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Alex Jones and the Other "Samson Option"

Samson Pulls the Roof Down on the Philistine's 'House of Commons'

In the Old Testament book of Judges, we are introduced to the protagonist Samson, an Israelite of the tribe of Dan, who took the Nazarite’s vow to not shave the locks of his hair and to be in other ways altogether for Jehovah God. Samson started out OK, and got renown for his great strength in combat with the enemies of his people – a bit like the way a certain ‘heavyweight’ talk show host in America started out and got on top of most of his opposition (Jgs. 13-16).

Samson was, however, a little loose with women, and desired one of the town of Timnath, who was a daughter of the Philistines; and he coerced his parents to break with tradition and let him marry outside of the people of his own nation.

The secret of Samson’s ‘Sumo wrestler’ strength was the unshaved locks of his long hair; and because of his boldness, big build, and ‘bullhorn’, blustering attitude, the Philistines feared that he might greatly multiply the distress he was already causing them; so they commissioned a woman of their ilk, by the name of Delilah, to find out and deprive him of the secret of his power, and by that get him to serve them and their interests in prison, and so they could make sport of him.

Samson was a master of riddles and disinformation, and hence not one to be easily deceived and taken; but by nagging coercion his wife resolved one of his riddles, and after being ‘led up the garden path’ three times with lies, the Philistine agent Delilah got the secret of his strength that brought him into servitude to those he had hitherto hated and operated against.

For after disseminating some of the disinformation that was his forte, Samson told Delilah that she could reduce him to the weak, wimpish, pliable ‘goy’ the Philistines wanted all not of their ilk to be, by simply shaving the locks of his head – all men bald or balding are humbled like that to some extent at least.  As a result of the disclosure, Samson was taken, bound with fetters of brass, and blinded, and brought by the Philistines to the daily “grind” in a prison house – a ‘prison planet’ role of sorts if you like.

Samson’s servitude in the prison house caused quite a stir among his enemies who were using him there; so much so that they made merry, laughing about the riddles and disinformation he had renown for and was now not able to use anymore against them.

In fact Samson was a real trophy to his foreign handlers because of the distress he had threatened them with, and because he had a reputation as a ‘judge’ of hard-to-discern things among his own people, both before and after they got hold of him. So on a day it was decided that he should be brought to prominence somewhere between right and left of centre in the political domain, by bringing him into their ‘House of Commons’ to stand between its two central pillars, where they could make sport of him as they viewed his antics from the place of privilege in the galleries above.

The Philistines thought they had the last laugh, when they beheld the big build, blind, blustering patriot Samson bound before them; but the story ends with his strength returning as his hair started to grow again – just as a man made a mouse by a woman gets back his dignity by coming out from under the yoke of a domineering wife – and thus providing him with the power to lay hold on the two ‘political pillars’ he stood between and so pull the roof down on those making sport of him, so “that the dead he slew in his death were more than they which he slew in his life” (Jgs. 16.30).

As readers probably know, the foregoing biblical story about  Samson has come to the fore again recently, and is being used to illustrate the beligerent attitude of the Jews towards the rest of humanity, especially by stockpiling nuclear, chemical, and biological/toxin weapons in defiance of UN resolutions and without adequate or correct international disclosure. For it’s now widely known that Israel intends to use weapons of that sort to either bring all nations to heel by threatening to use them on them or by using them Samson-like to bring down the world with them if they think there’s going to be another Holocaust because the Gentiles have found out about their wicked plot to rule the world by antichrist.

The foregoing is, of course, a very apt use of the Samson story, but it’s not what’s in mind in this post; because there’s another “Samson Option” the Jews intend to use to bring all nations to heel and the world itself into subjection to their money power. This other “Samson Option” is known as Fabian or fifth column (creeping) socialism, and was devised by Jews in the Talmudic academies, and based on what Samson did when he laid hold on the two pillars of the Philistines’ ‘House of Commons’, with one on the right hand and the other on the left, and pulled the roof down on those making sport of him.

