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Hollywood Jews plant self-hate and cultural pathology in WASPs

One of the more blatant proofs the reprobate Jews have sought to deliberately subvert and destroy decent Christian Gentile America is, of course, found in their propaganda of Hollywood movies and use of the mainstream media in general to foster their evil global takeover agenda. Most decent folk would find it hard to understand why anyone, Jewish or otherwise, would want to spend their whole lives plotting retribution and iniquity against the rest of humanity, who just want to live and let live and get on with their lives.

But when you understand that the Jews have sold their souls for the love of money, and with that forfeited the redemption God had for them in the gospel by rejecting his son Jesus Christ, you realize that they’ve had nothing left to lose since the first century, and might as well destroy as many of the hated Christians and Gentiles they can, before they too descend into the fires of hell beneath the earth.

The other thing is that the Jews have, of course, based the scam of their religion of so-called Judaism on the idea that Jews have been safe from God’s judgment, since they rejected Jesus and the gospel in the first century, because they’ve either been racially or religiously Jewish, and hence either racially or religiously superior to all others on the planet, as ostensibly alone the “chosen of God”.

This almost unbelievably arrogant and patently ludicrous racial and religious supremacist ideology has, of course, required of the Jews that they not only generally despise and deprecate all of the rest of humanity, but in particular militantly seek to deprecate and ultimately largely eliminate White European Christian Gentiles; because Jews, of course, see them as the best of humanity in a biological and religious way, and hence a threat to the whole concept of their national supremacy and religious security before God.

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the way the Jews have used Hollywood and mainstream media propaganda to subvert the bastion of the traditionally righteous cultural mores of their enemy Christianity, and to morally, culturally, and politically destroy White European Gentiles in their ancient and colonial homelands, you’ll be able to quickly spot “the Jew” in almost everything you watch in TV Land and are confronted with in the media on a day-to-day basis.

In fact most movies in the West, since the 1970s, have had the Jews’ anti-white, antichristian agenda in them somewhere. Even if it’s just something simple, like putting a cross around the neck of the leading criminal protagonist and a hexagonal star somewhere on the ‘good guy’ (like a hexagonal sheriff’s badge), or a Jewish actor on the side of the right, to make people think Christians are somehow evil and the Jews good, by that symbolism, in a subliminal way.

Check out the following video …

Writer for the Occidental Observer Edmund Connelly exposes how self-resentment and the notion of cultural pathology have been deliberately, malevolently, and militantly planted in the minds of White European people by Jews, through Jewish scripted, Jewish directed, and Jewish produced Hollywood movies.

Before the Internet revolution, this kind of ethnic intellectual warfare could be waged covertly and with relative impunity due to the effective Jewish media monopoly. Those days are over, and Jewish Hollywood’s racist propaganda of defaming whites and white culture in movies and television is being exposed to a critical and intelligent audience worldwide.

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More Jewish Attacks on White People in the Media

The Jews make sure this sort of drama gets plenty of media exposure and even hire the actors for the stage show

Jewish Informer/Broadway Producer Exposes Roots of Jews' Red Conspiracy in the U.S. Today

Senator Joseph McCarthy was deceived and damaged by his chief counsel, the Jew infiltrator and sayanim Roy Cohen (right)

The Jew controlled mainstream media would have us believe the Red commie ‘Witch Hunt’ in America in  the early 1950’s was almost entirely the work of a deranged alcoholic named Senator Joseph McCarthy. But Joe McCarthy was, of course, the good guy opposing the Jews’ intention to sovietize America under a sock-puppet of the ilk of Barack Obama.

About the speaker, Myron Fagan, in the following videos …

He arrived on Broadway in 1907, 19 years old, the youngest playwright in the history of the American Theater. In the following years, he wrote and directed plays for many of the greats of those days including Mrs. Leslie Carter, Wilton Lackaye, Fritz Leiber, Alla Nazimova, Jack Barrymore, Douglas Fairbanks, Sr., E.H. Southern, Julia Marlowe, Helen Morgan, etc, . He directed Charles M. Frohman, Belasco, Henry W. Savage, Lee Shubert, Abe Erlanger, and George M. Cohan, among others. In the 5 years between 1925 and 1930 he wrote, personally directed, and produced twelve plays: The White Rose, Thumbs Down, Two Strangers from Nowhere, Mismates, The Fascinating Devil, The Little Spitfire, Jimmy’s Women, The Great Power, Indiscretion, Nancy’s Private Affair, Smart Woman, and Peter Flies High.

During his early years, Mr. Fagan was also Dramatic Editor for The Associated Newspapers, including The New York Globe and various Hearst newspapers. But in 1916 he took a sabatical from the theater and served as Director of Public Relations for Charles Evens Hughes; the Republican Candidate for the President. He refused a similar post offered him for the Herbert Hoover campaign in 1928. Mr. Fagan’s career thus encompassed the theater, journalism, and national politics. He was a proven expert in all those fields.

In 1930, Mr. Fagan came to Hollywood where he served as Writer Director with Pathe Pictures, Inc., then owned by Joseph P. Kennedy, father of the late President Jack Kennedy, and also at 20th Century Fox, and other Hollywood Film Studios, but he also continued in the Broadway legitimate field.

In 1945, at the urgent request of John T. Flynn (the famous author of The Roosevelt Myth, While We Slept, and The True Story of Pearl Harbor ), Mr. Fagan attended a meeting in Washington D.C. where he was shown a set of micro-films and recordings of the SECRET meetings at Yalta attended only by Franklin Roosevelt, Alger Hess, Harry Hopkins, Stalin, Molotov, and Vishinsky when they hatched the plot to deliver the Balkans, Eastern Europe and Berlin to Stalin. As a result of that viewing, Mr. Fagan wrote two plays: Red Rainbow  (in which he revealed that entire plot) and Thieves Paradise (in which he revealed how those men plotted to create the United Nations to be the “housing” for a so-called Communist, One-World Government).

At the same time; Mr. Fagan launched a one man crusade to unmask the Red Conspiracy in Hollywood which had set about to produce films that would aid that One World Governement plot. Out of that came into being the Cinema Educational Guild.  As a result of the work of the CEG headed by Mr. Fagan in 1947 came the congressional hearings at which more than 300 famous stars, writers, and directors from Hollywood, Radio, and TV were unmasked as the chief activists of the Red Conspiracy. That was when the infamous “Hollywood Ten” were sent to prison. It was the most sensational event of the decade.

From that time on, Mr. Fagan has devoted all of his time and efforts to writing monthly News Bulletins for CEG  in which he has kept up the fight to alert the American people to the plot to destroy the sovereignty of the United States of America and the ensuing enslavement of the American people in a United Nations’ One World Government.

In his sensational recording [this transcript], he reveals the beginning of the One World enslavement plot that was launched two centuries ago by one Adam Weishaupt, an apostate Catholic Priest who- financed by the House of Rothchild-created what Weishaupt called the Illuminati. Mr. Fagan describes with documentary evidence, how this Illuminati became the instrument of the House of Rothschild to achieve a One World Government and how every war during the past two centuries was fomented by this Illuminati. He describes how one Jacob H. Schiff was sent to the United States by the Rothschilds to further the Illuminati plot and how Schiff plotted to get control of both the Democratic and the Republican Parties. How Schiff seduced our Congress and our Presidents to achieve control of our entire money system and create the Income Tax cancer and how Schiff and his co-conspirators created the Council on Foreign Relations to control our elected officials  to gradually drive the U.S. into becoming an enslaved unit of a United Nations, One World Government.

In short, this recording  is the most interesting, the most horrifying – and factural – story of the most sensational plot in the history of the World. Everybody who loves our country – who loves God – who would save Christianity (which the Illuminati is dedicated to destroy)- who would save our sons from dying in Korea, in Vietnam, in South African, and now on the battlefields of the Middle East, should hear this recording. There is absolutely no doubt that anyone who does hear this amazing story will join in the fight to save our country and our nation’s youth.


Here’s the awesome series of vids based on Jewish informer Myron Fagan’s revelation of the Jews’ Red conspiracy back in 1967 … Fagan’s emphasis on the Jews’ plot to communize America is just as relevant, and more so, today …

For an audio only version of what’s recorded in the above vids, go here … 

For an online transcript of the audio, go here …

Recommended further reading:

In 1945 Fagan wrote a play called “Red Rainbow” which was concerned with the threat of domestic Communism to the security of the United States. There was solid opposition to its production from the pro-Communist elements in the New York entertainment world, and Fagan was unable to secure the requisite financial backing to produce it. He then took the play to Hollywood, and found the opposition even more solid.

Two years later Fagan wrote and produced a play called “Thieves Paradise,” the theme of which dealt with Communism behind the Iron Curtain. There was considerable opposition to its production, but it was opened at the Las Palmas Theatre in Hollywood on December 26 1947. The leading man was Howard Johnson and from the time the production opened he was subject to a plan of telephone harassment which sent him to St. Vincent’s Hospital with a nervous breakdown after six performances, and the play was forced to close. The constant campaign of early morning threats to both Johnson and his mother was too much for him to bear and he was in no condition to resume his role even after he was released from the hospital. The matter was thoroughly investigated by both Actors Equity and the American Board of Arbitration, and the facts as related above were fully corroborated.

Read more here …

An Age of Jewish Terrorism was Foretold in the Jews’ Protocols


The bombing of the King David Hotel in 1946 was the act of Jewish terror that established the antichristian, fraudulent “democratic” state of Israel; and it was a sort of epitome of Jewish hatred for anyone who would accomodate Jesus who is the greater King David. However it was more important as the harbinger of an age of Jewish terrorism that had been on the drawing board of leading finance Jews, since they got control of Europe’s finances early in the nineteenth century.

An age of Jew invented and fuelled terrorism worldwide had been on the leading Jews’ drawing board since at least as early as the rise of the reign of terror in the French Revolution; and it’s generally consistent with the terminology of the Protocols of the Jews’ conspiracy for world control, which record the words of leading Jewish financier Lionel Rothschild …

We shall instigate economic and military wars between the Goyim states. When wars are over both sides are devastated and at the mercy of our international finance. This is the “Jewish Harvest.” First, we manufacture the huge war machines. Second we destroy the flower of White manhood thereby weakening the racial stamina of the Goyim. Third, the White nations are prostrate under huge debts and we profit interest upon interest.

And thus the people condemn the upright and acquit the guilty, persuaded ever more it can do whatever it wishes. Thanks to this the people are destroying every kind of stability and creating disorders at every step. By encouraging abuses of power by rulers, and by agitating and stirring up the mob the press “will put the final touch in preparing all institutions for their overthrow and everything will fly skyward under the blows of the maddening crowd.

Our agents are in the governments of all countries of the world advising their leaders. Thus we have an international network while the Goyim has none. Through economic treaties and loan obligations, and the hostilities and intrigues they create, we will so entangle the threads of world governments that they will be unable to act without our approval. If one nation dare oppose us we will collectively organize their neighbors and destroy that country through universal war.

