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The root of Jewish depravity is Christ rejection and proof of the iniquity of it is the wandering ‘persecuted’ Jew

The leading Jews are wolves, and all Jews in Jewry deny Christ and operate against Christianity, and most are reprobate concerning the gospel of their salvation

At the root of the Jews’ notorious national depravity is Christ rejection and their corporate culpability in the betrayal and Crucifixion of their messiah; and not just because they brought a horrible curse from God upon them, when they cried out “his blood be on us, and on our children”, but also because they were judicially blinded and delivered to Satan by God at that time.

Let us not try to dress up in another guise or sugar-coat this horrible moral and biological condition of the Jewish people, to suit our own selfish agenda; and so we can continue to live off the Jews “easy money”, which is really Gentile debt slavery. This blind and depraved condition of the reprobate Jews, since they rejected God’s Son Jesus and the grace of the gospel in the first century, is serious stuff folks; and it goes a long way to explain the misery of Gentile humanity since that time, and has been the ruin of numerous Gentile nations that have hosted the Jews, and will bring on the last great social cataclysm, and has damned billions of Gentiles in hell.

Check out this article …

The messiah that the Jews are looking for today will be the Antichrist, because they rejected their true Messiah when He came to His own 2,000 years ago and they crucified Him. Jews today still practice idolatry. In fact, it’s epidemic! Here’s an article written by Jewish Rabbi Shraqa Simmons titled, WHY WE DON’T BELIEVE IN JESUS

This is the heart of Judaism… CHRIST REJECTION! Lest you should think that only a few Jews believe such Antichrist philosophy, the following quote is taken from the biggest JUDAISM organization in Israel (where I found the above blasphemous article on why they DON’T believe in Jesus) …

Aish HaTorah is a world leader in creative Jewish educational programs and leadership training, dedicated to answering the vital question, “Why be Jewish?”  Aish HaTorah, founded in Jerusalem by Rabbi Noah Weinberg in 1974, is dedicated to revitalizing the Jewish people by providing opportunities for Jews of all backgrounds to discover their heritage in an atmosphere of open inquiry and mutual respect.

Aish HaTorah’s headquarters is in the Old City of Jerusalem, where the government of Israel awarded Aish a coveted piece of land (emphasis added)– 40 percent of the frontage facing the Western Wall. Construction is nearing completion on a hitech outreach center that features a rooftop vista overlooking the Temple Mount, and the Kirk Douglas Theatre which will house a dramatic film presentation of the Jewish contribution to humanity. Scheduled to open in 2007, the outreach center anticipates one million visitors annually.

As CNN’s Larry King said: “What better location could there be for an institution single-mindedly dedicated to reaching and teaching Jews their heritage?”Beyond Jewish education, Aish HaTorah is known as a staunch defender of Israel (emphasis added), and has launched various Israel advocacy programs. Aish celebrates Israel Independence Day and Jerusalem Day, and proudly flies the flag of Israel above its World Center at the Western Wall.

Folks, that is the apostate condition of Israel today. The Israeli government is godless, “awarding Aish a coveted piece of land” so they can teach millions of Jews why they SHOULDN’T believe in Jesus! Monstrous! Evil! Wicked! Vile! Many Jews today spit on Jesus Christ, and would crucify Him all over again if they had the opportunity! The religious Jewish leaders of today are as Pharisaical and hypocritical as they were 2000 years ago.

It’s Against the Law in Israel to Convert to Christianity (soul-winning is illegal).

And yet John Hagee is promising us prosperity if we give money to these Christ-Rejecters. No sir, you are apostate! And the Jews have the audacity to get mad at Mel Gibson’s The Passion of Christ for bringing further light to the fact that they MURDERED THEIR MESSIAH!

Larry King (born Larry H. Zeiger on November 19, 1933 in Brooklyn, New York) was the son of Orthodox Jews who had emigrated from Russia. Larry King said: “What better location could there be for an institution single-mindedly dedicated to reaching and teaching Jews their heritage?” Teaching Jews their heritage?

Don’t you realize that their heritage is corrupted? The heritage which Aish HaTorah teaches is reprobate paganism!  Let me ask you a question, did Abraham reject the Messiah? No, Abraham believed upon the Messiah and was saved… “And he believed in the LORD; and he counted it to him for righteousness” (Genesis 15:6). We read in Isaiah 43:11, “I, even I, am the LORD; and beside me there is no saviour.” We read in Luke 2:11, “For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.” And I love Romans 4:5, “But to him that worketh not, but believeth on him [Jesus] that justifieth the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness.” Romans 10:13 promises, “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord [Jesus)] shall be saved.