For in order to come to power, the Jews use Fabian socialism’s principles of harassment and attrition; and they’ll characterisitcally take two steps forward and one backwards when promoting their political subversion – thus preferring to creep rather than rush in with a coup or revolution before the time. They also favour expansion of government and centralization of power, and set up Samson-like blind dupes or assets as a “fifth column” of support in the midst of a state, as a precursor to a major external move to overthrow the existing political system, or so their people on the inside can more easily and finally ‘bring the roof down’ on what’s left of its central defences at the crucial moment.

In the ‘infowars’ of information, riddles, and disinformation relating to conspiracy in US government and around the world, a protagonist in America has emerged Samson-like, after displacing and even seeing the untimely death of some of his competitors. This man is Alex Jones who has gained some fame among patriots for exposing some aspects of the Jews’ conspiracy for world control, but is in fact just another disinformationist sympathetic with the very people he claims he’s out to indentify and undo, by either whistle-blowing or bellowing through a bullhorn.

Alex Jones and the sheeple under his spell

Alex Jones and the sheeple under his spell

Alex “bullhorn” Jones is certainly Samson-like, with his “circuit wrestler” build, blowhard attitude, and the hype that has made him the blustering “red, white, and blue” patriot many people think he is today; and there’s little doubt that he’s to some large extent under the influence of his “woman of Timnath” type Jewish wife; and it seems likely that he has even been reduced to a paid asset of the Jews in his work by design of a Delilah-like agent of the people he set out to identify and destroy.

To quote one blogger on the site that recently largely contributed to the controversy relating to Alex Jones being a “Zionist shill”, and who, in turn, quotes an anonymous article recently posted on

“The isolated people within the mainstream media who tell a lot of truth about geo-politics make me nervous. They may well be working with and serving the interests of the NWO by telling truth so as to gauge public response to it. This truth telling can also serve to vicariously vent and thereby diffuse any emotions from among the portion of the public that still thinks and could potentially initiate real revolt against increasingly oppressive government.

We the people are what the NWO fears the most. Like cattle herded by cowboys, we vastly outnumber them and could easily overpower them. That’s why they must monitor and manipulate us so carefully.

The NWO is highly concerned with the small remnant that still thinks independently and loves the ideals of the original American republic. And they’re equally concerned with keeping the sleeping and dumbed down masses asleep and dumb.

Three truth-tellers that come to mind are Lou Dobbs (CNN), Keith Olbermann (MSNBC), and Glen Beck (FOX). They work for the major media propaganda machines, and yet they tell a lot of truth. Very suspicious, isn’t it?! Why would their pro-NWO bosses let them get away with such revelations? Primarily because the NWO people are smart enough to know the masses never respond to truth, so they don’t fear its broadcast.

They are essentially hiding the truth right out in the open where it’s safe.

Alex Jones may be the kingpin of NWO-hired truth tellers, though he’s not overtly affiliated with mainstream news. But he’s got a huge listening audience and almost a cult following now, which are big red flags. And his followers, most of whom are good Patriots, erroneously think things will somehow be OK as long as Alex voices what they’re thinking. They don’t realize what is being done to them and their cause of liberty in causing them to be satisfied with vicarious venting from a supposedly representative voice.”

Here’s Jones threatening a patriot who wants the Jews nailed down as the real enemies of humanity, and literally telling him to f**k off …

more about “Who knows why Alex Jones is mad at Pr…“, posted with vodpod

Alex Jones is a master of disinformation, and says things like the Arabs own the media in the U.S., and doesn’t even begin to nail down the Jews as the world’s most wealthy per capita, and a self-styled racist global elite. Let alone charge the Jews with fostering a wicked, self-centred, anti-humanitarian, anti-Gentile global takeover agenda that is as old as conspiracies among tribal Israelis in the days of King Solomon’s reign over “Greater Israel”, and based on a distortion of God’s purpose in commanding the Israelites to dispossess the Canaanites under the Israelitish general Joshua after the exodus from Egypt …

more about “prothink / antithink“, posted with vodpod

A blogger on the site provides details about Alex Jones’ Jewish associates, friends and wife that are relevant …

Alex Jones has several employees working for him who are Jewish. There are probably more, but these are just the ones I know of:

Rob Jacobson – (“Jacobson” is exclusively a Jewish surname.) Does film and video editing work for Alex Jones.

Aaron Dykes – (“Dykes” is a Jewish surname.) Does web-mastering and website maintenance work for Alex Jones.

