theme song for Penelope Princess of Pets, a web comedy series featuring Kristen Schaal and H. Jon Benjamin.


In 2008, Watts recorded a new special entitled “Disinformation”, which features his performance at the Under the Radar Festival at the Public Theater. He also appeared in the independent film “Steel of Fire Warriors 2010 A.D.” as a Mutantzoid Underling and on an episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, as well as making other various television appearances.

In 2009, Watts recorded his first solo EP, Pot Cookies. He also began appearing on the PBS Kids’ children’s program, “The Electric Company”. Watts performed in his first solo short film “Watts Does London” and appeared on Comedy Central’s Michael and Michael Have Issues as “Greg the Intern”. He then did voice work for an episode of Adult Swim’s The Venture Bros. as “The Delivery Guy”, Australia’s “Good News Week”, and appeared in the UK documentary The Yes Men Fix the World. Watts also toured in direct support of Devo in a fall 2009 tour which featured that band’s albums Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! and Freedom of Choice played in full.

In 2010, Waverly Films shot a one-hour special on Watts called “Why Shit So Crazy?”. The special features Watts in live performance at New York venues Galapagos, The Bellhouse, and Le Poisson Rouge, bookended with brief sketches and a music video of Watts’ “Fuck Shit Stack”. Comedy Central aired Why Shit So Crazy? and released the film as a dual DVD/CD package. Afterwards, Watts made various public appearances including Conan O’Brien’s The Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television Tour.

In 2011, Watts appeared in the HBO film, “The Yes Men Fix the World”, as well as making other various appearances on television and in short films.

Watts’ second stand-up special, Reggie Watts: A “Live” in Central Park, premiered on May 12, 2012 on Comedy Central in the “Secret Stash” completely uncensored to positive reviews.

The film was made available as a CD/DVD through Watts’ official website as well as Comedy Central’s online store.

Soon afterwards, Watts performed a song with LCD Soundsystem on their farewell documentary movie, “Shut Up and Play the Hits”.


Creep Reggie Watts at The Super Serious Show, March 2013

 In 2012, Watts began starring opposite Scott Aukerman on the IFC series Comedy Bang! Bang!, based on the comedy podcast of the same name (formerly Comedy Death-Ray Radio).

Also in 2012, Watts began collaborating with Michael Cera, Tim & Eric, and Sarah Silverman to create their comedy YouTube channel known as Jash.

In 2013, On The Boards recorded a new Watts special entitled Transition, which played at various arts festivals including the Under the Radar Festival at The Public Theater; it was winner of the MAP Fund Award and Creative Capital award. It is available on iTunes via TenduTV.

Watts was invited to perform at Yoko Ono’s Meltdown 2013 on the South Bank in London where he was supported by Mac Lethal.

In 2014, Watts contributed the outro vocal on “Holy City” and beatbox on “The Classic” from the Joan As Police Woman album The Classic. He also appeared as the last act in the season 4 premiere of John Oliver’s New York Stand-Up Show where he told some jokes and performed a song, hugging John Oliver at the end.

In December 2014, following CBS’s announcement that Watts would lead The Late Late Show band, Aukerman announced that Watts would only remain with Comedy Bang! Bang! through the first half of 2015. Watts’ final episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! is set to debut on June 5, 2015.

On March 23, 2015, Watts began on The Late Late Show as the first bandleader for the program in its history. He also serves as the Cold Open announcer to introduce James onto the set. Watts said that he is not going to be a strict musician or sidekick to Corden, but rather somewhere in between, stating “I’ll probably be a mix of Paul Shaffer and Andy Richter. Somewhere around there.” His band in the show is unofficially named “Karen”.

Watts also has a moment on the show to ask a guest a question about anything (called Reggie’s Question on show clips). The questions are a continuation of his time on Comedy Bang! Bang!, and follow his preference for surreal comedy in his stand-up act.

Reggie Watts wants to disorient you ‘in the most entertaining way’ so that you’re more easily destroyed by the end of the day …

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