From us the all-engulfing terror proceeds. We have in our service persons of all opinions, of all doctrines: monarchists, demagogues, socialists, Communists Christians, utopian dreamers of every kind. All are harnessed to our task: everyone of them is boring away at the last remnants of authority, striving to overthrow all established forms of order. By these acts all States are in torture; they exhort to tranquility, are ready to sacrifice everything for peace. But we will not give them peace until they openly acknowledge our International Super-Government with submissiveness.

We have drawn up a master-plan to bring all the nations of the earth under one despotic Jewish dictator, by subjecting all the peoples of the earth to such terrible suffering, confusion, and torment that they will in desperation accept whatever we offer to them.

After our agitators have stirred up dissension, revolution, and the fire of anarchy all over the world, when the Chosen One is on the throne, then these agitators will have played their parts. Having served their usefulness then it will be necessary to sweep them away from his path on which must be left no knot, no splinter.

The fundamental principle the Jews use in their age of terrorism is the mossad motto, “by way of deception make war”, which derives from a corrupt interpretation of Israel’s military operations endorsed by Jehovah and used by them in their wars with the people of Canaan, after they had left Egypt and crossed Jordan under the Israelitish general Joshua.

The tactics Jews use in their Mossad ops and staged terrorism worldwide are diverse and sophisticated, and have been exemplified by the operations of Israel’s Shin Bet who are a reclusive gang of psycho-vipers. The Shin Bet largely directs the Jews’ stageshow of opposing Gentile factions in the Middle East, and stirs up trouble among them from time to time, to facilitate the Jews’ planned destruction of the Gentile parties on both sides of the orchestrated conflict.   

Here’s a Shin Bet asset posing as a ‘Hamas operative’ —he wears a magen David necklace and has white skin …

You get the same sort of Jew orchestrated thing going down in Afghanistan, which can be traced back to the Jews’ 9/11 false flag op. Check out this video that exposes the Jew Adam Gadahn andYosef al-Khattab as fake Al Qaeda actors …

Maybe al Qaeda has never had a formal organization …

Benazir Bhutto and some other guys say Osama bin Laden was murdered …

 Something Pakistan’s president endorses …

Here’a an FBI image of ‘bin Laden’, which turned out to be an image of a Spanish lawmaker…

Gentiles are becoming more aware of the Jews’ deceitful and deceptive of campaign of staged terrorism worldwide; and the Jews’ chickens they’ve been swinging around their heads in the kapparot ceremony to ‘make atonement’ are coming home to roost. War vets realize the importance of maintaining a geopolitical advantage for the West in the Middle East; but increasing numbers of them are seeing through the stupidity of fighting wars there for Israel and not for America’s interests in the first instance. In fact if the Jews’ sock puppet Obama lets the Jewish Lobby lead America into yet another war for Israel in the Middle East, with Iran, there’ll likely be a mass exodus from the armed forces as  a backlash.

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Jew Polanski Sodomizes and Nearly Slays Child


Notorious Jew paedophile rapist Roman Polanski, 76, has been arrested in Switzerland after landing there to receive a lifetime achievement award at the Zurich Film Festival …

Polanski now faces a long legal battle that will span two continents. But in the arena of public opinion his image has been shattered. The words many people will now first associate with Polanski will be all to do with the sexual assault of a young child, not his film work. Even if he goes free, Polanski could now be hurt where it really matters to Hollywood: the box office. “Sex with children was, and always has been, anathema to Americans… the ‘anything goes’ cultural excesses of the time do not excuse Polanski from society’s expectation that adults should protect kids, not exploit them,” said author and sociologist BJ Gallagher. 


She Could Have Died, Roman

By Judith Reisman

Roman Polanski Arrested

Roman Polanski Arrested

I’ve written often about pedophile Polanski, but since he was arrested in Zurich as a fugitive fleeing the U.S. for child rape, here’s a quick review.

In 1977, filmmaker Roman Polanski tricked, stripped, drugged, raped and brutally sodomized a 13-year old, 7th grade girl. Convicted of these atrocities, he fled the U.S. to work and play in freer, gayer France. He escaped because once the judge got some additional facts, his plea bargain (to save the child additional media attack) was deemed invalid.

His biographer, Thomas Kiernan reports Polanski’s crimes in The Roman Polanski Story. Roman “broke open a bottle of champagne The youngster hesitated, telling him that the last time she had drunk champagne it had made her violently ill. She was asthmatic, she said that the bubbly had brought on an asthma attack.”

Polanski tells her French champagne “could never hurt you.” She drinks a glass to placate him. Soon “she felt her lungs beginning to constrict.” Polanski says “jump in hot tub It make you feel better.”

“I really don’t feel good,” she says, “Shouldn’t’ve had champagne She complained again about her dizziness and shortness of breath He gave her a tablet and told her to take it, assuring her that it would counter the effects of the champagne.”

The police report continues. “Dutifully, the girl swallowed the tablet.” He didn’t “tell her that the tablet was not an antiasthma pill but a high-potency [illegal] Quaalude from his own pocket The girl was in a deep champagne-Quaalude daze slipping into unconsciousness.”

“She was shivering and ashen and weeping I’m sick,” she mumbled drunkenly. I want to go homemy fathergasping for breath in shrill, raspy heaves. Mucus spilled from her nostrils.”

She lost bladder control and is feverish. Polanski worries that he might be stuck with a “naked American teenager in the throes of a potentially fatal seizure.” He “wondered whether he should call an ambulance or the police. He decided to wait.”

Why no ambulance!! In a film, should she die, his Hollywood friends might help dump the body.

Still, not to waste a rape opportunity, Polanski painfully sodomized and raped the half unconscious child. “With her breathing still impaired by the effects of the Quaalude and champagne, she immediately gagged and retched. She tried to scream but couldn’t produce a sound.”

Eventually, she revived. He drove the child home, leaving her at the front door.

Now those who have followed Roman know he regularly rapes, well, sodomizes, children. Kiernan reported that “Roman just couldn’t understand why screwing a kid should be of concern to anyone. He’s screwed plenty of girls younger than this one, he said, and nobody gave a damn.”

Roman was a victim of our “excessively prudish petite bourgeoisie.”

Polanski in Cannes

Polanski in Cannes

I remember a French photo story of Roman with pubescent girls he seduced and dumped. Kiernan quotes Roman shouting, “I love young girls very young girls.”

To offset people’s general revulsion, Polanski has a pubic relations campaign that constantly plays on his tragic WWII childhood. He was born Jewish. He lived during the Holocaust. (In my view, he filmed The Pianist to exploit the Holocaust as a self promoting ‘pity Polanski’ PR ad.) In fact, Roman went to make a film in Israel, but the Israeli government wouldn’t let him set foot on Israeli soil.

Elsewhere I’ve written of Polanski’s response to the murder of his young wife, Sharon Tate, by Charles Manson’s satanic cult. In brief.

Since Roman used girls in their marriage bed, the spousal relationship was, well, tense. Roman sold pictures of his naked wife to Playboy to tantalize millions of lusting men (was Manson one of the millions?). When she was pregnant, Polanski humiliated Tate in public, calling her “a dumb hag” and similar endearments.

God raised up this satanic animal to pay Polanski back for his crimes

God raised up this satanic animal to pay the Jew Polanski back for his crimes

His biographer says he was “sipping champagne, passing a marijuana cigarette around when he heard his wife and baby were stabbed to death in a satanic ritual” by the Manson cult. Poor Polanski flew back to “pose at the entrance of the death house for Life magazine a week after the slaughter. He charged Life $5,000 for this picture.”


Recapping. In 1977, filmmaker Roman Polanski, an infamous Hollywood pedophile, got caught. He’d done nothing more than drug, rape, sodomize and almost kill a 7th-grade child. Based on his sadistic sexual history, there was nothing new in that, so he was outraged by his arrest.

 Convicted of his ruthless near sadosexual murder, the mean judge told Polanski he could get 50 years — but he’d be paroled certainly.

Thus did Roman flee to France to continue being a lionized pedophile filmmaker.

The Swiss arrested him recently as a fugitive from the U.S. If he is returned to California and sent to the clink — with all those big, mean guys for his remaining years — well, that actually starts to sound like justice.

——Dr. Reisman is a former principal investigator for the U.S. Department of Justice, Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. Her last book was Kinsey: Crimes and Consequences-The Red Queen and the Grand Scheme. She runs

Harry “Handcuff” Houdini – Insights into the paranoid Jew’s escapist mentality

Crazed Jewish Escapolgist Harry Houdini

Crazed Jewish Escapolgist Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini was born to Jewish parents in Budapest, Hungary, on March 24, 1874; and his father was a shul rabbi by the name of Mayer Samuel Weiss. Houdini immigrated to America on July 3, 1878, at the age of 4, on the SS Fresia, with his mother and four brothers; and like a lot of Jews who change their names to try to conceal their criminality from Gentiles and their sins from God, he changed his birth-name of Ehrich Weiss to Harry “Handcuff” Houdini, and after that his friends just called him Ehrie or Harry.

Harry Houdini was raised in Appleton, Wisconsin, where his father served the local kehillah as rabbi of the Zion Reform Jewish Congregation. On June 6, 1882, Rabbi Weiss was granted American citizenship, and after losing his synagogue tenure he moved to New York City in 1887, where he lived with his son Harry in a boarding house on East 79th Street, until he found more permanent accomodation and gathered the rest of his family around him.

Young Harry made his public début as a 9-year-old trapeze artist, and called himself “Ehrich, the prince of the air”.  Arguably as a sort of Harry Potter-like counterpart of the angel Satan who is cited in the Bible as “the prince of the power of the air”. Given that Harry had the same name as Harry Potter who prefigures Israel’s end-time sorcerer-prince or antichrist and got renown as a magician and escapologist, and was pretty good at Quidditch, which involved two sides of seven wizards and witches each, flying around on broomsticks, trying to get four balls into six elevated ring-shaped goals.

Quidditch World Cup Stadium

Quidditch World Cup Stadium

After spending some time somewhat precariously on the high wire, young Harry decided to become a fulltime magician; and he adopted the trade name of Harry Houdini after his friend Jack Hayman told him that by adding an “i” to the surname of the great French magician Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin he would be celebrating himself as “like Houdin”, because that’s what adding the “i” to the word Houdin signified in French.

rightwayHarry Houdini steadily gained respect and elevation among the fraternity of magicians and was inducted as president of the Society of American Magicians and founded the Magician’s Club in London. The Jew Harry Houdini was also a writer, and somewhat appropriately authored the work: The Right Way to Do Wrong: An Exposé of Successful Criminals.