Jason Bermas – (“Bermas” is a Jewish surname.) Hosts Alex Jones’ radio show when Alex is on vacation, and now hosts his own radio show weeknights on GCN.

Mike Hansen – (Hansen’s mother’s maiden name is “Wolf”, which is a Jewish German surname.) Was Alex Jones’ primary associate and cameraman from the beginning of Alex’s career. Was the cameraman on all of Alex’s early video documentaries.

Please note that all of Alex Jones’ Web site domains are registered in the name of his wife, Violet Nichols. Also note that her real name is Kelly Nichols. “Violet” is just her nickname.

This demonstrates that Alex’s wife is very involved with his Web site and media operations. She plays a very active role in his businesses.

I just wanted to point this out for people who might think that his wife doesn’t have anything to do with Alex Jones’ media empire …

I read a comment by a reviewer on that said Violet Nichols’ father was a U.S. Government diplomat. This would explain why Violet lived in Europe when she was a child and a teenager. Alex has said on his radio show that she lived in Spain when she was a kid, and that is how she became fluent in Spanish …

I am beginning to think there is a distinct possibility that Alex Jones himself is Jewish or part-Jewish.

Please note that “Jones” is a relatively common Jewish surname. You can go to the Avotaynu Consolidated Jewish Surname Index and search for it. Just type in the name “Jones” in the search box, and you will see for yourself. Make sure you place brackets around the name, like this: [Jones]

Alex Jones Jewish connections:

1.) His wife and children are Jewish or part-Jewish.

2.) He has several Jewish employees.

3.) He has many Jewish Hollywood celebrity friends.

4.) His parents are Christian Zionists who taught him to worship Jews and Israel.

All this begs the question:

Why is Alex Jones surrounded by so many Jews? Why are there so many Jewish people involved in both his personal life and his professional life?

This is all very suspicious, to say the least.” 

All of the foregoing is quite valid criticism of Jones, but what Americans don’t yet realize is that Alex Jones suits the Jews’ agenda by fostering an interest in and a tendency towards socialism in America, especially by Samson-like providing the disinformation that the major corporates and elite bankers or what’s broadly known as the “Capitalist Conspirators” are the main enemies of the people and not just the Jews.

For that will eventually set the masses of the common people – and God knows there are many of them in the country now – against the ‘bourgeoisie’ or what the Jew Marx called the wealth creating upper class in America, and in a manner reminiscent of the way the Jews instilled that very same lie in the mindset of the Russians prior to the Bolshevik uprsing of 1917.



Jeff Rense Samson-like with his long locks

Jeff Rense like the judge Samson, with his 'magistrate's wig' with long locks

There have been other significant protagonists on the field and in the Jews’ game of ‘infowars’ and disseminating disinformation in America under the tag of what’s called conspiracy theories, and one is Jeff Rense who hosts a popular site at and is a lot like the Alex Jones he criticizes.

For like Jones, Rense has not correctly identified all of the Jews as in it together in their plot to wipe out Christians, dominate Gentiles, and set up Israel’s antichrist over an evil ideal Jewish world. Click here for Rense’s own disclosure of this fact, and view the video in the article that shows Jews orchestrating their hoax of a “Jews against Zionism” campaign, which has obviously deceived Rense who wrote the article.

Rense with his ‘wig’ on certainly looks a lot like a judge, and the Old Testament account says the Danite Samson was a judge in Israel; and Rense is doubtless, unwittingly or otherwise, serving as a fifth column of support of sorts for the Jews to fold in their favour at the critical moment, so they can fully and finally ‘pull the roof down’ on America’s federal administration.

For the Jews are right now plotting to fold their “fifth column” supporters in America and leave them exposed for who they really are; and they’ll do it after they’ve precipitated the dollar’s demise and perpetrated another 9/11  false flag op, and by that sparked race riots throughout the country that will issue in the Jews’ “activated” Frankenstein monster Barack Obama – he has a brother named Samson – emerging from the wreckage as a Stalin-like socialist ruler of the JewSSA.

I would say any man married to a Jewess should be treated with suspicion and not really trusted at all; and I would expect him to have nothing diametrically opposite to the Jews’ agenda on his agenda or Web site or in his literature, if his wife’s ethnicity and/or religion was worth anything to her and if his marriage was worth anything to him.

