Jews cash in on niggers and White folk in the slave trade on the high seas and in antichristian Israel today

The reprobate JEWS have of course been obsessed with callously cashing in on the vulnerability and gullibility of ordinary Gentiles, ever since they joined with the traitor Judas to reject God’s Son Jesus and the gospel for the proverbial “thirty pieces of silver” in the first century. Slave trading has been and still is a very lucrative industry, so it’s not surprising to find that the covetous JEWS and their base Moslem counterparts have been heavily involved in it. Especially since it has given the antichristian JEWS and Moslems the opportunity to cash in on and rejoice in the degradation of their righteous Christian enemies; and notably in Europe and Africa when the pagan Moslems had their heyday in the Middle Ages and more recently in the antichristian state of Israel, where the JEWS have had almost complete liberty to fulfill their most wicked desires, since it was established by subversion and theft in 1948.

In fact the JEWS are particularly fond of slave trading. Not only because the lucrative commerce of it provides them with the cash they need to gain secular prestige and power in a world that would otherwise deprecate their base attributes; but also because it makes them think that they really are God’s chosen people and that their rabbis were right, when they told them that they were destined to enslave the Gentiles and inherit all of the wealth of the world, as a corrupt Talmudic interpretation of biblical history that says that God had commanded the tribal Israelites to invade Canaan and wipe out its depraved inhabitants to get glory for the righteous and holy God in ancient times.

Don’t get me wrong. I truly believe that slavery can sometimes be a good thing and that it is even ordained of God, especially for blacks who’ve been bought as slaves to work in White countries and who would otherwise die in a mud hut or jungle of some horrible disease, before descending into hell without knowledge of the gospel that’s so freely available to them in more civilized lands.

Just stop and think about it. Blacks need the White man’s help and not the other way around. Isn’t that what all of the ongoing support for so-called “Third World” countries has been all about?

The truth is that blacks just simply haven’t had the intelligence or even the desire to help themselves out of the genetic mess they’ve found themselves in, since their ancestors passed on a degenerate, ape-like appearance and “beast of the field” disposition to their offspring, after offending God by fornicating with apes in the jungles of Africa. Yes, this is the real “theory of evolution” that should be taught in colleges and universities around the world today!

In fact I believe that the most beneficial role for a black man is that of a slave to a decent White man, especially in a country that’s either indigenous to or has been commandeered by righteous White Christian Europeans; and that all free-ranging blacks in countries developed and prospered by White folk should be rounded up and either sold again as slaves or sent back to their indigenous lands to suffer and die, if they refuse the benefits that decent White folk offer them.

But that said, I don’t think blacks should be slaves of JEWS and Moslems, because the reprobate JEWS and pagan Moslems have never had the best interests of their slaves in mind, when cashing in on them, especially if they’ve been their decent White Christian European enemies.

Yes indeed, the wandering antichristian JEWS should come clean and confess to their own historical role as slave traders, plantation owners and slave ship owners, before propagandizing decent White folks as the sole cause of atrocities committed by slave traders. In fact not a few JEWISH authors have written books and articles about this subject. For example Rabbi Lody van de Kamp and Menachem Wecker (Forward, June 20, 2015, Jews in the Caribbean) and “Who Brought The Slaves To America”.

American textbooks in our schools have falsely proclaimed that decent White Christians were responsible for the enslavement of both the native American Indians and the African Black peoples in the name of Jesus Christ.

The book “The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews” revealed that JEWS and NOT true Christians, were responsible for the enslavement of Blacks and American Indians. This documentary leaves no doubt of the Jewish involvement and control over the Atlantic Slave trade.

The reason that Christianity has been falsely blamed for the enslavement of Blacks and native Americans is based on the fact that Jewish Marranos proclaimed to be Christians outwardly and even used non-Jewish surnames to disguise their Jewish identities, when in reality, it was the Jews who caused all of the horror.

The largest shareholder of the VOC, the Dutch East India Company, was Isaac Le Maire who was like many other VOC shareholders, of the Jewish faith. (Jewish Currents, June 3, 2015, The Dutch East India Company).

Jewish Involvement In Black Slave Trade To The Americas, By Rabbi Marc Lee Raphael:

After the British had surrendered Surinam to the Dutch, there were about 100 Jewish families and fifty single Jews there, or about 570 persons. They possessed more than forty estates and 9,000 slaves. Check out the video on “The Jewish Role in the Black Slave Trade,” a speech by Prof. Tony Martin with an introduction by Hoffman.


Jews and the White Slave Trade

by Dr. William Pierce



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