The table of contents of The Right Way to Do Wrong reads:

 Income of a Criminal, Professional Burglary, Difficulties of Burglary, Burglars Superstitions, Thieves and Their Tricks, The Aristocrat of Thievery, Pickpockets at Work, Beggars and Dead Beats, Begging Letter Swindles, Tricks of Bunco Men, The Game of Wits, Fake! Fake! Fake!, Bogus Treasures, Famous Swindles, The Fair Criminal, The Brace Game, Cheating Uncle Sam, Humbugs, About Myself, and Conclusion

Here’s a Google Books introduction to and overview of Houdini’s work …

The material contained in this book has been collected by me personally during many years of my active professional life. It has been my good fortune to meet personally and converse with the chiefs of police and the most famous detectives in all the great cities of the world. To these gentlemen I am indebted for many amusing and instructive incidents hitherto unknown to the world. The work of collecting and arranging this material and writing the different chapters has occupied many a leisure hour. My only wish is that The Right Way to Do Wrong may amuse and entertain my readers and place the unwary on their guard. If my humble efforts in collecting and writing these facts shall accomplish this purpose, I shall be amply repaid, and feel that my labor has not been in vain.

- Harry Houdini Handcuff King and Jail Breaker.

For a list and review of the books authored by Harry Houdini go to …

Although Houdini wrote numerous books and magazine articles that explained how some of the simpler tricks were performed by magicians, he carefully guarded his own secrets of the trade; and while he was generally of the congenial sort, like a lot of Jews that have made it to the Big Time he developed a large ego and air of superiority, and could be Einstein-like, as touchy, petty, and even childish, and frequently volatile, especially towards his assistants on and off stage.

Harry "Handcuff" Houdini

Harry "Handcuff" Houdini

The magician Houdini celebrated himself as King of Cards, but his real renown was as an escapologist, not only because, like a lot of Eastern European Jewish immigrants to the United States, he had escaped a life of poverty, but because he used his Escape Challenge as his mainstay and to survive in vaudeville.

Harry was also called the Handcuff King, and he challenged spectators to handcuff him or tie him up, and/or incarcerate him in various devices, so that he could show his skill by easily escaping. By that ruse he effectively turned himself into a living superhero of the ilk of the Jew inventions of Superman, Sabra, Magneto, and the Hulk, escaping from ropes, milkcans, straitjackets, handcuffs, and even the steel bars of jail cells.

In typical Jew fashion there was something of a sadomasochistic element in the stunts Houdini staged. For he was often stripped naked and searched, before being hopelessly bound and incarcerated; or his wife would come on stage and kiss him passionately as a sort of last goodbye, but really to pass on in her mouth to him a key to get him out of the ‘sexual bondage’ he was about to be placed in.

Jew Harry Houdini 'getting off' on a form of sexual bondage?

Jew Harry Houdini in a form of sexual bondage?

Harry Houdini Swims above Niagara Falls

Harry Houdini Swims above Niagara Falls

Here’s a list of some the Jew Houdini’s more notable escapes …

The Mirror Handcuff Challenge

In 1904, the London Daily Mirror newspaper challenged Houdini to escape from a special handcuff that it claimed had taken Nathaniel Hart, a locksmith from Birmingham, five years to make. Houdini accepted the challenge for March 17 during a matinée performance at London’s Hippodrome theater. It was reported that 4000 people and more than 100 journalists turned out for the much-hyped event. The escape attempt dragged on for over an hour, during which Houdini emerged from his “ghost house” (a small screen used to conceal the method of his escape) several times. On one occasion, he asked if the cuff could be removed so he could take off his coat.

The Mirror representative, Frank Parker, refused, saying Houdini could gain an advantage if he saw how the cuff was unlocked. Houdini promptly took out a pen-knife and, holding the knife in his teeth, used it to cut his coat from his body. Some 56 minutes later, Houdini’s wife appeared on stage and gave him a kiss. It is believed that in her mouth was the key to unlock the special handcuff. Houdini then went back behind the curtain. After an hour and ten minutes, Houdini emerged free. As he was paraded on the shoulders of the cheering crowd, he broke down and wept. Houdini later said it was the most difficult escape of his career.

After Houdini’s death, his friend, Will Goldstone, published in his book, Sensational Tales of Mystery Men, that Houdini was bested that day and appealed to his wife, Bess, for help. Goldstone goes on to claim that Bess begged the key from the Mirror representative, then slipped it to Houdini in a glass of water.

Goldstone offered no proof of his account, and many modern biographers have found evidence (notably in the custom design of the handcuff itself) that the entire Mirror challenge was pre-arranged by Houdini and the newspaper, and that his long struggle to escape was pure showmanship.

 The Milk Can

milkcan escapeIn 1908, Houdini introduced his own original invention, the Milk Can escape. In this effect, Houdini would be handcuffed and sealed inside an over-sized milk can filled with water and make his escape behind a curtain. As part of the effect, Houdini would invite members of the audience to hold their breath along with him while he was inside the can. Advertised with dramatic posters that proclaimed “Failure Means A Drowning Death”, the escape proved to be a sensation.

Houdini soon modified the escape to include the Milk Can being locked inside a wooden chest, being chained or padlocked, and even inside another Milk can. Houdini only performed the Milk Can escape as a regular part of his act for four years, but it remains one of the effects most associated with the escape artist. Houdini’s brother, Theodore Hardeen, continued to perform the Milk Can (and the wooden chest variation) into the 1940s. The Milk Can and the Overboard Box are presently housed at the American Museum of Magic‎.

The Chinese Water Torture Cell

Houdini's Chinese Water Torture Cell Stunt

Houdini's Chinese Water Torture Cell Stunt

Due to the vast number of imitators of his Milk Can escape, in 1912 Houdini replaced the Milk Can with his most famous escape: the Chinese Water Torture Cell. In this escape, Houdini’s feet would be locked in stocks, and he would be lowered upside down into a tank filled with water. The mahogany and metal cell featured a glass front, through which audiences could clearly see Houdini. The stocks would be locked to the top of the cell, and a curtain would conceal his escape. In the earliest version of the Torture Cell, a metal cage was lowered into the cell, and Houdini was enclosed inside that. While making the escape more difficult (the cage prevented Houdini from turning), the cage bars also offered protection should the front glass break.

The original cell was built in England, where Houdini first performed the escape for an audience of one person as part of a one-act play he called “Houdini Upside Down”. This was so he could copyright the effect and have grounds to sue imitators (which he did). While the escape was advertised as “The Chinese Water Torture Cell” or “The Water Torture Cell”, Houdini always referred to it as “the Upside Down” or “USD”. The first public performance of the USD was at the Circus Busch in Berlin, on September 21, 1912. Houdini continued to perform the escape until his death in 1926. Despite two Hollywood movies depicting Houdini dying in the Torture Cell, the escape had nothing to do with his demise. This trick is still a mystery today.

Suspended straitjacket escape

straitjacket escapeOne of Houdini’s most popular publicity stunts was to have himself strapped into a regulation straitjacket and suspended by his ankles from a tall building or crane. Houdini would then make his escape in full view of the assembled crowd. In many cases, Houdini would draw thousands of onlookers who would choke the street and bring city traffic to a halt. Houdini would sometimes ensure press coverage by performing the escape from the office building of a local newspaper. In New York City, Houdini performed the suspended straitjacket escape from a crane being used to build the New York subway. After flinging his body in the air, Houdini escaped from the straitjacket. Starting from when he was hoisted up in the air by the crane, to when the straitjacket was completely off, it took Houdini two minutes and thirty-seven seconds. There is film footage of Houdini performing the escape in The Library of Congress. After being battered against a building in high winds during one escape, Houdini performed the escape with a visible safety wire on his ankle so that he could be pulled away from the building if necessary.


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Overboard Box Escape

Another one of Houdini’s most famous publicity stunts was to escape from a nailed and roped packing crate after it had been lowered into the water. Houdini first performed the escape in New York’s East River on July 7, 1912. Police forbade him from using one of the piers, so Houdini hired a tugboat and invited press on board. Houdini was locked in handcuffs and leg-irons, then nailed into the crate which was roped and weighed down with two hundred pounds of lead. The crate was then lowered into water. Houdini escaped in fifty-seven seconds. The crate was pulled to the surface and found to still be intact with the manacles inside. Houdini would perform this escape many times, and even performed a version on stage, first at Hamerstein’s Roof Garden (where a 5,500-gallon tank was specially built), and later at the New York Hippodrome.

Buried Alive

Throughout his career, Houdini performed three variations on a Buried Alive stunt/escape. The first was near Santa Ana, California in 1917, and it almost cost Houdini his life. Houdini was buried, without a casket, in a pit of earth six feet deep. He became exhausted and panicky trying to dig his way to the surface and called for help. When his hand finally broke the surface, he fell unconscious and had to be pulled from the grave by his assistants. Houdini wrote in his diary that the escape was “very dangerous” and that “the weight of the earth is killing.”

Houdini’s second variation on Buried Alive was an endurance test designed to expose mystical Egyptian performer, Rahman Bey, who claimed to use supernatural powers to remain in a sealed casket for an hour. Houdini bettered Bey on August 5, 1926, by remaining in a sealed casket submerged in the swimming pool of New York’s Hotel Shelton for one hour and a half. Houdini claimed he did not use any trickery or supernatural powers to accomplish this feat, just controlled breathing.

Houdini’s final Buried Alive was an elaborate stage escape that was to feature in his full evening show. The stunt would see Houdini escape after being strapped in a strait-jacket, sealed in a casket, and then buried in a large tank filled with sand. While there are posters advertising the escape (playing off the Bey challenge they boasted “Egyptian Fakirs Outdone!”), it’s unclear whether Houdini ever performed the Buried Alive on stage. The stunt was to be the feature escape of his 1927 season, but Houdini died in October 1926. Interestingly, the bronze casket Houdini created for Buried Alive was used to transport Houdini’s body from Detroit back to New York following his death on Halloween.

The Jew Harry Houdini had an obsession with escapology, and he certainly exemplified the ordinary paranoid Jew on the run from God since the Jew crime of the Crucifixion, as always trying to devise a better way to escape from reality, and the hopeless feeling of being cut off from God and ostracized from a Gentile, especially Christian, society.

The Jews’ escapism has taken many forms, including Judas-like suiciding when the chips are down, even though suicide is not common among Jews when they’re prosperous and have power over the gullible goy. Jewish escapism also includes an obsession with accumulating crass material wealth with the hope that it’ll set the Jews free from a need for God, superior among and in control of the Gentiles, and at liberty to wipe out the Christians they want to be rid of more than anyone.

Jewish escapism also includes control and use of the media and the entertainment industry, especially in the West; and the way they’ve used it to create a pseudo-history, a fantasyland, and a cabbalistic universe, with little in common with facts and reality.

Escapology is also a leading theme in the Jews’ cabbala, and notably in the Hechalot texts that provide the doctrine of the Merkavah mystics.