Jones is to some extent a blustering disinformationist who by that serves the Jews’ agenda; but I don’t think that’s done deliberately by him and certainly not with support of the Jews’ global takeover agenda in mind. I think he just lacks the ability to see the lines of things clearly; and he is, after all, processing a hell of a lot of data, if you stop and think about it.

I’d be very surprised to find that Jones has been ‘in the pay’ of the Jews – I think he’s just a bit naive and unbalanced, lacking the spiritual insight mature true Christians have to clearly discern the Jew as the real enemy of humanity; and I’d venture to speculate that his wife may have served the Jews well by limiting him to some large extent to that general mindset.

What do you think of the following comment on Jewish informer Nathanael Kapner’s controversial post titled: “Is Alex Jones a Zionist shill. Controversy swirls?”, on his very popular site?

“Hi there,

I wrote a comment at the end of your recent article on Alex Jones … but for some reason your web page wouldn’t allow me to ’send’ it.

So … I decided to write a quick email to you instead, and put this bit which I put up on “Above Top Secret” a while ago.

This is information I came across about 18 months ago, and sent to a small number of people like Mike Piper and Daryl Bradford Smith.

I still have a feeling that this may solve a part of the Alex Jones conundrum. As I don’t live in the US (I live in New Zealand), this info could be looked into better by someone living there. Anyway, see you what you think .

Post begins:

Alex Jones, the “Infowrestler”, as I prefer to call him is a fearmonger, and has some ties to some very shady people … which is something I came across rather recently.

If you go to and do a search in the business search section for “alex jones”, you come up with an associate of his, name of Elizabeth M Schurig. Doing a google search on her, you find out she is a lawyer (AJ’s lawyer???) and I think is based in Texas.

See here:

Anyway, Schurig is also associated with something called the Bet Lev Foundation (again you can find this if you do a search on this at The Bet Lev Foundation happens to be run by Bhavani Lev and Bharat Mitra (Lev).

See here:

Bhavani Lev’s real name is Holly B. Lev … and she is the sister of none other than Edgar Bronfman.

See here:–be-a-bronfman … and other places

The Bronfmans are a very influential crime family, along with others such as the Rothschilds, and the Schiffs etc etc etc. As outlined by Michael Collins Piper the Bronfmans have a very strong connection to none other than John McCain.

See here:

So … Alex Jones who never (or hardly ever) mentions Zionism, and the Israeli Lobby as being incredibly powerful and dangerous influences on American Foreign policy … is connected to a very powerful Zionist family.

To me that speaks volumes, and may explain a lot of the man himself.


Anyway, as I said if Schurig is Jones’ handler, this may explain why he never fully addresses Zionism and the Israel/jewish problem … and also I wouldn’t want to cross the Bronfmans if they were supporting me financially.

Anyway, just some thoughts,

Best wishes

schtick, Christchurch, New Zealand”

And then there are these ones:

  • TalmudTimmy March 26, 2009 @ 9:38 pm “Who is Jon Ronson? He is a left of center Welsh Jew”That clears up why Ronson edited out the part in ‘Secret Rulers of the World’ where Violet Jones says she is Jewish. I didn’t know Ronson was Jewish, thanks for clearing that up.Jews in Jones’Court: Violet (Kelly) Nichols, Joe Rogan, Jon Ronson, Adnan Kashoggi…
  • Z.O.G. March 27, 2009 @ 12:12 am Alex Jones has several employees working for him who are Jewish. There are probably more, but these are just the ones I know of:Rob Jacobson – (”Jacobson” is exclusively a Jewish surname.) Does film and video editing work for Alex Jones.Aaron Dykes – (”Dykes” is a Jewish surname.)
    Does web-mastering and website maintenance work for Alex Jones.
  • TalmudTimmy March 27, 2009 @ 1:04 am Spain eh? Violet is a Marrano (Crpyto-Spanish Jew). That would explain the change of name. I highly doubt Violet Nichols is her original name.”I also thought this blog post at was worth pasting here. What do you think of it?