Oh listen all you Jews today…Be it known unto you all, and to all the people of Israel, that by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom ye crucified, whom God raised from the dead, even by him doth this man stand here before you whole. This is the stone which was set at nought of you builders, which is become the head of the corner. Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” Salvation may be of the Jews, but 95% of Jews today DON’T HAVE IT!

This is the tragic truth. How could Jews today still REJECT their own Savior? Read it for yourself on the biggest Judaism website in the world… WHY WE DON’T BELIEVE IN JESUS.

Listen to this Judaism audio lecture and tell me that these people aren’t serving the Devil… It’s nothing but utter nonsense and mumbo-jumbo… (click on this “LISTEN NOW” link on the webpage).

The nation of Israel is in God’s hands, and we are not obligated in any way to befriend Israel todayThe Jews, as a nation, rejected their Savior 2000 years ago, and still reject Jesus today. God will deal with them in the Tribulation Period (i.e., [during the last great social cataclysm or] the [biblical] “time of Jacob’s trouble”).

Televangelist and heretic John Hagee actually believes that some Jews are not saved by the cross of Christ, but by prior election and their pedigree in Abraham. Hagee teaches that there is a way of salvation in Christ and an election of grace for the Jews apart from Christ.

This is damnable heresy, which is adamantly condemned by scriptures such as John 3:3… “Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” Carefully notice that Jesus spoke this to Nicodemus, a Jew, who was a religious leader over the JEWS. Every lost sinner must be born-again if they want to go to Heaven?  2nd Thessalonians 1:8 applies to everyone.

Zionists like John Hagee are brainwashed. The 9/11 attacks were carried out by Saudi Arabians (video) working in conjunction with the Bush Administration. The Bin Laden family were all suspects prior to 911, but President Bush blocked all attempts to investigate them with presidential Directive W199-EYE. Please visit my 911 page, exposing the 911 cover-ups. Please watch the 2 hour free video by Alex Jones, 911: The Road to Tyranny. Also, The Truth and Lies of 911 video by former LAPD narcotics officer, Mike Ruppert. Here are hundreds of concrete evidences showing that 911 was orchestrated by the Illuminati [read Judaized Illuminati], not Muslims. 911 was an INSIDE JOB!!! Please watch, Illuminati 911 (Free 1:23 hour startling video by Anthony J. Hilder).

It was the Military Industrial Complex (the corrupt criminal relationship between Wall Street, the Pentagon and the White House) who carried out 911; stopping NORAD, staged false terror attacks on 911 as a cover for the real terrorist attacks, bombing the Pentagon to simulate a plane crash, et cetera. The official 911 story has been proven a fraud. How do 2 planes bring down 3 buildings? No plane hit WTC 7, so why did a 47-story building (which takes months to plant such explosives) implode to the ground in 6.5 seconds? BBC News reported that WTC imploded, 23 MINUTES BEFORE IT FELL!!! ladies and gentleman, the Bush family and Bush administration are mass-murdering criminals.

Present Bush’s younger brother, Marvin Bush, oversaw the company that handled electronics security on all the Trade Towers in the 2-years leading up to the 911 attacks. I mean, you couldn’t make this stuff up folks! They got caught, red handed doing all this, but the newsmedia is so powerful in America that they’ve literally indoctrinated Americans to think some crazy Arab with a laptop in a cave in Afghanistan did this. That just shows you the power of lying.

It’s time for Americans to wake up, and stop listening to Zionist preachers who are as ignorant as can be concerning what is going on in the world today. Satan is the god of this world (2 Corinthians 4:4), and works through occult organizations such as Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove, and Freemasonry to do his bidding… they are the willing servants of EVIL!

If your pastor is continually praising the Jews, and criticizing the Arabs, then find another church where at least the pastor knows what he’s talking about. Nearly all Jews, like Arabs, have rejected Jesus Christ. God told Jeremiah not to pray anything good concerning Israel, because of their wickedness (Jeremiah 14:11).  The same is true today. This includes America as well.

In 586 B.C., God allowed the Babylonian king, Nebuchadnezzar, to finally decimate and destroy the city of Jerusalem.  Nearly all the Jews were enslaved in Babylon for 70 years, or tortured and killed. God gave up on the nation of Israel, and instead turned to the Gentiles to be soulwinners. Of course, God has not cast away His people (Romans 11:2). Israel, i.e., saved Jews, will be restored to their Promised Land when Christ RETURNS, and not before.