The Jews’ escapism has also been carried over into the evolutionary science they foster, which tries to get rid of the need for a personal God – the so-called Big Bang theory of the origin of the universe is really an allusion to the “sexual union” of the spheres of the sephirot, which is how cabbalistic Jews define the origin of all things. Even the NASA space programme has been used by leading Jews and their acolytes to try to find a way to escape to a space station, the moon, or another planet, leaving the goyim behind to largely wipe themselves out in the last great social cataclysm the Jews are fomenting.

The Jews obsession with escapism has also been carried over into the hypocrisy of their religion of so-called Judaism, which is used to try to quiet a guilty conscience and escape the retribution the Jews know they deserve on Judgment Day for betraying God’s Son Jesus, and vindictively persecuting Christians, and attempting to genocide innocent Gentiles.

Houdini and Catholic wife Bess

Houdini and Catholic wife Bess

The Jew Harry Houdini survived after nearly suffocating trying to escape from being buried alive in a grave six feet deep; but there’s little doubt that he’s still incarcerated in hell after arriving in that ghastly place, because he told his wife Bess that he would communicate “from the beyond” in a secret code, but she never got a whisper back, despite holding seances for him on the anniversary of his death on Halloween, until she gave up, saying, in 1943, “ten years is long enough to wait for any man”.

Bess’s seances for her husband have inspired magicians around the world to hold Houdini seances on Halloween as something of a tradition right through to the present day – the official Houdini seance is currently organized by Sidney Hollis Radner, a Houdini aficionado from upstate New York. 

The magician Harry “King of Cards” Houdini died on Halloween, the year’s most magical day; and at age 52, the same number as the number of playing cards in a deck. Harry was born 26 years before the start of a new century and 26 years into that new century, as if his life had been cut in two, like a pack of playing cards in a magician’s hands. 

See this link for Bob King’s multimedia Houdini tribute …

Here’s another multimedia tribute to Harry Houdini and a reminder that Halloween 2009 is the 82nd anniversary of the Jewish escapologist’s death …

Here’s a site with comprehensive data on the life of Harry Houdini …

Machpelah Jewish Cemetery, Queens, NY

Machpelah Jewish Cemetery, Queens, NY

Houdini’s funeral was held on November 4, 1926, and he was interred in Machpelah Cemetery in Queens, New York, where the Society of American Magicians holds its “Broken Wand” ceremony each year, in November, at his gravesite.  Houdini’s Catholic wife Bess wanted to be buried next to her husband, but her wish was denied because she wasn’t Jewish, so she was buried in the Gate of Heaven Cemetery in Westchester New York.

Jewish Hatred for Jesus Revisited


The Jews don’t always deny that they killed Christ, even if they often try to pass the blame to the Romans and/or to gentiles, in general, based on a few verses of the New Testament not based on what the whole of the doctrine of the Crucifixion is in the Bible. In fact many Jews rejoice in Christ’s betrayal by Judas and his torturous death; and in their present depraved and reprobate state, alienated from and judicially blinded by God for their rejection of Jesus and the gospel preached by the apostles, they’d certainly be quick to murder Christ again if he turned up again as he has promised.

Here’s a video showing a Jew in Israel violently threatening Christians from the UK, blasphemously shouting: “your f**king Jesus” and boasting that he’s “proud” the Jews killed him …

Also here’s the notorious Jesus is Magic video showing the wicked Jewish comedian Sarah Silverman getting lots of laughs from her probably predominantly Jewish audience, by saying: “I hope the Jews did kill Christ, I’d f**king do it again in a second …

In fact religious Jews believe there’s no greater criminal in history than Jesus Christ; and they argue that by vilifying the Pharisees, who were the prototypes of their rabbis and scholars today, Jesus started “an evil trend of suspicion toward Judaism”, fuelled by the New Testament and the Church Fathers, that has issued in an anti-Semitic depiction of Jews as Christ killers, and precipitated “nearly 2,000 years of living hell for the Jewish people, culminating in the Holocaust.”

Jews, and their Gentile acolytes who want to curry favour with Jews so they can continue in their secular and religious comfort zones, are thoroughly hypocritical when they say any denigration of Jesus Christ by Jews is a thing of the past. For even the name of Jesus has been reduced to a sacrilegious colloquialism in the state of Israel, and blasphemous teachings and legends about him have been retained in the Jews’ most sacred literature the Talmud; and you can search high and low for anything good written by non-Christian Jews in Jewish religious literature about Jesus Christ and find absolutely nothing, because a Jew who wrote that sort of thing would be denying Judaism, and immediately suspected of treachery and probably find himself progressively ostracized from the international Jewish community.

The Jews have, admittedly, heavily edited the Talmud from the time translations of it were first made by prominent Gentiles late in the sixteenth century; but they’ve only done that because they’ve feared that they would suffer ‘anti-Semitic persecution’ from non-Jews, after what they were being taught by their rabbis about Jesus Christ had become known.

P. L. B. Drach endorses the foregoing in a translation of a Polish encyclical distributed among the Jews in Hebrew, where he writes: “This is why we enjoin you, under the pain of excommunication major, to print nothing in future editions, whether of Mischna or of the Gemara, which relates whether for good or evil to the acts of Jesus the Nazarene, and to substitute instead a circle like this: O, which will warn the rabbis and schoolmasters to teach the young these passages only viva vocc. By means of this precaution the savants amongst the Nazarenes will have no further pretext to attack us on this subject.”

Even though the Jews have heavily edited the Talmud, that which has been retained in it has been quite rightly cited by non-Jews as a despicable hate crime, which should be prosecuted under the hate crime legislation the Jews are presently hypocritically trying to introduce to stifle righteous protest against Jewish atrocities committed since the Crucifixion.

Jews don’t like taking in proselytes because they fear they’ll become informers after finding out about the wickedness of the Jewish people; and even though the Talmud is heavily edited Jews don’t like non-Jews reading it; and the leading sage Moses Maimonides wouldn’t suffer it, saying: “every Gentile who studies it, and every Jew who helps him in it, ought to die.”

In fact the Talmud says: “to communicate to a goy [Gentile] about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all the Jews, for if the goys knew what we teach about them, they would kill us openly.” “One should and must make a false oath, when the goys ask if our books contain anything against them. Then are we bound to state on oath that there is nothing like that.”

Even though the Talmud has been heavily edited, the censored excerpts have been carefully preserved by the Jews under the name of Chesronot Shas, and have never been formally divorced from the Talmud. Hence the Jew Julius Gottlieb, when commenting on the Codex Hebraicus found buried in the royal library at Munich, said that “this manuscript of the Babylonian Talmud was written in 1342, and had the good fortune to escape the hands of the censors.”

Even the edited (censored) versions of the Talmud still make blasphemous allusions to and often denigrate Jesus Christ; and the Jews have really tried to portray Jesus Christ as Israel’s antichrist in the Talmud, and in the media and entertainment industry they so tightly control as a means of grossly immoral, antichristian, pro-Jewish propaganda today.

For example, a Talmudic tractate sacrilegiously likens Christ to the Jews’ Old Testament enemy Balaam, by saying: “Hast thou heard how old Balaam was? It is not actually stated, but since it is written: ‘Bloody and deceitful men shall not live out half their days’, it follows that he was thirty-three or thirty-four years old.” For Jesus died at about age thirty-three, and Jews generally believe he conspired Balaam-like to defile and destroy Israel, by “instigating” the new dispensation of Christianity, which puts believing Jews and Gentiles on the same ground morally as one body worldwide.

The aforementioned Talmudic commentary is, however, actually a corrupt rabbinical interpretation of Psalm 55.23, which has nothing to do with Christ, and if anything refers to Judas Iscariot as an exemplification of wicked persons  in general; and the thirty-three years of Christ’s life are ridiculed in a similar manner in the thirty-three degees of Scottish Rite Freemasonry with their pronounced quasi-Jewish and cabbalistic connotations.

Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody a sorcerer in the books by J. K. Rowling

Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody a sorcerer in the books by J. K. Rowling

Another Talmudic tractate ridicules the miracle worker Jesus Christ as Balaam, by saying Balaam was blind in one eye, “as it is said, [and the man Balaam] whose eye is open … he practised enchantment by means of his membrum”. In fact the foregoing appears to have been reworked somewhat in the character Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody who lost his left eye after fighting with wizards, in the popular Harry Potter stories, which allude to preparations Jews are making to see a Harry Potter-like antichrist installed and worshipped at Jerusalem instead of Jesus Christ.

There’s probably also an allusion to Balaam as he’s presented in the Talmud in the way Christ was portrayed with an injury to one eye, in Mel Gibson’s popular and controversial movie: The Passion of the Christ (2004).

For by portraying Christ with an eye injury, Gibson had, no doubt unwittingly, sacrilegiously portrayed him as a “blemished” and hence unacceptable offering to God for the sins of humanity, which would have greatly pleased the Jews who control the film industry in America, and who knew a blind animal couldn’t be offered to God in Old Testament times. For scripture says one of the “blemishes” that made an animal unacceptable as an offering to Jehovah under the old and now defunct legal dispensation was blindness, in part or in whole (Lev. 22.22; Deut. 15.21).

Moshe Dayan

Moshe Dayan

In fact the one-eyed Christ in Mel Gibson’s movie has got a lot in common with the biblical end-time antichrist who is to be shortly received by the Jews instead of Jesus. For scripture says of antichrist: “Woe to the idol shepherd that leaveth the flock! The sword shall be upon his arm and upon his right eye: his arm shall be clean dried up, AND HIS RIGHT EYE SHALL BE UTTERLY DARKENED” (Zech 11.117).

A couple of Jewish candidates for Israel’s antichrist have come on the scene relatively recently; and one was Baron Elie de Rothschild who had a black patch over his right eye, and another was Moshe Dayan who had a black patch over his LEFT eye.

But here’s something real weird that readers might like to comment on. Moshe Dayan has also appeared in public with a black patch over his RIGHT eye, as in the following video! Was there something wrong with both of his eyes or was he just faking the left eye injury as a propaganda stunt or for political purposes- his wife called his eye-patch “a symbol of his country”?

Also did Gibson inadvertently “destroy” ‘Christ’s’ RIGHT eye, or did a Jew tell him to ‘damage’ the right eye of the actor because he and his co-religionists wanted  a truly (Talmudic) Jesus to gloat over and ridicule?

According to an article at

“Violence is Gibson’s natural film language, and his Jesus is unsparingly pummelled, flayed, kicked, and otherwise smitten from first to last. After his arrest in the Garden of Gethsemane by Jewish temple guards, Jesus is dragged in shackles to the high priests. By the time he arrives, he has been beaten, knocked down, and thrown off a bridge. His right eye is swollen shut. (“I didn’t want to see Jesus looking really pretty,” Gibson said. “I wanted to mess up one of his eyes, destroy it.”)”