    Z.O.G. March 27, 2009 @ 12:22 am I read a comment by a reviewer on that said Violet Nichols’ father was a U.S. Government diplomat. This would explain why Violet lived in Europe when she was a child and a teenager. Alex has said on his radio show that she lived in Spain when she was a kid, and that is how she became fluent in Spanish.

    Jason Bermas – (”Bermas” is a Jewish surname.)
    Hosts Alex Jones’ radio show when Alex is on vacation, and now hosts his own radio show weeknights on GCN.

    Mike Hansen – (Hansen’s mother’s maiden name is “Wolf”, which is a Jewish German surname.)
    Was Alex Jones’ primary associate and cameraman from the beginning of Alex’s career. Was the cameraman on all of Alex’s early video documentaries. No longer works for

  • Z.O.G. March 27, 2009 @ 12:15 am Please note that all of Alex Jones’ website domains are registered in the name of his wife, Violet Nichols. Also note that her real name is Kelly Nichols. “Violet” is just her nickname.This demonstrates that Alex’s wife is very involved with his website and media operations. She plays a very active role in his businesses.I just wanted to point this out for people who might think that his wife doesn’t have anything to do with Alex Jones’ media empire.

  • Jews Kill USS Liberty Crew and Lie as a Cover-up

    Before the Attack - a $40 million state-of-the-art surveillance vessel

    Before the Attack - a $40 million state-of-the-art NSA fitted surveillance vessel

    After the Attack - a wreck sold for scrap

    More of the Jews' 'Collateral war damage' - 34 crew members dead and more than two-thirds of the crew wounded

    More of the Jews' 'collateral war damage' - 34 US crew members dead and more than two-thirds of the 297 on board wounded

    On June 8, 1967, Israeli air and naval forces violated the Geneva Conventions and gained lasting notoriety among honest Americans for deliberately and viciously attacking the surveillence vessel USS Liberty, 13 nautical miles (24km) off Arish, in international waters, during the ’67 Six-Day War; and since then the Jews and their acolytes in U.S. government and the media have lied about and provided blatantly fraudulent accounts of what really happened on the day.

    The facts are really quite simple and straightforward, and can be summarized by saying that the Israeli airforce and navy carefully monitored the Liberty on June 8 for several hours in broad daylight and with nothing to hamper their visibility; and they correctly reported the vessel’s identity to their headquarters. Shortly after that, the command was given to Israeli fighter pilots and the Israeli navy that the USS Liberty must be immediately sunk without trace or survivors.

    Israeli fighter jets then proceeded to callously batter the Liberty with machine-gun fire, rockets, and napalm bombs; and the Israeli navy backed that up with a treacherous torpedo attack from three Israeli boats. The assault lasted for seventy-five minutes, leaving 821 holes in the ship – a hundred were rocket-sized, as well as a 40-foot wide torpedo hole in the hull.

    Not being particularly competent at sinking the vessel, the Israeli war criminals decided to leave the Liberty disabled; but not before firing indiscriminately from the torpedo boats at medical personnel and firefighters onboard the stricken vessel from as little as 50 feet away, completely disregarding the American flag unfurled in the breeze from a mast in front of them.

    The Israelis also vented their frustration and failure to fulfill their mission to sink the vessel by machinegunning the liferafts the crew had lowered into the water to receive survivors, so that they could at least say to their superiors that they did everything they could to ensure that no one was left alive to inform on them after the atrocity.

    A Jew-spun Wikipedia entry on the USS Liberty actually has the cheek to call all of the foregoing Israeli violence “an error – a friendly fire incident”!

    The death toll among the Liberty’s crew was 34 and more than two-thirds of the 297-man crew were wounded.

    Liberty's flag flying on the day

    USS Liberty's flag that was flying on the day

    The callous and vicious Israeli operation was intended to ensure that data collected on the surveillance vessel couldn’t adversely affect Israel’s plans to invade the Golan Heights before a new cease-fire agreement with the Arabs came into effect.

    By June 10, the IDF had concluded the Golan offensive and a ceasefire agreement was signed the following day. Israel had thus secured the Gaza Strip, the Sinai Peninsula, the West Bank of the Jordan River (including East Jerusalem), and the Golan Heights, increasing her overall territory by a factor of three and placing about a million Arabs under her direct control.

