Why the Jews sacrifice babies and eat Gentile blood in the matzo

Contemporary Jewish shrine to the Jews’ vengeful blood-drinking and Gentile murdering stellar idol Saturn, exemplified by the stellar sign of the Magen David, aka the star of Remphan. Notice the voodoo-doll images of US soldiers sacrificed in the Jews’ wars abroad to the right and below, as a counterpart of the Jews’ Haman dolls beaten with sticks and stabbed with knives during their Purim festival

The Jews have, of course, gained global notoriety for sacrificing Gentile and Christian babies to various pagan idols since ancient times; and also for mingling the dried blood of hapless victims of that sort in the matzo or Passover bread and the dessert wine elite Jews quaff at their banquets behind closed doors. Worse still, the corpses of Gentile children and Christians abused after the foregoing fashion have, in more recent times, been callously minced up in meat processing plants that supply popular hamburger outlets, like McDonalds, instead of just tossed behind a bush, in a rubbish bin, or down a well, as the traditional Jewish method of disposal.

Now many might think that the Jews have become obsessed with ritual human sacrifice, and cannibalism and vampirism, after the foregoing fashion, simply because they’re despicable, unregenerate, reprobate Christ rejecters, who normally gravitate to depravity ordinary folk deprecate. But did you know that the Jews have actually been taught to do it by their depraved scholars and rabbis, who’ve provided them with all sorts of corrupt interpretations of scripture in the Jews’ sacred literature the Talmud?

For the Pharisaical rabbis in apostate Jewry have traditionally taught the Jews to sacrifice babies to various pagan idols, like Molech and the god Remphan exemplified by the so-called Magen David, by citing the biblical example of the Hebrew patriarch Abraham taking his son Isaac up a mountain to sacrifice him to Jehovah. Not recognizing, of course, that God’s intention was to try Abraham, not to get him to murder his son with a knife; which is why Jehovah ultimately provided a ram caught in a thicket at the top of the mount to offer up as a blood sacrifice instead of Isaac.

The rabbis also cite the Old Testament episode of the judge Jephthah’s innocent daughter being offered up as “a burnt offering” to Jehovah as evidence that God wants human sacrifice to appease his wrath; in the sense that some Jews (and Gentiles) think she was literally burnt with fire by order of her father, when she was in fact being wholly offered to God in a subjective way, as dedicated to God from that day, without the possibility of marriage to a man, which was why she spent some time “bewailing her virginity” shortly thereafter.

You also get the prophetic citation in the Old Testament that the armies of the Medes and Persians would be “happy to dash the little children of the Chaldeans against the stones” of Babylon, when they came to overthrow those pagan people, as retributive justice from Jehovah because of their cruel treatment of the Jews they held in captivity in Babylon for seventy years. A citation used by Jewish scholars and rabbis as ‘justification’ for meting out the same or similar treatment on Gentile children (and aborted Gentile fetuses in Jew run abortion clinics), from that day to this.

There’s also the episode of the Israelites of Samaria and the Jews of Judea eating their own (boiled) children in the straitness of the famine, when the cities of Samaria and Jerusalem were under siege by the Jews’ Gentile enemies back in Old Testament times. An episode used by some Jews as ‘justification’ for eating the heat treated (dried) blood of babies in the matzo, despite the solemn warnings from Jehovah about the consequences of eating any sort of flesh with the blood in the Old Testament.

Worse still, some Jews have even tried to justify their rites of human sacrifice by sacrilegiously suggesting that, just prior to his crucifixion, the Jews’ Jewish Messiah Jesus Christ was commanding all Christians to literally eat his flesh and drink his blood, as a new and crass sort of Passover rite that caused even his own disciples to “turn back and walk no more with him”. A commandment really referring to appropriating and assimilating Jesus Christ in a moral and subjective way, especially in the context of his sacrifice for the sins of fallen humanity as brought to mind in the ordinance of the Lord’s supper; but used by the reprobate Jewish people as further ‘justification’ for denouncing and ridiculing Christianity as a form of vampirism and cannibalism.

Something facilitated for the Jews by the heavily judaized Roman Catholic sect in Christendom, which has been endorsing the cannibalizing of Christ in the “sacrifice” of the mass, since its inception in the fourth century; in the sense that the R.C Church teaches that the wafer (‘host’) and wine ostensibly “transubstantiated” in the mass are literally the body and blood of the Lord. A patent and ludicrous superstition and falsehood mind you; because the original fleshly body and literal blood of the Lord are, of course, now no longer extant; because scripture says the Lord ascended into heaven and is at the right hand of God in a bloodless celestial body of “flesh and bone” only, that’s of course quite different from the one he died in.

Having said all that, the fundamental reason why Jews sacrifice Gentile and Christian babies to their various idols and mingle their powderized blood in the matzo, is that they’ve inherited the murderous nature of their spiritual master, the fallen angel Satan, ever since they desired of the Roman governor Pilate that he should release unto them the seditious murderer Barabbas instead of God’s righteous Son Jesus Christ in the first century. An evil tendency no doubt exacerbated by the Jews’ own innate desire to punish Gentile and Christian babies in a vindictive and sadistic way; simply because they’ve realized that Christian Gentiles have come into the good of the blessings of God the Jews nationally refused, by receiving the good news of the gospel of Christ since the first century.

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