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Jew run Soviet gulags a precursor of Jew run FEMA camps in the US

Ok, so most of us know Jews run the federal government department of Homeland Security in the US, and have since it was created as a result of the Jew orchestrated 9/11 atrocity that got US troops into Iraq to secure the so-called ‘democratic’ Jewish homeland of the state of Israel from her Muslim neighbors. But have you ever wondered if the Jews secretly named the federal government department ‘Homeland Security’ to cynically celebrate its real role in America, which the Jews and their acolytes know is primarily to provide security for the Jews’ homeland of the state of Israel, before anything else?

For the fact is “homeland security” for the Jews’ homeland of Israel in the Middle East is really only guaranteed by US/Israel lobby foreign policy and global imperialism at the end of the day. Not to mention the fact that the surveillance and control the Judaized department of Homeland Security in the US provides duped patriots with is, of course, used to facilitate the Jews’ control of America, until the country is communized and all patriotic ‘dissidents’ are carted off to Homeland Security’s Jew run FEMA gulags, for ‘processing’ by the Jews and their lackeys in all sorts of evil ways.

Now many of us know that Jews ran some of the Nazi concentration camps, which was somewhat appropriate because the Holocaust was, of course, orchestrated by the synagogue of Satan in Jewry to bring their “lesser brethren” in Jewry to heel by the ‘anti-Semitism’ of it. For Jews in the synagogue of Satan not only wanted to loot nations and cash in on the destruction and rebuild of Europe in a corporate way; but also to destroy the culture of and largely eliminate white Christian Europeans, and move the “lesser Jews” out of Europe and into Palestine, so the Rothschilds and their acolytes could lease the stolen land of the state of Israel to Jews only on a racist basis.

But the point of this article is to impress upon Americans that the vengeful, antichristian Jews who’ve taken sadistic pleasure in the past in running the Nazi camps and the gulags under Stalin will soon revel in torturing and exterminating their especially white Christian American enemies in the numerous FEMA camps already in place, when the country is “locked down” under martial law by a party dictator of the ilk of the anti-Christian crypto-commie Barack Obama.

For lets face it, sadistic Talmudic revenge on righteous Christians and innocent Gentiles has been a sick Jewish fantasy running through the mind of the ordinary reprobate, apostate Jew 24/7, ever since the Jews forfeited the redemption God had for them in the gospel, when they rejected and crucified his Son Jesus Christ in the first century …

Check out this article on the sadistic revenge Jewish camp commandants meted out on German men, women, and children, in Poland after the war …

From 1945-47, Jews ran concentration camps filled with Germans. Between 60 and 80 thousand Germans civilians – men, women and children – perished in Poland.

The tables had now been turned. In 1945 at a sub-camp of Auschwitz called Zgoda (“Harmony”), it was now Germans who were stuffed into the barracks. The Commandant, a Jew wearing the uniform of the Polish Office of State Security (UB or ‘the Office’) named Solomon Morel was standing in a barrack glaring around at them.

Jewish revenge for the Holocaust

Notorious vengeful Jew Solomon Morel

He told them: “My name is Morel. I am a Jew. My mother and father, my family, … they’re all dead, and I swore that if I got out alive, I was going to get back at you Nazis. And now you’re going to pay for what you did.” If you want to read a detailed article about Jewish revenge against Germans, please see this.

At a train station in Berlin in October of the same year, a political adviser to the U.S. military authorities wrote to Washington after seeing German refugees in Berlin who were forcibly expelled from Poland. Dying from exhaustion, malnutrition and illness, he wrote that, “in smelling the odor of their filthy condition, the mind reverts to Dachau and Buchenwald. Here is retribution on a large scale practiced on women and children, the poor, the infirm …”

Jews help deport Germans from new Polish lands

Those Germans may have come from Breslau, the largest city in Polish-administered Germany, where the population was 300,000. Who was in charge of Breslau then? Jews. The chief of police, the chief of the Polish Army Corps of Internal Security, the chief of the Office of State Security’s section for Germans, and even the mayor of Breslau were all Jews.

They sent their troops to German homes, where they smashed open the doors with their rifle butts and shouted, “Get out! Raus! Raus!” Pointing their machine guns at the terrified Germans, they said, “Just as the Germans did. You have seven minutes. Six minutes. Five minutes. Schnell! Schnell!” Then they were chased to the Breslau train station and shoved into cattle cars, just like the Jews were.

Jewish atrocities against Germans

Hundreds of Jews who had been on the platforms at Auschwitz and other death camps did horrible things to German civilians. After the war several Jews became commandants of former Nazi concentration camps and prisons. They became as cruel as the SS and committed horrible deeds that rivaled Hitler’s black-clad elite but on a much smaller scale.

John Sack writes that “a second atrocity happened that the Jews who committed it covered up: one where Jews killed Germans … In 1945 they killed a great number of Germans … civilians, German men, women, children, babies, whose ‘crime’ was just to be German.”

Jews sign up with the UB

As usual, the depraved Jews will be seeking sadistic sexual gratification and revenge from being the ‘new Nazis’, once the FEMA gulags are fully operational in the US

The chief of the Office of State Security (UB) in Silesia was a Jew, Major Josef Jurkowski. A dedicated communist, he broke out of a Polish prison in 1939 and walked to Russia. He volunteered for the Red Army and later switched to the Polish army in the Soviet Union.

Jurkowski was the administrator of 15,550 square miles of former German territory. Concentration camps, cellars and prisons in Silesia had to be staffed by him. Jurkowski put Jews in charge of Intelligence, Imprisonment, and the other departments of the Office under his control. It seems like it was Stalin’s plan to hire Jews who survived the Holocaust to carry out a policy of de-Nazification.

Pinek Maka, a Jew who survived Gestapo interrogation and fought with a Polish partisan group, was made Secretary of State Security for Silesia. His province was all of southwest Poland and Polish-administered Germany; his region’s population was close to five million. He called himself ‘Pawel’ and he wasn’t alone; many Jews in the Office took Polish names. Some even claimed to be ‘Catholic.’

Source …

Also this book review …

The cover image of the book is “The Mask of Sorrow” near Magadan, Russia. A 1996 monument commemorating the prisoners of the Gulag concentration camps.

Did you know that an anti-Communist book by Dr. Herman Greife, published in 1937, revealed that communist Jews were the commandants of 11 out of the 12 main Stalinist-era Gulags, or concentration camps, including the camp system directors Matvei Berman and Hershel Jehuda.

Ultimately, some 14 million people were detained in the 53 camps which operated from 1934 to 1953. According to official Soviet data, some 1,053,829 people died in the camps from various causes. The modern-day Russian industrial cities of the Arctic, such as Norilsk, Vorkuta, and Magadan, were originally Gulags.

I guess the Americans that survive will one day look back on the days of the destruction of their nation under Jewish communism and count the dead in the FEMA gulags, and even name the new cities that have built over the remains of the camps, like the Russian people did after suffering the Jews’ sadism and looting in the USSR for a season.