    Now for the cover-up:

    According to an article at the USS Liberty Memorial Web site:

    “Despite a near-universal consensus that the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty on June 8 1967 was made with full knowledge that it was a US Navy ship, the Johnson administration [Johnson was of Jewish pedigree, an ardent Zionist and complicit in JFK's assassination] began an immediate cover-up of this fact.

    Though administration officers continued individually to characterize the attack as deliberate, the Johnson administration never sought the prosecution of the guilty parties or otherwise attempted to seek justice for the victims. They concealed and altered evidence in their effort to downplay the attack. Though they never formally accepted the Israeli explanation that it was an accident, they never pressed for a full investigation either. They simply allowed those responsible literally to get away with murder.

    In an ongoing effort to reveal the truth about the attack, the USS Liberty Veterans Association has filed with the Secretary of the Army in the manner prescribed by law a detailed, fully documented Report of War Crimes describing the circumstances of the attack on our ship and evidence that it was a crime under international law. In accordance with international law and treaties, the United States is obligated to investigate the allegations. So far, the United States has declined even to acknowledge that the report has been filed.”

    The full text of the report can be found at

    James Ennes

    James Ennes

    According to another article in the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, May-June 2007, by James Ennes, a lieutenant on the USS Liberty’s bridge during the attack and author of the notable Assault on the Liberty book (AET Book Club):

    “The lies started almost immediately. Even before crewmen could give their eyewitness accounts, the Israeli government concocted a preposterous “tragic accident” story, claiming that the Liberty had been mistaken for an out-of-service Egyptian horse carrier designed to carry 40 horses and their riders for the Egyptian cavalry of the 1920s.

    According to this story, the Liberty was recognized as American only after torpedoes were launched. Since torpedoes can’t be recalled or redirected, however, Americans died. According to the Israeli story, the attackers immediately ceased fire and apologized for their “mistake.”

    But this was not true. The torpedomen continued to fire long after they claim the last shot was fired. In fact, they continued to fire until they heard that air support from the Sixth Fleet was on the way.

    Survivors of the attack fully expected to refute the Israeli lie during one of the investigations that would be sure to follow, and show that the attack was no accident. That, however, was not to be.

    Despite the presence of more than 200 men eager to testify, the Navy Court of Inquiry inexplicably did not ask about deliberateness, and did not allow survivors to testify freely—nor did Congress or anyone else. Israel’s “Big Lie” was accepted at face value, and no questions were ever asked about whether the attack was deliberate or whether the Israeli story was true.

    According to a sworn affidavit by the Court’s own legal officer, the official Navy transcript was fraudulently changed and rewritten in Washington after it was signed by members of the Court. The official record, therefore, is a forgery. Yet despite several appeals to the secretary of the Navy and others, the Navy refuses to investigate or even to contact the senior legal officer making these very serious charges (see”

    The Liberty’s survivors’ frustration was made worse by sayanim (helpers of the Jews) of the ilk of the notorious ADL,  a Jewish Florida bankruptcy magistrate by the name of Ahron Jay Cristol, and Gerardo Joffe, president of the pro-Israel group FLAME.

    Florida Bankruptcy Judge Jay Cristol

    Jewish bankruptcy judge Ahron Jay Cristol

    This is Cristol according to one flatterer:

    “A Renaissance man of the old school, Judge Cristol has accomplished in one lifetime what most people would need nine lives to do and he does it all with good humor and a genuine respect for and interest in his fellow man.”

    But James Ennes again writes:

    [The Jew] Cristol first gave serious currency to “The Big Lie” when his book, The Liberty Incident, falsely claimed that up to 15 investigations “including five congressional investigations” had all inquired into the attack and exonerated Israel of any wrongdoing.

    As we have demonstrated previously in these pages and elsewhere, that is totally untrue. No American investigation has ever inquired as to whether the attack was deliberate. Certainly no congressional inquiry has done so. Cristol’s dishonest tactic is to find a mention of the attack in some official record and call this an “investigation that exonerated Israel …

    Sadly, other sycophants pick up Cristol’s ball and run with it. Perhaps most persistent is one Gerardo Joffe, president and chief cheerleader for the pro-Israel propaganda group FLAME—an acronym its critics maintain stands for “Fallacies and Lies About the Middle East.” In kneejerk letters to the Washington Report and in his FLAME Web site Joffe consistently parrots Cristol’s line that the Liberty attack has long been proven accidental and that it has been given too much attention, while other incidents are given too little.

