Totally depraved JEW Robert Lenkiewicz paints himself having sex with a goat



Sicko Jewish artist Robert Lenkiewicz

SHOCKING!!! An exclusive art gallery has been criticized for displaying a highly offensive painting of a depraved JEW having sex with a goat, just yards from The Ritz hotel and where it could be seen by children. Hotel guests were said to have been disgusted after seeing the painting by the late JEWISH artist Robert Lenkiewicz.

It was displayed on a revolving plinth in the front window of the Clarendon Fine Art gallery, around the corner from the five-star hotel in Piccadilly.


The Lenkiewicz painting has upset guests at the neighboring Ritz. The painting depicts the JEW Robert Lenkiewicz having sex with a goat. This is presumably the sort of fantasy the creep had on a routine basis and wanted everyone to accept as normal and wholesome entertainment. The painting titled, “the painter rutting with a goat” was put on show in the window of Clarendon fine art gallery on Dover Street, in London.

Passer-by Juliet Brown, 48, said: ‘Putting something like this on display is clearly just a cynical ploy to attract attention. There are plenty of other less offensive paintings from the exhibition which they could have used. Children are seeing this.’  One child had to be quickly pulled away by his mother as he stood and stared.

The JEW Lenkiewicz’s depraved goat sex painting in full public view in a front window at the entrance to the Clarendon ‘Fine Art’ Gallery

The Plymouth-based JEWISH artist Lenkiewicz regularly courted controversy during his career as a result of his depraved sexualised paintings. He died at the age of 60 in 2002. One gallery worker said: ‘It’s interesting watching peoples’ reactions as they walk past. Many can’t believe what they have just seen. He is still creating controversy, even in death.’

The goat picture, painted in 1983, appears to have classical roots and the pose bears a close resemblance to a statue of the mythological satyr Pan with a goat, which was found in Pompeii. Art experts suggest the JEW Lenkiewicz was making some kind of statement about his home town with the work. The goat is said to be a reference to Plymouth’s Devonport dockyard, which had the animal as a mascot. It was also apparently a pun on the artist’s star sign of Capricorn, the goat.

Last night, the gallery’s owners apologized for displaying the painting, adding: ‘We now realize that this particular painting has caused concern and it has been withdrawn from public viewing. We apologize for any offense caused.’

More depraved JEW ‘fine art’ from the criminal alter ego of the same creep…
JEW Lenkiewicz’s biography…
THE JEW Robert Lenkiewicz was born in London in 1941, the son of refugees who ran a Jewish hotel in Fordwych Road. Robert Lenkiewicz spent his boyhood in the Hotel Shemtov in Cricklewood, which was run by his parents. His mother was a German baroness and his father a Polish horse breeder who both fled Nazi Germany in 1939 and arrived in London as penniless refugees.
Lenkiewicz frequently stated in interview that the hotel’s elderly residents included Holocaust survivors but this is contradicted by the artist’s brother John, who recollects that the residents tended to be the parents or grandparents of 2nd or 3rd generation English Jews (for instance, the mother of popular entertainer Dickie Valentine), though the hotel’s Czechoslovakian cook, Mrs Bobek, was a survivor of the Bergen-Belsen camp.
Nevertheless, the loneliness and suffering the young painter witnessed at the hotel was “salutary and thought-provoking” according to Lenkiewicz.
Lenkiewicz was inspired to paint after seeing Charles Laughton in Alexander Korda’s biographical film Rembrandt. He attended Sir Christopher Wren junior technical school of art architecture and building from 1955-58 graduating in art with distinction. At 16, Lenkiewicz was accepted at Saint Martin’s School of Art and later attended the Royal Academy. However, he was virtually impervious to contemporary art fashions, being more interested in his favorite paintings in the National Gallery.

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Commie White House porch monkey Obama inadvertently names his transgendered sheboon hoe “Michael”, not once but twice… lol


“Liberal” JEWS want the transgendered freak Michelle Obama to replace sick and dying Grandma Hillary, in a last ditch effort to undo the TRUMP landslide win in November they know is now inevitable.

Is This What Panic Looks Like? Reuters Polls Show Huge Shift In Electoral Map Toward Trump…

Tyler Durden's picture

A few weeks back, Reuters/Ipsos released a fun, interactive electoral college map that allowed users to model their own expectations of how the 2016 presidential election would play out.  Reuters also offered up their own scenario based on their internal polling data from all 50 states.  And, as early as August 26, 2016 Reuters was predicting a landslide victory for Clinton.

Reuters / Ipso

But, now it’s looking increasingly likely that Reuters will have to “tweak” their polling data again as recent results show a massive Trump surge that have thrust him into the lead.

Reuters / Ipso

Here is Reuters’ latest prediction of what the 2016 electoral college map will look like once all the votes are counted.  Notice that the entire central portion of the U.S. has turned red (including Colorado and New Mexico) along with Florida and South Carolina in the Southeast.  And perhaps even more shocking is that Reuters has been forced to move Pennsylvania out of the Democrat column and into the “Too Close To Call” column.

Reuters / Ipso

So, here is a comparison of some of the Reuters polling data by states that have shifted since late august.

Florida has swung 11 points toward Trump moving the state from solid Hillary to marginal Trump.


Pennsylvania has swung 5 points toward Trump moving the state from solid Hillary to “Too Close To Call.”


Nevada has also swung 5 points toward Trump moving the state from marginal Hillary to marginal Trump.


South Carolina has swung 8 points toward Trump moving the state from “Too Close To Call” to solid Trump.


Colorado has swung 6 points toward Trump moving the state from marginal Hillary to marginal Trump.


And Iowa has swung 11 points toward Trump moving the state from marginal Hillary to solid Trump.


New Mexico also moved from “Undecided” to Trump though Reuters didn’t have polling data as of August 26, 2016 for that state.

And let the mainstream media panic continue…




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