So as a result of what they’ve been taught by their rabbis, Jews today generally believe the man known as Jesus of Nazareth was an antitype of evil individuals in the Old Testament, like Israel’s enemy Balaam; and that he also fulfilled prophecies like the one in the biblical book of Zechariah that says an “idol shepherd” would appear in Israel to deceive the people.

In fact Talmudic scholars say a bona fide rabbinical court put Jesus to death for sorcery, inciting Jews to idolatry, and for contempt of rabbinical authority. For the Talmud says: ‘On the eve of the Passover Yeshu was hanged. For forty days before the execution took place, a herald went forth and cried, “He is going forth to be stoned because he practised sorcery and enticed Israel to apostasy. Anyone who can say anything in his favour let him come forward and plead on his behalf.” But since nothing was brought forward in his favour he was hanged on the eve of the Passover.’

There’s also Rabbi Simeon ben Lakish who said, in the Talmud, ‘Woe unto him who maketh himself alive by the name of God’, which is, of course, a wicked allusion to the resurrection of Jesus Christ, which is denied by the Jews who say he was raised by incantations.

Here’s a recent video of a Jewish TV interviewer in Israel making fun of Jesus Christ and blaspheming him in a whole host of particularly nasty and vile ways – the pope has actually demanded an apology for this one because it was so pointed and wicked ….

Based on corrupt rabbinical interpretations of the New Testament, Jews today also say Jesus sinned by repudiating the Talmudic law of kosher food, renounced the laws of honouring one’s parents by ostensibly dishonouring his mother, repudiated the Sabbath, and even flagrantly violated it by plucking grain and inciting his disciples to do the same.

Jews today also argue that Christ’s healing of a man’s withered hand on the Sabbath was unlawful, because it wasn’t a matter of saving a life; and they say he defied the rabbis and “sacrilegiously” caused people to do away with the Jewish holidays of Yom Kippur, Pesach, Sukkot, and Shavu’ot. Jews also believe Christ disregarded the oneness and unity of God, and introduced the “heresy” of the “new trinity”, which, they say, even “blasphemously” included himself, and so it goes on.

Here’s a video of a Jew saying Jesus was a bastard ….

In conclusion, the Jews’ case against Jesus since the Crucifixion has been succinctly summed by one of their ilk who has said:

“The false, rebellious message of Jesus has been thoroughly rejected by the vast majority of the Jewish people, as G-d commanded. Unfortunately, however, this same message has brought a terrible darkness upon the world; today, over 1.5 billion Gentiles believe in Jesus.

These lost souls mistakenly think they have found salvation in Jesus; tragically, they are in for a rude awakening. Truth and eternal life are found directly from G-d, through performing His Law. Any “mediator” only separates from G-d.”

Crazed Jew Targets Christians at Columbine

Dylan Klebold, the Face of Jewish Terror

Dylan Klebold, the Face of Jewish Hate and Terror


The killers at Columbine High School, Jefferson County, near Denver, Colorado, on April 20 1999, were Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris. April 20 was Hitler’s birthday, and there is reason to believe the atrocity was, at least in part, intended to answer to what the two psychopaths believed Jews had ostensibly unjustly suffered under the Nazis in WW2 Europe.

Klebold’s mother, Susan (nee Yassenoff), was a shul trained Jewess who attended a synagogue named Temple Israel in Columbus, Ohio, where her grandfather, Leo Yassenoff, a construction magnate, built the Jewish Community Centre that bears his name.

For a comprehensive assessment of Klebold’s personality go to:

ericfilmEric Harris was from New York and transferred to Colorado two years before the massacre. Harris was evidently on an anti-depressant at the time of the killings, and some of his victims were callously shot without mercy at point-blank range.

Harris was dating a Jewess named Sarah Davis and ran a pro-Jewish Website that let him vent his spleen about persecution of Jews, and other issues of race, politics, and religion, and his diary said his mother was Jewish.

A personality profile for Eric Harris, based on his journal entries and inter-personal communications, indicates that his behavioural patterns were consistent with a “malignant narcissism…(with) pathological narcissism, antisocial features, paranoid traits, and unconstrained aggression.”

Some say the killers’ plan was to use dozens of bombs to cause carnage on a vast scale and to then flee the country to the sanctuary of the Talmudic state of Israel. This sounds plausible, because if any of the bombs in the cafeteria had detonated properly the blast could have caused extensive structural damage to the school and resulted in hundreds of casualties.

It’s also plausible because Jews and their accomplices who have killed Gentiles abroad are often lightly prosecuted or get a reprieve in Israel; and they’re very rarely extradicted to face judicial proceedings, primarily because the Talmud commends rather condemns Jews who kill Gentiles and actually commands Jews to perpetrate crimes of that sort whenever possible.

To quote the Jews’ most authoritative sacred literature, the Talmud:

‘Take the life of the kliphoth [egos or souls of the "evil beasts" of non-Jews] and kill them, and you will please God the same as one who offers incense to Him’ (Sepher Or Israel 177b).

And again:

‘Every Jew who spills the blood of the godless [i.e., non-Jew] is doing the same as making a sacrifice to God’ (Bammidber Raba 21c & Jalkut 772).

Dr Bischoff’s authentic translation of the Zohar is even more explicit, where it says:

‘There is a command of slaughtering, which takes place in a ritually valid manner for strangers, who are not human beings but are like unto cattle. For those who do not concern themselves with the Jewish religious law, must be made offerings of prayer, so that they are offered to the blessed God. And when they are offered to God, it is said of them: “for thy sake are we murdered the whole day, slaughtered like sheep at the slaughtering bench”‘ (Thikunne Zohar, ed. Berdiwetsch, 88b)”

- Note that this is a corrupt rabbinical interpretation of Ps. 44.22.

A journal discovered in Harris’s bedroom implied that he planned to flee to Israel after the massacre because of that country’s extradition policy – a plot possibly inspired by either Harris’s Jewish girlfriend or his Jewish friend Dylan Klebold.

Both killers were also evidently convinced that once they had arrived in Israel some top Jewish movie maker “like Steven Spielberg or Quentin Tarantino” would want to make a movie about the horrorific event, which would not only present them in a favourable light, like not a few JewTube videos and books have now done, but also make them lots of money.

There’s some debate about how many shooters there were on the day – the BATF says more than two; and the total number of bombs constructed by the killers (possibly in collusion with accomplices) has been officially cited as ninety-five!

To thicken the plot further, two Columbine students were subsequently mysteriously murdered in a Subway fast food shop. For the audio on this go to …

To quote one source:

“At approximately 12:45 a.m. Monday night two Columbine High School students — Nicholas Kunselman, 15, and Stephanie Hart, 16 — were found dead inside a Subway sandwich store located less than a mile from the school. Both suffered fatal gunshot wounds. Hart, at the time, was believed to have been visiting Kunselman, a Subway employee.

The suspect is described as being “a white male in his teens or early 20s who was wearing a red jacket and flared pants.” He was seen near the shopping center about the time the bodies were discovered. A surveillance camera was present inside the shop, though appears to have been turned off.”

The killers’ targets weren’t random – they were selected primarily on racial and religious grounds. In the campus library, for example, Klebold and Harris deliberately singled out a black student and a group called ‘Christians for Young Life’.

Members of the Trenchcoat Mafia group, who may have been in collusion with the killers, had younger siblings in the library, who were left unmolested – Harris’s father said his son was “involved with the Trenchcoat Mafia” in a 911 call he made on April 20, 1999.

One girl was shot because she attracted the Christian hating killers’ attention by holding a Bible.

When Columbine students placed 13 crosses on the campus lawn as a memorial of the tragedy, paranoid local Jews got them removed; possibly to some extent because they thought Christians had associated Jews with what their forebears Klebold-like did to Christ, but more likely because they feared it could issue in some sort of ‘anti-Semitic’ backlash.

The shooters had a typically Jewish aversion for blacks and Christians, and even tormented some of their victims verbally and with gunshot wounds, giving them an opportunity to testify for Christ before despatching them.

This recently released Klebold and Harris “Basement Tape” video made available by “The Skunk” at makes it plain that the hatred both Klebold and Harris had for Jesus Christ and Christians was a major factor in the slaying …

The Columbine massacre of high school kids by the Jew Klebold and Eric Harris, who had been dating a Jewess, provided a classic example of how the Jews’ covert sayanim (helpers) network is brought into play in the aftermath of a wicked Jewish plot.

For police officers knew others were involved and that there was another shooter, but they played along with the pro-Jewish “helpers” who either provided alibis or corrupted evidence.

Police officers outside the buildings were told by sayanim not to enter the buildings, even though they knew kids were dying from shots heard outside; and probably so that the Jews would have more to lobby with when later trying to get new restrictions placed on U.S. firearms, in anticipation of their wicked plot to ultimately control all of America by martial law.


Klebold and Harris in the cafeteria

Denver’s SWAT team finally moved in about two hours after the assassins had committed suicide, despite the fact that a sign had been seen by police on a window of one of the buildings two hours earlier, saying someone was bleeding to death inside.

It endorses the thesis that certain Jews had a change to gun control laws in mind at the time to find that a Jewish New York Congressman Emanuel Celler was responsible for America’s most significant gun control law, called The Gun Control Act of 1968, and that a Jewish senator Howard Metzenbaum was responsible for Senate Bill S.653, 1993, which bans specific semi-automatic rifles, and also The Brady Bill, 1994, which leaves Americans with a long wait to buy handguns.

The Jewess Diane Feinstein, a San Francisco Congresswoman, proposed banning handguns in her city in 1984, and was responsible for The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, 1994, which bans possession of semi-automatic ‘assault weapons’. The latter being a thoroughly hypocritical and deceitful operation by Jews, because the Talmudic state of Israel doesn’t adequately prosecute Jewish civilians using fully automatic assault weapons to kill Arabs and Christians.

The American Jewish Committee has long supported and financially guaranteed gun control laws, like the federal Gun Control Act of 1968, the ten year Assault Weapons Ban that ended in 2004, and The Brady Handgun Prevention Act of 1993.

Virulently racist, antichristian Jewish hate groups like the ADL, the American Jewish Committee, the American Jewish Congress, and the National Council of Jewish Women were furious over the relatively recent 5:4 Supreme Court decision to strike down the District of Columbia’s ban on owning handguns for self defence.

The aforementioned Jewish anti-Gentile hate groups, along with the Religious Action Centre of Reform Judaism, had signed on to a friend-of-the-court brief in the District of Columbia v. Heller case, in which the Supreme Court of the United States held that the Constitution of the United States protects an individual’s right to possess a firearm for private use.

Jews are thoroughly hypocritical in this matter of gun control laws in America, because they manufacture the powerful Desert Eagle self-loading handgun for Jews to use in the Talmudic, apartheid state of Israel, and allow callous Jewish settlers to discharge all sorts of weapons at disarmed Palestinians.