    Similarly, the Anti-Defamation League, whose stated mission is to stop defamation of the Jewish people and “to secure justice and fair treatment to all,” has no problem supporting the Cristol/FLAME fiction by pretending, according to its Web site, that “Several government investigations have concluded that the attack…was carried out in error” and that “every piece of information declassified to date…has supported this conclusion.”

    Survivors repeatedly have asked Cristol and others to provide copies or other evidence of these so-called “investigations.” None has done so. They cannot. There are no such investigations. Similarly, we have asked them to remove their false statements. They refuse. These lies serve their purpose.

    In fact, when survivors have sought details of such investigations from their congressmen, from the Navy Judge Advocate General, from the Library of Congress, from the Congressional Research Service, or from any other government agency, we have repeatedly been advised that there has never been any congressional investigation of Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty.

    According to an article by William Hughes, titled: “Liberty Smearing Backfires”:

    “When Ahron Jay Cristol, a self-described “amateur historian,” showed up at the National Security Agency’s (NSA) National Cryptologic Museum at Fort George C. Meade, MD., on Jan. 14, 2004, there was something almost sacrilegious about his presence there.

    He was there to peddle his pro-Zionist Israel book, “The Liberty Incident.” It is a clever, but seriously flawed, apologia, that attempts to mask the wrongdoing associated with Israel’s premeditated attack on the USS Liberty, an NSA-fitted spy vessel, on June 8, 1967. That attack killed 34 brave Americans and wounded 172 others. His book also smears those demanding justice in the Liberty matter as “conspiracy theorists …

    Recently, two individuals from the U.S. intelligence community have come forward to verify that they had viewed intercepted real-time transcripts, on June 8, 1967, between Israeli jet pilots and their ground controllers, in which the Israelis clearly acknowledged that they knew that they were attacking, and worse still, trying to sink, “the American ship” (

    NSA’s Cryptologic Museum was built in 1993. It houses code-breaking, and related artifacts, from our country’s past. It also displays, the actual 5’ by 8’ American flag the Liberty was flying, when it was deliberately assaulted by unmarked Israeli jet planes and torpedo boats for over one hour and 15 minutes …

    Also, at the book signing, Cristol made a big deal about the transcripts of NSA-released communications of June 8, 1967, between Israeli helicopter pilots. At best, these transcripts mimic an improvised vaudeville skit of the [Jewish] Marx Brothers [c.f., First Light Forum's recent post under the title of "Sarah Silverman- Comic or Just another Jew Cot Case"] and prove absolutely nothing, since the helicopter pilots arrived AFTER the attack. These particular pilots weren’t part of the original assault force …

    When I queried Cristol whether it was a war crime or not, under any circumstances, for the Israelis to have machine-gunned the Liberty’s life rafts, he replied, “It’s one of the myths that has grown up,” about the Liberty. He said that story “isn’t accurate.”

    It was a terrible mistake,” Cristol said, as the Liberty survivors, and their supporters, in the audience shook their heads in total disbelief …


    USS Liberty survivors and many researchers into the atrocity tried for years to find out why the Israeli gun camera photography that was provided by the Jew Ahron Jay Cristol, on the cover of his book: The Liberty Incident, had blurred the US flag flying and showed a large white area near the starboard bow that looked like an explosion but in a part of the vessel that suffered no major strike, and when ordinary gun camera photos are usually quite sharp.

    This question was finally answered by Ken Halliwell who proved that the Jew Cristol and his acolytes had surreptitiously altered the photograph in a manner similar to the way the Jew Zapruder’s film of the JFK assassination had been so successfully altered a few years earlier.

    To quote one source:

    “A close look at the two photos, with matching points circled by Halliwell, reveals that they are in fact almost the same picture — but the “gun camera” view has been doctored to hide the flag and other identifying marks. If a viewer will look carefully, the American flag is flying from the stern in both pictures.

    Flags fly from a Navy ship’s stern only in port; the flag flies from the mainmast at sea. This is a picture taken in port in July, not taken during the attack as claimed by the Israelis. It cannot possibly be a gun camera photo taken during the attack as the Israelis claim.