Are the [true] Jews [i.e., tribal Israelis] God’s people? Yes!  Are most of the [true] Jews God’s children? No!  The Apostle Paul addressed this issue in Romans 10:1-4, “Brethren, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for Israel is, that they might be saved. For I bear them record that they have a zeal of God, but not according to knowledge. For they being ignorant of God’s righteousness, and going about to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God.  For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth.” What powerful Scriptures for Jews today! Did you read that…that they MIGHT be saved.

There is NO guarantee of salvation just because a person is a Jew.

The Apostle Paul plainly states that many Jews are NOT saved, because they have religious Judaism without God’s righteousness. Judaizers are going about to establish their own righteousness, and have NOT submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God—which is to believe on Christ (Romans 10:4, For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth). Oh how foolish and arrogant are MOST Jews today. It’s Jesus or Hell my friend.

As Christians, we ought to be exposing the evils of Judaism and Zionism, as much as Islam.

Hell awaits the reprobate Jew and the pagan Muslim moon idol worshipper alike

Jews’ acolyte Jon Corzine bilks Americans of billions as Goldman Sachs CEO

Sneaky Jew acolyte Jon Corzine lines his own pockets while furthering the Jews' agenda of fleecing the goyim

The futures markets are very highly-leveraged and thus require an exceptionally firm base upon which to function. That base was the sacrosanct segregation of customer funds from clearing firm capital, with additional emergency financial backing provided by the exchanges themselves. Up until a few weeks ago, that base existed, and had worked flawlessly. Firms came and went, with some imploding in spectacular fashion. Whenever a firm failure happened, the customer funds were intact and the exchanges would step in to backstop everything and keep customers 100% liquid – even as their clearing firm collapsed and was quickly replaced by another firm within the system.

Everything changed just a few short weeks ago. A firm, led by a crony of the Obama regime, stole all of the non-margined cash held by customers of his firm. Let’s not sugar-coat this or make this crime seem “complex” and “abstract” by drowning ourselves in six-dollar words and uber-technical jargon. Jon Corzine STOLE the customer cash at MF Global. Knowing Jon Corzine, and knowing the abject lawlessness and contempt for humanity of the Marxist Obama regime and its cronies, this is not really a surprise. What was a surprise was the reaction of the exchanges and regulators. Their reaction has been to take a bad situation and make it orders of magnitude worse. Specifically, they froze customers out of their accounts WHILE THE MARKETS CONTINUED TO TRADE, refusing to even allow them to liquidate. This is unfathomable. The risk exposure precedent that has been set is completely intolerable and has destroyed the entire industry paradigm. No informed person can continue to engage these markets, and no moral person can continue to broker or facilitate customer engagement in what is now a massive game of Russian Roulette.

Read more here …

Now I thought, is former New Jersey govenor Jon Corzine Jewish? Well maybe he isn’t; but his wife, Sharon Elghanayan is; and back in October of 2009, Jewish State Sen. Loretta Weinberg told a small but enthusiastic crowd of Jewish supporters in Woodbridge that they should elect her running mate, Gov. Jon Corzine, because his “core values” were in line with Jewish values.

Lets face it, Goldman Sachs' Jews put Obama in power, so they and other Jewish merchant bankers and their acolytes could bilk the American people of billions in all sorts of evil financial ways

Weinberg added, at a National Jewish Democratic Council fund-raiser held at the law firm of Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer, that Corzine “reaches out to all the social concerns we as Jews and Democrats support …  I’m proud to be the first Jewish grandmother running for lieutenant governor and to be able to run for office as Jon Corzine’s partner … Jon Corzine is the right candidate for the Jewish community … He is pluralistic and supports many issues important to the Jewish community — reproductive freedom, gay rights, keeping prayer out of public schools.”

Another hypocrite, co-chair, Larry Stempler of Livingston, said Corzine has a strong stance on ethics reform. “He and Loretta stand for integrity and decency [and] his values are inherently Jewish values oftikun olam,” said Stempler, “Health care is high on his list [along with] stem cell research and divesting from Iran.”

Roy Tanzman of Kendall Park also said Corzine shared Jewish values, saying the governor strongly supports education. “He’s always been there for the Jewish community,” said Tanzman, president of the NJ State Association of Jewish Federations, who attended the fund-raiser in a private capacity.