Notorious Jew Victor Bout Taken Into Custody

Notorious Jewish arms smuggler Victor Bout taken into custody

A leading perpetrator of Jewish atrocities in African states (and worldwide) has been Victor Anatolyevich Bout, a Jew from the Ukraine, nicknamed the “Merchant of Death”. Bout has armed mercenaries and bombed Darfur’s villages with fuel-air bombs, and then arranged for propaganda to be released into the media, blaming Muslims in Khartoum for the evil.

Victor Bout also supplied notorious Jewish arms dealer Shlomo Zabludowicz who made a colossal fortune by providing Jews with weapons for much of the terror in Palestine they perpetrated from the 1940s through to the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

Notorious rebel Foday Sankoh was commissioned by the Jews to foment the civil war in Sierra Leone, from 1991 to 2002, to break the will and undo the aspirations of the country’s Lebanese diamond traders; and the Jew Simon Yelnik, headquartered in Panama, supplied Sankoh with weapons, as a counterpart of weapons suppliers in Israel, who do more than $4 billion in trade annually and rank second only to the United States and Russia in terms of the quantity they supply.

Jews don’t like having armed Gentiles around them wherever they are worldwide, because they’re always paranoid about the goy people finding out about their plot to rid the world of Jesus Christ, wipe out Christians, and genocide Gentiles, so that they can bring in an evil ideal world under Israel’s antichrist. Controversial Harvard Jew Alan Dershowitz said:

“I support abolishing self defence. No one has the right to take responsibility for their own defence. That’s what the police are for … I’m in favour of broad controls on guns. If I oppose individuals defending themselves, I have to support police defending them. I have to support a police state.”

The Jews’ plot to disarm Americans by perpetrating, hyping up, and lying about acts of terror like high school massacres is deliberately intended to touch the heartstrings of people in a very real way, and is alluded to in the authentic Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, where it’s written:

“Nowadays it is more important to disarm the people than to lead them into war [c.f., Korea, Vietnam, the Middle East, etc]: more important to use for our advantage the passions which have burst into flames than to quench their fire: more important to catch up and interpret the ideas of others to suit ourselves than to eradicate them.”

Suggested further reading:

The Columbine Victims:

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Sanders - Coach

Dave Sanders - Coach



Denial Syndrome Now Afflicts "No Rapture" Theorists


Not a few heretics have, of course, denied the fundamentals of the faith once delivered to the saints, such as Christ’s incarnation, virgin birth, blood atonement on the cross, bodily resurrection, and literal return to earth to reign. These people, who have often gained a cult following, have actually believed they’ve annulled around two thousand years of Christian scholarship – yes, two thousand years of Christian scholarship and research of the scriptures and relevant material in colleges and monasteries, with access to vast libraries of the most comprehensive data – and that they’ve done so by simply getting some sort of special insight or inspiration, and/or by sitting down and reading a few books or “gold plates” on an issue, or just by simply making the whole thing up with a little help from others with a fertile imagination.

The doctrine of an imminent resurrection or “rapture” (i.e., instantaneous catching up together) of the church, the body of Christ, to meet the Lord IN THE AIR, as distinct from the saints’ return TO THE EARTH with the Lord about seven years later to reign, is not something new. Even though it could be argued that it has only been made freely available to the general public as a doctrine relatively recently by godly and learned men like John Nelson Darby, who got the ceiling lifted on their understanding of the scriptures after they left the mainstream parties or factions in Christendom and came under Christ as their head and began to meet again like the apostles and early Christians did in the first century.

In fact God’s revelation of the truth of his word has always been progressive since the fall of man – it was, for example, first progressively the law, the prophets, and the writings of the Old Testament and then progressively the writings and epistles that were put together to make up the New; and the best understanding of scripture has not been gained by taking a retrospective look at Christianity, as the Orthodox and Roman Catholic factions in Christendom would have us believe; because it’s plain that the so-called Church Fathers had only a limited understanding and ‘dim candlelight to work by’ compared to what we now have in the way of written material and research aids to throw light on an issue.

Having said that, the doctrine of an imminent resurrection or rapture of the church, the body of Christ, in the air, and about seven years prior to Christ’s return to the earth to reign is not necessarily incompatible with the writings of the so-called Church Fathers; which is not at all surprising, because it’s alluded to by Jesus Christ in the gospels and a plain teaching of the apostles in the epistles, and in fact found throughout God-inspired scripture from Genesis to the Revelation.

For way back in the biblical book of Genesis, Moses wrote of the patriarch Enoch who “walked with God and was translated that he should not see death”, when God “took him”, just prior to the flood in the days of Noah (Gen. 5.22-24; Heb. 11.5).

The translation of Enoch before the global chaos of the flood in the days of Noah was the archetype of the imminent resurrection or rapture of the church, the body of Christ, before what scripture calls the “time of Jacob’s trouble” (Jer. 30.7) or “great tribulation”; and it’s alluded to by Jesus Christ who knew the Old Testament prefigured coming events and said: “For in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark … Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left. Two women shall be grinding at the mill, the one shall be taken, and the other left. Watch therefore …” (Matt.24.37-41).

This prophecy in Matthew’s gospel was obviously at least partially fulfilled at the fall of Jerusalem in 70 AD, when the Romans took some of the inhabitants of Judaea captive and left some behind in the land; but it also plainly points to events yet to come during a greater and global upheaval just prior to what Christ said would be “the coming of the Son of man”.

Beam Me Up Scotty - There's No Intelligent Life Here - They've Left Off Jesus For The Jews' Antichrist

Beam Me Up Scotty - There's No Intelligent Life Here - They've Left Off Jesus For The Jews' Antichrist

In fact every prophecy of scripture has, first, a near or immediate fulfilment and then at least one and usually two other fulfilments that are often centuries and even millenniums away.

For example, you get the first prophecy of scripture – “I [God] will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; and it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel” (Gen. 3.15), referring first to Eve’s son Seth as the head of a line that would oppose and morally dominate her other son Cain’s line and ultimately produce Christ who would bruise the serpent Satan’s head on the cross by dying for and redeeming fallen humanity – “now is the prince of darkness cast out”.

Another is Isaiah’s prophecy, that “a virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shalt call his name Immanuel”, which refers, first, to a child to be born shortly before the land that king Ahaz abhorred was “forsaken of both her kings”, and also, of course, to Jesus Christ, born of a virgin, and given the name Immanuel or “God with us” (Isa. 7.10-16; Matt. 1. 22, 23).

The Old Testament also mentions the catching away of the prophet Elijah in a whirlwind into heaven in a chariot of fire drawn by horses of fire (2Kgs.2. 11). But the catching away of Elijah in a chariot was more a prototype of what happened to the evangelist Philip in the New Testament, than a prefigurement of the resurrection or rapture of the church; but it does show the power of the Lord to translate people or shift them supernormally from one place to another. For a chariot is mentioned in the episode of the Spirit catching away Philip, and “the eunuch saw him no more … But Philip was found at Azotus, and passing through he preached in all the cities, till he came to Caesarea” (Acts 8. 38-40).

In the New Testament, the apostle Paul plainly states the doctrine of an imminent resurrection or rapture of the church, the body of Christ, where he says: “Behold I shew you a mystery: we [i.e., the church, the body of Christ,] shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed. In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead in Christ shall be raised incorruptible, and we [i.e., the dead and those yet alive on earth in Christ] shall be changed. For this corruption must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality” (I Cor. 15. 51-58).


Indeed Paul by the word of the Lord says: “we [i.e., true Christians of the body of Christ] which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord [i.e., IN THE AIR, as distinct from his coming ONTO THE EARTH after great tribulation] shall not prevent [i.e., go before or precede] them which are asleep [i.e., dead in Christ]. For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air; and so shall we ever be with the Lord. Wherefore comfort one another with these words” (1 Thess. 4.15-18).

Those who have contracted the Denial Syndrome and denied the resurrection or rapture or the church, have often been inspired by unlearned, irrational, and often hysterical bloggers who actually think the whole concept of the return of Jesus Christ either before or after global chaos is a blatant lie concocted by Jews and the Illuminati to deceive millions into living wantonly and without care for the planet and the moral breakdown, because all things will ostensibly be sorted by a disappearing act, but really so as to enslave and destroy them under a Jew World Order in a New Age.

To quote one such confused and hysterical individual:

The ‘belief’ was injected into our Christian minds as babes that “In the end times Jesus will return to reign on earth for a thousand years of PEACE” (after which, Satan will once again be released, which makes NO sense at all anyway).

To realize that this story runs on a perfectly parallel path with the Talmudic political program of World Dominion — under the rule of MAN, who refers to himself as “the chosen”; to realize that the story is one and the same is startling to say the least.

That parallel path is not intended to clash, conflict, or cross at some junction, but to so slowly and subtly merge together that we will simply open our eyes one day to the awareness that we are on the same path with two separate destinations in mind.

2,300 years ago, Plato called it ‘The Third Way’. Today, the Democrats call it ‘The Third Way'; the Republicans call it ‘Compassionate Conservatism’. A merging of what has been presented as diametrically opposed concepts.

Jews have been awaiting their messiah for 3,000 years; while we Christians have been awaiting the return of our Messiah for 2,000… and the same small group made up the same story for all of us. Jesus called that group Pharisees, including with the Pharisees as perpetrators of the lie… the Scribes. Today, we call them lawyers.

So hundreds of millions of mind-manipulated people excitedly cry,

“Bring it on! Bring it on! Bring on the chaos, perversion, death and destruction! It’s in the book! Bring on the vaccines that are killing our children! Bring on the chem-trails leaving their trails of death and disease! Bring on the New World Order under control of the International Zionist Jews who control their useful idiots at the United Nations. It’s God’s plan! Bring on the Terminator Seed, Bovine Growth Hormone, irradiated food, genetically engineered non-food! Our messiah is coming!”

In truth, it is a whopper of a lie. It is a deadly lie, and if we don’t wake up to it – Jew and Christian alike – we’ll all end up slaves in a world that, I believe, will be more evil than we could bear to consider… or be included in their plans for depopulation.”

Indeed it seems the very people who deny the imminent resurrection or rapture of the church are the ones who lack real faith in the word of God, and hence have the greatest fear that they’ll have to face the biblical European political beast and the horror of the guillotine – they’re so fearful that they want plenty of company during the great tribulation, so they try to con Christians of the church, the body of Christ, into thinking they won’t get raptured but will go through it with them.

Alternatively, members of the Orthodox and Roman Catholic factions in Christendom will often subtly support, but not often dare to openly advocate denial of the rapture, because they see it as compatible with their thesis that ‘the Church’ will ultimately defeat the inroads of Satan and the Jews as his chief acolytes, and hence not need to be taken off the planet just prior to the last great social cataclysm, and will in fact miraculously convert the world to Christ, and set up a pope or patriarch of one or other of their factions or denominations at the helm of all things in a brave new age.

