Paranoid leftist Khazar/Caucasian JEWS inadvertently broadcast their hideous appearance in stupid anti-TRUMP video


Paranoid Khazar-Caucasian JEWS have inadvertently broadcast their hideous appearance, that’s obviously the outward evidence of their inner vile and subversive attributes, in the following stupid video they put up to undo what they evidently see as the TRUMP Train to a “new Auschwitz” in a locked down America, after the November election and an escalation of the leftist JEW fomented race war that has already begun…

Jews are paranoid people because they’re on the run from God for the crime of the Crucifixion and are fearful that they’ll be dealt with by Him in another Holocaust, when the gullible masses awaken again to the JEWS’ conspiracy to undo and destroy their Christian and Gentile enemies by corrupt politicians, media propaganda and the JEW’s money…


Jews are particularly paranoid about a TRUMP presidency because they know he hates the leftist JEW media that’s fomenting the JEW invented race war that has already begun in America.

By controlling the narrative the Jews manipulate the masses, turning their low IQ negro and Mexican pets and the Shabbot Goy into mindless executioners of the White race.


Seizure granny Hillary teeters on the brink of a medical crisis at the first debate… and the Don noticed it!



A concerned Donald Trump can be seen at the above link mouthing the word “seizure” to his family and campaign advisors in the front row at Monday’s first Presidential debate.

After what appears to be a medical episode played off by Hillary Clinton’s frozen smile, shaking head and upper torso with her eyes closed, Trump looks out to his team and describes what he feels is unfolding on the debate stage, enhanced video clearly shows.

We have sent this to a lip reading expert for analysis. She confirmed our analysis that Trump does indeed mouth the word seizure. You be the judge. Tell us what you think below.



Is Hillary a seizure granny with early dementia, and one eye already impaired by a past medical crisis of that sort?…



Did Hillary Clinton wear an anti-seizure device at the first debate?

News has been emerging about an earpiece and wiring Hillary Clinton wore during the 1st Presidential Debate. Was she being fed lines of commie propaganda by her Jewed handlers or was this an anti-seizure device of some sort to correct her recurring imbalance due to inner ear/seizure/dementia problems or possibly an emergency line of communication to her handlers if she froze on stage after suffering a seizure?

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