Weinberg cited the governor’s humble beginnings as the son of sharecroppers who worked as a day laborer to put himself through college, eventually becoming CEO of Goldman Sachs.

“He knows he is privileged and wants to give back to the people of New Jersey,” she said. She drew laughs when she added that while Corzine is Methodist, “he must have some Jewish blood because we share the same values.”

Ugly Jewish women just adored the creep Corzine, while he was in power

Weinberg also stressed Corzine’s strong support for Israel, noting “he had made the New-Jersey Israel Commission — of which she is a member — an official entity within the Department of State and increased investment in Israel Bonds.”

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Jews frame Ron Paul as “a Freemason”—the guy has evidently truly converted to Christ

OK, there’s been a lot of talk about “Ron Paul the evil Freemason” during his presidential campaigns; but in the following video he comes through clear again on a host of issues, including his conversion to Christ in his teenage years, during the evangelical crusades in Billy Graham’s heyday …

In fact it’s relatively rare for a truly born again Christian to get suckered into the Judaic cult of Freemasonry; and if the following image is bona fide, you can take it from Ron Paul himself, that “he is not, and never has been a Freemason” … period!!!

Having said that, we read this on the net …

Liberty Oak Ranch— “Quit using Ron Paul as a forum for your bigoted beliefs. You don’t know anything about him or his ideals obviously. You also know nothing about the Freemason or Eastern Star organizations.

1. Ron Paul’s father was a Freemason and Dr. Paul has said himself many times that he respects the organization and has been to many of the open meetings in his district [but note: not initiated into a Lodge]. I should know, I was his scheduler for ten years.

2. His wife, Carol is [ostensibly] a member of the Velasco Order of the Eastern Star and maintains her membership in the Freeport area lodge.

3. Their daughters, Lori and Joy, were [ostensibly] both Rainbow girls, another organization associated with Freemasonry.

Also this comment …

“I was just in a debate on the Daily Paul forum, when someone close to Ron Paul came out and admitted his wife is a member of the Eastern Star. To be a member of the Eastern Star, you have to have a husband that is a Mason.”

But the above deductive reasoning is actually flawed, because to be a member of the Eastern Star a woman needs a RELATIVE, and not necessarily a husband, who is or has been, as deceased, a Freemason. So if Ron Paul’s wife is actually in the Order of the Eastern Star, she could have got into it, not because her husband was a Freemason, but because she, herself, had someone on her own side of the family of that ilk!

Eastern Star Membership

Who may join: Only men who are Masons are eligible and only women with specific Masonic affiliation may be members. These affiliations include:

Affiliated Master Masons in good standing,
The wives
Legally adopted daughters
Half sisters
Great granddaughters
Great nieces

If I thought Ron Paul was a Freemason, I’d drop him like a hot potato, because Freemasonry is, of course, a wicked Judaic outfit that brainwashes its dupes to serve the Jews’ agenda. But either way, the political and social principles Paul is campaigning for make him an enemy of the agenda of Judaism, even if he’s not actually an enemy personally, and he’s supported by WN groups everywhere for very good reasons.

If you photograph a guy shaking hands on a presidential campaign often enough you're bound to get something that looks like the Masonic handshake----get real and over it please

So now this Muslim guy was a Freemason too because he shook hands like that ... Yeah right!

Hand signs can be photographed, photoshopped, and interpreted in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways. Most of the time they're quite innocent and often in jest, only sometimes they're not

No I don’t think Ron Paul is a Freemason. I think he’s pretty genuine and would make a good president …

This is your enemy America …

I also think a lot of the videos, like the following, that trash Ron Paul as a Freemason, are actually Jew propaganda. Watch and listen carefully. No hard facts are ever actually provided to support the contention that Ron Paul is or was a Freemason. Just the usual dramatic, ‘patriotic’ music, inflammatory statements, and misrepresentation by association, otherwise known as FRAMING SOMEONE

Click here to view another video on Ron Paul that has hallmarks of Jew propaganda.

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Above Top Secret thread on the Issue

Here’s a Stormfront thread on Ron Paul’s alleged Freemasonic ties, with the usual Jew trolls adding their bit to stir the pot.

Shock video on Jews’ Kosher Food Tax scam

The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, a pillar of Jew propaganda in America, published an article called “The Kosher Tax Hoax,” that makes the allegation that the Kosher Food Tax paid by Gentiles on items they purchase is, in fact, reasonable and not at all a dishonorable attempt to fleece Gentile consumers of their money.