Scripture actually presents a totally different scenario and makes it plain that Christendom and her witness will only deteriorate as her dispensation draws to a close, and that carnal, sectarian factions in Christendom like the so-called Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches will never again have the power they had in the medieval era. Indeed the Bible says: “in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, without natural affection, truce-breakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God: having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof”; and it adds that “evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived” – “giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils” (1 Tim.4.1-3; 2 Tim. 3.1-13).

Contrary to popular opinion among Christians today, there is no revival of the witness of Christendom promised in scripture at end of the church dispensation just prior to the rapture, only an increase in evil and apostasy. Indeed all indications are that the rapture will take place primarily because God has decided to ‘pull the plug’ on the witness of Christendom because the churches are lukewarm and hence nauseous to Christ who will spew the hypocrites or merely nominal Christians in them out of his mouth, as not ever acceptable to him as his witness, and into “great tribulation”.

Moreover it’s evident that the time of the resurrection or rapture of the church is specifically seven years before the return of the Lord to the earth with the saints to reign, or before the seventieth “week” (septenary of years) of Daniel’s prophecy begins (Dan. 9. 24-27); because that “week” is a new dispensation and characteristically the “time of Jacob’s trouble” or when God takes up with a remnant of national Israel as his witness, after the church, the body of Christ, has left the scene.

more about “THE BIBLICAL DOCTRINE OF PRE-TRIB RAP…“, posted with vodpod


An imminent resurrection or rapture of the church, the body of Christ, BEFORE God takes up with the nation of Israel as his witness again in Daniel’s yet to be fulfilled “seventieth week” and prior to the time of Jacob’s trouble” is endorsed by the biblical book of the Revelation, where the angel says to the apostle John, after the discourse on the seven churches and just prior to the judgments of God being poured out, “come up hither” (Rev. 4.1); and as a counterpart of other verses of scripture that speak of the saints being “kept from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell on the earth”, and “delivered from the wrath to come” (Rev. 3. 10; 1 Thess. 5.9 c.f., Rev. 6. 16, 17 etc.).

There is actually no direct mention of the church, the body of Christ, in the Old Testament at all – only types and prefigurements of her; and hence in the New Testament she is called a mystery, “which in other ages was not made known to the sons of men, as it is now revealed unto his holy apostles and prophets by the Spirit” (Eph. 3.3-6). That’s why the way the seventy weeks and the seventieth week or last septenary of years are written up in Daniel’s prophecy without allowing for or even alluding to the “mystery” of the two millenniums of church history from the first day of Penetecost after Christ’s resurrection through to what is now the imminent resurrection or rapture of the body of Christ.

Just as there is no mention of the church, the body of Christ, by the apostle John after chapter three – chapter 4.1 alludes to the rapture – and up until chapter 21, in the biblical book of the Revelation; only mention of a righteous remnant of the tribes of Israel and those they convert, who are to be called and chosen by God to witness for Jesus instead of the church, and as quite distinct from her as a body of the redeemed, and after she has left the scene in the rapture.

Here’s a good timeline chart showing the rapture of the church in its correct perspective and chronology …

Rapture denial is often a syndrome contracted by immature believers and by mere nominal Christians who don’t have the inspiration and insight of the Spirit of God; and who don’t have a grounding in the dispensations of God in scripture and/or are unable to “rightly divide the word of truth” (C.f., 2 Tim. 2.15). Indeed rapture denial is almost invariably and is neceassarily coupled with a denial of the dispensations of God, which flies in the face of the fact that Paul spoke as plainly of the rapture as he did of the dispensations or distinct “economies” of God that have transpired since the first man Adam was put in the garden on probation as “innocent” and with one simple commandment (Eph. 1.10; 3.2; Col. 1.25, etc.).

Rapture denial is also often conceived in the mind when some of the truth of it is known and one’s own reason for it ‘not being true’ is put into the process of understanding it – in a manner similar to the way Holocaust denial is conceived by superficial research, and by pseudo-historians who pre-suppose the official and well attested facts of the several million dead Jews to be false simply because they know some Jews and their acolytes would have had good reason to falsify them – these people are often quite earnest souls like Ernst Zundel, but they are nevertheless deceived.

At this point those who have contracted the rapture Denial Syndrome usually also look for someone to attack as a scapegoat to ‘endorse’ their supposition and/or theory that the biblical doctrine of the rapture is false – attack the person if you can’t convincingly prove his doctrine in a debate is false; and for this particular purpose they usually ‘haul out of the grave’ and into the spotlight a certain individual – who is now looking somewhat the worse for wear – by the name of Cyrus Scofield, arguing that he is the demon inventor of the “false rapture theory” and was operating with evil and ulterior design in collusion with certain finance Jews of the ilk of Jacob Schiff, the Rothschilds, and the so-called Illuminati, simply because he was one of the first Christians to include it in notes in a popular KJV Reference Bible he published.

Cyrus Scofield

Cyrus Ingersoll Scofield, 1843-1921, American pastor and Bible teacher

To quote one such source at, which promotes all sorts of falsehoods and even descends to rehearsing and denouncing the circumstances of Mr. Scofield’s unfortunate marriage break-up, and doesn’t provide a scrap of proof for making the preposterous insinuation that he wasn’t even a true Christian:

“Now comes the plaintiff [Scofield's estranged wife] by her attorneys Tomlinson and Griffin and the defendant [Cyrus Scofield] enters for appearance and files answer and makes no further appearance. And thereupon this cause came on for hearing upon the pleadings and testimony and was argued by counsel upon consideration whereof the Court does find that the defendant has been guilty of wilfull abandonment of the plaintiff for more than one year prior to the commencement of this action …


Cyrus Scofield had several other incidents of a downright dishonest nature after he supposedly became saved. The fact that in 1892 he began calling himself ‘Doctor Scofield’ without producing any Doctorate degree from any Seminary or University is the least of his devious activities. Even the details he gave in his story of conversion are proven to be fabricated, including the time, place and other particularities, thereby placing doubt on the whole story.

He was a self-promoter in every sense of the word, even lying about being able to comfort and calm the entire city of Belfast, Ireland with a sermon he delivered there the Sunday after the Titanic sunk.”

Compare that with this more conventional and convincing biography at

“Cyrus Ingersoll Scofield, 1843-1921, American pastor and Bible teacher. Cyrus Ingersoll Scofield was born near Clinton, Michigan, but his family soon moved to Tennessee, where he received his early education. While preparing to enter the University of Virginia, the Civil War broke out, and Cyrus joined the Confederate Army as a boy of 17. He was cited for bravery in the Battle of Antietam on September 17, 1862, and was awarded the Confederate Cross of Honor. When the war was over, he studied law in St. Louis, after which time he moved to Kansas, where he was admitted to the bar in 1869. He served in the Kansas State Legislature, and at the age of 29 was appointed United States District Attorney for Kansas.

In 1874 he returned to St. Louis and reentered law practice. During this time he began to drink heavily. However, this passion for drink was completely removed when he was led to a personal knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ through the efforts of Thomas S. McPheeters, a Y.M.C.A. worker. Scofield immediately became active in Christian work. During this time, he met D.L. Moody, and a friendship was formed which lasted their entire lives. Scofield was ordained in Dallas, Texas, in October, 1883, and began his ministry as a pastor of the First Congregational Church there. He published the Scofield Bible Correspondence Course in 1890, and in 1902 he began his work on the famous Scofield Reference Bible, which he presented to the public in January, 1909. He died on Sunday morning, July 24, 1921, at Douglaston, Long Island.”

Those who deny the rapture on the Net usually post a brief statement either saying it just simply isn’t true or without providing adequate corroborating evidence for their claim; or they offer a weird mix of doctrine – both biblical and mere fancy – that has never been upheld by mainstream Christian scholarship, since the days of the so-called Church Fathers.

Rapture denial is also often parroted as a sort of knee-jerk reaction by people either burned or badly singed by heresies of false cults like Seventh Day Adventism – the persistent “Skip Baker” poster over on the Russian Orthodox Web site is one such individual who comes to mind.

To Quote Mr Baker:

“I’m a Protestant myself. It’s just amazing that most Protestants haven’t caught onto what is going on yet.

That’s because C. I. Scofield slipped in the Rapture Doctrine for his Jewish masters in 1909, and that was decades before the state of Israel was founded.

Because they believe the “Left Behind” lie they have fallen for the nonsense that Israel was foretold in bible prophecy.”

Indeed Mr Baker seems to have a peculiar penchant for providing corrupt views on the “seventy weeks” of years of Daniel’s Old Testament prophecy; which are largely a rehash of what Seventh Day Adventists advocate on that issue; and not a few heresies of that sort are put forward by him as propaganda on his site at

Rapture denial can also be construed as a counterpart of other facts and/or sound doctrine denied today, such as Holocaust denial – i.e., that several million Jews didn’t die in WW2 Europe under the Nazis, and AIDS/HIV denial (HAD) – i.e., that testing HIV positive doesn’t cause AIDS. In fact there’s even a bunch of ‘scientists’ out there who think the planet is not actually rotating, just hanging motionless in a geo-centric universe; despite the fact that you can prove it’s rotating by getting outside of it – just as you can prove the earth is not flat by looking at it from outside of it, even though it appears to be flat if you put a level on it while still on it.

Like their master Satan, the leading Jews and their Gentile acolytes in conspiracy for world control have always been aware of the doctrine of the rapture; because they’ve known it’s in the New Testament, which is the manual of Christians who directly oppose them in their war against God, Jesus Christ, and the rest of humanity. So they’ve commissioned their leading secret service agencies of MI6, the Mossad, the KGB/NKVD, and the CIA, and even their (predominantly Masonic) assets and dupes in NASA to create and/or record hoax ‘UFO’ landings, abductions, and crashes.

They’ve also commissioned Hollywood Jews of the ilk of Steven Spielberg to make “close encounter” movies, to make people think Christians have been removed by evil entities when they’re raptured shortly, or alternatively raptured by God because God wanted the Jews to be left free on earth to get on with their evil agenda of antichristian world control.

more about “UFO from KGB of archives 1957“, posted with vodpod
Jew Steven Spielberg receives public service award from Jew William Cohen

Jew Steven Spielberg receives public service award from Jew William S. Cohen, US Secretary of Defense

The leading Jews and their acolytes have also brought the masses of the goy people under the spell of scary fabulous fiction, like that by Whitley Strieber, which has marvellously served them by brainwashing millions into thinking alien abduction is so plausible that when the rapture does take place the people left behind will accept the Jew lie that it was not God but aliens taking the bad humans away so the good Jews can bring in an ideal world under Israel’s antichrist, a bit like the way they made some people think well documented 9/11 flights were ghost flights that didn’t actually take place.