    If you look carefully, identical groups of men can be seen standing in identical places on the ship in both images. The white “splash” on the starboard bow is a doctored image of the tug boat that helped Liberty move to the pier at Little Creek.

    Click here to see a very revealing side-by-side comparison of the docking photo and the fake gun-camera photo taken from the same series.

    Upon close inspection, one can also see in the fake gun camera photo that the ship is floating high in the water. When the ship was attacked, it was heavily loaded and floating low in the water. The docking photo shows the ship lightly loaded and floating high after having just completed a crossing of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean sea — the same height as shown in the fake gun camera photo.

    A close examination of the bow wave shows that this is also faked. Since the image used as “gun camera photograpy” was actually of the ship alongside the pier at Little Creek, it was necessary to create a fake bow wave to sustain the illusion of movement. This can be seen clearly if one compares the fake bow wave with a bow wave of a similar ship underway.

    Yet their fakery knows no bounds. A close examination of the “smoke” in their faked gun camera pictures reveals that the smoke is actually depicted moving crosswise to the wind, and in fact there were no fires in that area.

    Still further analysis of the four photographs, supposedly taken by a Mirage jet on the second attack run of the day, reveals that all four photos are taken from an identical position, which would not be the case if they were actually taken from a fast-moving jet aircraft. The fakers placed the supposed firing ring, the circle of dots, on the photographs to simulate a gun camera image, moving the ring from frame to frame.

    But the fakery is revealed by the fact that all four photos are taken from an identical position, not from a high speed jet approaching the ship on an attack run.”

    more about “Israeli attack on USS Liberty (US Nav…“, posted with vodpod

    On June 8, 2007, USA Today carried a story on the 40th anniversary of the Liberty attack, by a reporter of Israeli citizenship (a fact not disclosed in the article), and based on interviews with survivors who testified after reading the article that the reporter had ignored much of what they told him.

    The article was loaded with falsehoods, fabrications and snow jobs; and was even introduced with the wicked lie [see the excerpt from James Ennes article above] that: “Eleven US investigations over the years have reached the conclusion that it was a case of mistaken identity” – a blatant error that USA Today has never bothered to correct to date.

    One independent, blue-ribbon commission formed to reach a conclusion about the Jews’ attack on the USS Liberty was constituted of the following distinguished persons:

    • A former ambassador to one of the United States most significant allies
    • A US Navy rear admiral and former head of the Navy’s legal division
    • A Marine general, America’s highest ranking recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor and the former Assistant Commandant of Marines
    • A US Navy four-star admiral, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (the highest military position in the country), former Chief of Naval Operations, a World War II hero, and the only Naval admiral to have commanded both the Pacific and the Atlantic fleets

    The panel was moderated by a former ambassador who served as Chief of Mission in Iraq and Deputy Director of Ronald Reagan’s White House Task Force on Terrorism.

    The commission’s findings were:

    • »  That the attack, by a US ally, was a “deliberate attempt to destroy an American ship and kill her entire crew”

    • »   That the ally committed “acts of murder against American servicemen and an act of war against the United States”

    • »   That the attack involved the machine-gunning of stretcher-bearers and life rafts

    • »   That “the White House deliberately prevented the U.S. Navy from coming to the defense of the [ship]… never before in American naval history has a rescue mission been cancelled when an American ship was under attack”

    • »   That surviving crewmembers were later threatened with “court-martial, imprisonment or worse” if they talked to anyone about what had happened to them; and were “abandoned by their own government”

    • »   That due to the influence of the ally’s “powerful supporters in the United States, the White House deliberately covered up the facts of this attack from the American people”

    • »   That due to continuing pressure by this lobby, this attack remains “the only serious naval incident that has never been thoroughly investigated by Congress”

    • »   That “there has been an official cover-up without precedent in American naval history”

    • »   That “the truth about Israel’s attack and subsequent White House cover-up continues to be officially concealed from the American people to the present day and is a national disgrace”

    • »   That “a danger to the national security exists whenever our elected officials are willing to subordinate American interests to those of any foreign nation…” and that this policy “endangers the safety of Americans and the security of the United States”

    Check out the following video on the USS Liberty atrocity …