Will the doctrine of the Jewish merkavah mystics provide the basis for the “dark sentences” antichrist will utter, when he stands up before the world to explain away the resurrection or rapture of the true Christians shortly …

“For this cause God shall send them [that neglect or reject the gospel and are left behind] strong delusion, that they should believe a lie, that they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness” (2 Thess. 1-13).

Leonard Nimoy (alias Mr. Spock) – insights into a Hollywood Jew

Cover of Leonard Nimoy's book Shekhinah

Cover of Leonard Nimoy's book Shekhinah

In 2002, the Jew Leonard Nimoy published a book of photographs entitled “The Shekhina Project.” Jews say the Shekhina is the “feminine” aspect of God, and the photographs in Nimoy’s book are sensual, erotic images of women draped in veils traditionally used to signify a Jewess’s modesty, and/or in phylacteries, part of the religious attire of male Jews.

The pictures proved controversial in the Jewish community, and while some Jews objected to the nudity, others were offended by a “sacrilegious” use of a woman’s veil and male Jewish religious attire. Indeed if Jehovah’s Shekhinah or the glory of God (i.e., the Divine presence in the form of a cloudy or fiery pillar and sometimes accompanied by a voice in the sanctuary of God) is to be construed as the equivalent of the Spirit of God, it could be argued that Nimoy’s use of the veil and phylacteries in his erotic and sensual photography is a Jewish version of the New Testament’s “blashphemy of the Holy Ghost”, which has never forgiveness, neither in this world, nor in the world to come (Matt. 12.31-32).

In his defense, Mr. Nimoy argued – evidently without citing specific sources – that he wasn’t the first to put the concept of his ‘art’ forward. “There are historical writings of famous Jewish women, daughters of rabbis, who have done that,” he said.


Nimoy in front of images in his notorious "Shekhinah" photography project

Nimoy has also gained notoriety for his “Full Body Project” photography.


One of Nimoy's "Full Body" photography project images

Leonard Nimoy’s “Full Body” photography project features nude obese women in a pornographic way …

According to a “NY Times” article on Nimoy’s photography:

“For the last eight years, Mr. Nimoy, who is 76 and an established photographer, has been snapping pictures of plus-size women in all their naked glory.

He has a show of photographs of obese women on view at the R. Michelson Galleries in Northampton, Mass., through June; a larger show at the gallery is scheduled to coincide with the November publication of his book on the subject, “The Full Body Project,” from Five Ties Publishing. The Louis Stern Fine Arts gallery in Los Angeles and the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston have acquired a few images from the project. A few hang at the Bonni Benrubi Gallery in New York. (Their explicitness prevents the images from being reprinted here) …

His enlightenment came about eight years ago, when he had been showing pictures from his Shekhinah series — sensual, provocative images of naked women in religious Jewish wear — at a lecture in Nevada …

Initially, he was interested in replicating Herb Ritts’s popular image of a group of nude supermodels clustered together on the floor, and a Helmut Newton diptych of women clothed and then unclothed in the identical pose. Ms. MacAllister and some of her friends agreed to be his subjects. He then posed the women to simulate Matisse’s “Dance” and Marcel Duchamp’s “Nude Descending a Staircase.”

The Jew Leonard Nimoy is also well known as an actor, especially in his role as Spock, the half human, half Vulcan alien on the Star Ship Enterprise in the popular Star Trek television series, which had in its cast another Jew, William Shatner, as Captain Kirk.

It’s now widely known that Jews of the baser sort of predominantly Eastern European ethnic extraction have dominated and controlled Hollywood and the movie industry in America in general from its inception – see this article.

It’s also widely known that much of the depraved content of Hollywood’s movies has either been used by Jews to downgrade and defile the traditional Christian social mores in Gentile nations and/or to protray and celebrate the way paranoid, judicially blinded Jews on the run from God have viewed the world in Dispersion under the wrath of God since the Crucifixion.

But what is probably not so well known is that Jews in their deranged state, as alienated from God by their rejection and militant opposition to his Son Jesus Christ, have also used the movie industry (and much of the junk comic stuff and video games since World War II) to explain away what they know will be an imminent rapture of the true Christian church, and/or to celebrate their ideal of living in a Sci-fiction style, cabbalistic universe that excludes the very notion of Christianity and the Christian’s hope of a trinitarian deity ultimately ruling benevolently over a new heaven and new earth.

The foregoing is the real solution to the mystery that surrounds the “did it really happen” APOLLO 11 moon walk – the Apollo space missions have actually been named for the Jews’ leading Apollo-like Grail king (i.e., antichrist) who is to rule the world after the true Christians have left the planet in the mass exodus of their resurrection. In fact the entire NASA space exploration programme has been Jew controlled via their (predominantly Masonic) dupes and assets from its inception; and it has always been used by the leading finance Jews to fuel and undo an inflating Gentile economy, and to make a way for certain elite Jews to escape from and/or control the progress of the last great social cataclysm in conjunction with their dupes and assets holed up in special bunkers on earth built for that purpose and already operating worldwide.

 The Jews’ quest for an ideal Sci-fiction, cabbalistic universe that excludes the notion of a trinitarian deity is the real meaning of the Star Trek TV series and explains the attributes of the half Vulcan protagonist Spock. Cabbalistic Jews actually believe the universe was created by a “sexual union” of the spheres of the Sefirot – a Big Bang of sorts if you like, and that Jews are a race apart from the Gentiles, in the sense that they alone are human and have literally come from outside the planet; and they even say Jews don’t have the same soul (ego) and genetic material as Gentiles who, they say, are mere beasts, as descendants of the apes according a theory that was Jewish long before Charles Darwin got hold of the idea.

Spock’s hand gesture, the famous Vulcan salute, may look innocent enough; but it’s really a secret sign that Jews used the adventures of the starship Enterprise, under the command of the Jew Captain Kirk, to celebrate a plot by the more radical of the elite among them who were using the NASA space exploration programme to provide themselves with a way to escape planet earth, just prior to the last great social cataclysm the leading finance Jews have been belligerently fomenting.

 Spock's hand gesture

Spock using the priestly hand gesture


According to a NY Times article on Nimoy:

“Most people know him as Mr. Spock, the terminally rational Vulcan with the famous hand signal. (The signal, which he said was his design, is actually rooted in Judaism. It represents the Hebrew letter “shin,” the first letter in the word Shaddai, which means God) …

“Leonard Nimoy is more than happy to do it — the Vulcan salute, the gesture that launched a thousand spaceships. He does so easily, effortlessly: palm outward, fingers extended, the index and middle finger smashed together, the ring finger and pinky touching, the thumb sticking out on its own.”

In the biblical book of Numbers (6.24-26), Jehovah God commanded the Israelitish priests to bless the children of Israel; and the verses of the Priestly Blessing (Birkat Kohanim) are said to be some of the oldest in continuous liturgical use.

The words of the Priestly Blessing read …

“May the Lord bless you and keep you.
May the Lord let His face shine upon you and be gracious to you.
May the Lord look kindly upon you and give you peace.”

Up until the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD Jewish priests recited the Priestly Blessing daily, and in some synagogues it’s still performed each morning; but it’s now usually only recited in synagogues on the Sabbath, and in the Jewish Diaspora many synagogues perform it only on Jewish holidays, a time when most of the congregation is present.

 Jewish priest's hand gesture - "The Priestly Blessing"

Jewish priest's hand gesture - "The Priestly Blessing"

According to one authority:

“When performing the Priestly Blessing, the Kohanim [also known as Aaronids] stretch their arms and hands forward. They hold their hands together palms-down. They split their fingers so there are 5 spaces: one space between the thumbs, a space between the thumb and first finger of each hand, and a space between the second and third finger of each hand.

It is believed that the five spaces allude to verses in Song of Songs (2.8-9). The verses state that God “peeks through the cracks in the wall.” In other words, God watches over and protects the Jewish people even when He is hidden.

This hand gesture has been popularized by the Star Trek television series, which used it as the Vulcan ritual of greeting. Use of this gesture on the show was suggested by actor Leonard Nimoy (Mr. Spock), who saw this gesture as a boy in synagogue when he peeked from under his father’s prayer shaw (tallit).

more about “Leonard Nimoy: The Origin of Spock’s …“, posted with vodpod

“When the Kohanim recite their blessing, members of the congregation are supposed to look away. One reason given is that it is easier for the Kohanim to focus on the blessing when the congregation isn’t looking directly at them. In addition, it is written in the Talmud (Chagiga 16b), “One’s eyes will grow weak if he looks at the hands of the Priests” while they are blessing the congregation.

The symbol of this hand gesture is often engraved on the tombstones of Kohanim. This hand symbol has become symbolic of the Jewish priestly class.”

The truth is, however, that Jewish priests (nicknamed “Aaronids”) are not at all of the line of Moses’ brother Aaron who fathered the priests in Israel in Old Testament times; and it’s plain that God wouldn’t be “peeking through the cracks in the wall”, when ostensibly watching over and protecting the reprobate, antichristian Jews even when he’s “hidden from view”, because God can see all things at all times and isn’t blessing the Jews so long as they reject and oppose his Son Jesus Christ.

The Aaronids in Jewry are, in fact, priests of the blood sacrifice under the high priest Satan; and by forming a V-shaped sign with their fingers they show that they more specifically serve Samael, the prince of demons in the ethereal and (ostensibly) the biblical angel of death. For Samael is the Jews’ version of the horned god Satan, and according to cabbala and rabbinical Talmudic literature he is both a good and an evil entity; and he was ostensibly a good angel when he smote the firstborn of the Egyptians in Egypt just prior to Israel’s exodus, and when the guardian angel of Esau, the patriarch of the Edomites, in Old Testament times ( (see See Yalkut I, 110; Sotah 10b in the Talmud, c.f., Zech. 3.1-3).

Indeed the Aaronids believe they’ve been commissioned by Samael to foster the Jews’ deliverance from the ‘Egyptians’ or what Jews conceive as the oppressive power of Gentiles, by offering blood sacrifices to Satan – especially at the time of the Passover in the form of ritually murdered Christians and Gentiles. The satanic nature of the Jewish priestly hand gesture is evident, because it’s imitated by the Devil’s hand gesture on some of the Devil cards of the tarot, especially the Pierpont Morgan-Bergamo/Scapini tarocchi Devil card, and the Rider-Waite-Smith and Tarot of Marseilles versions.

The right hand gesture of the Baphomet on the Devil cards of the Rider-Waite-Smith and Tarot of Marseilles decks is sinister and satanic, because its counterpart is the left hand gesture of the Hierophant card, which is in the form of a benediction.

Antique Devil card of the tarot showing the Jewish priestly hand gesture - not the same fingers but it is the intent as borne out by other versions of it

Antique Devil card of the tarot alluding to the Jewish priestly hand gesture - not the same fingers in this one but it is the intent, as borne out by other versions of it

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