But read this folks …

The ADL and the Rabbinical Kosher Excise Tax: Fact and Fiction

For many Gentile consumers, it comes as a shock to realize that they pay a Jewish tax on each and every pre-packaged food item with a “U” or “K” stamp on the package, with some of these fees possibly going to support Zionists in Israel. The Union of Orthodox Jews (symbolized by the “U” within a circle) and the Circle-K (for Kashruth or, Kosher) are the two main organizations within the United States that issue Kosher-certification and its accompanying tax, though there are 273 other Kosher-certification organizations that have other symbols within the U.S. alone.(1)

The ADL (or Anti-Defamation League), an offshoot of B’nai B’rith that got its start after the Atlanta chapter head of B’nai B’rith was arrested and convicted by a jury of murdering a 12-year-old girl, Mary Phagan, in a cruel manner,(2) has long since countered Gentile resentment towards this Rabbinical Kosher Excise Tax. Typically, the ADL says that such resentment towards the extra fees paid on food for the rabbis’ certification is the hallmark of anti-Semites. While it stands to reason that in some isolated cases this may in fact be true, there is a growing concern among many others over these extra fees that Gentile consumers are forced to pay, particularly with the downward trend of the economy.

In an article called “The Kosher Tax Hoax,” the ADL sought to allay many Gentiles’ fears and concerns over the Rabbinical Kosher Excise Tax. However, upon reviewing the “facts” presented by B’nai B’rith’s ADL, one quickly sees that it is filled with outright lies or, at best, half-truths.

From the beginning of the ADL’s article, it suggests that it is false that “only a small segment of the American population desires such markings, and that even the meanings of the labels are guarded secrets deliberately kept from non-Jews to trick them into paying the ‘kosher tax.’”

If you are a typical non-Jewish reader, it is easy to see that both these statements are true, not false as the ADL claims. Have you personally desired such markings? And, if it is not a “secret” of sorts, why do they not display a symbol that makes it clear that a fee is indeed paid to a Jewish organization for Kosher certification?

The Kosher Tax is an outrageous example of Jewish control on our everyday lives. Go to your cupboard and examine your food’s packaging; it’s very likely you will find a circled U or K on each package. These symbols are not to be confused with the circled C or R, which are copyright and registered trademark notices; they are symbols that indicate that the product has been “blessed” and that you have paid a tax for this service. The “fee” for the blessing, is paid by the corporation that manufactures the product, and must be paid for each product made, so a company like General Foods can pay hundreds of these “fees” each year. These “fees” are passed on to you, the consumer, regardless of whether you are Jewish or not.

For many Gentile consumers, it comes as a shock to realize that they pay a Jewish tax on each and every pre-packaged food item with a “U” or “K” stamp on the package, with some of these fees possibly going to support Zionists in Israel. The Union of Orthodox Jews (symbolized by the “U” within a circle) and the Circle-K (for Kashruth or, Kosher) are the two main organizations within the United States that issue Kosher-certification and its accompanying tax, though there are 273 other Kosher-certification organizations that have other symbols within the U.S. alone.

We needed a little more verification so we called two major companies to ask some questions. We chose Proctor & Gamble that markets the Folgers Coffee and the Clorox Company that manufactures the Glads plastic zip lock sandwich bags. Each of the two companies, as well as most others, have 1-800 telephone numbers printed on their packages for consumers to call in case they have any questions about their products. When we asked the Proctor & Gamble representative what the (U) meant on their Folgers Coffee container, she asked us to wait until she consulted with her supervisor. She came back and informed us that the mark meant that the coffee was “certified kosher”. We than asked her how and who certified the coffee to be “kosher” and whether it cost any money to do so. She refused to answer these and other questions. She suggested that we write to their Corporate Public Affairs Department. We than called the Clorox Corporation to ask what the (U) meant on the package of their Glads plastic sandwich bags and she also said that the (U) meant that the plastic bags were “kosher” but refused to answer questions concerning payments the Clorox Corporation has to make in order to be able to print the (U) on their products.

Who Receives The Kosher Food Tax Money?

In 1960 there were only 225 companies paying the kosher food tax. This jumped to 475 in 1966 and 800 by 1975. Jewish promoters of kosher labeling say there now has been a “kosher food explosion” today with over 16,000 products now paying rabbinical organizations for their “stamp of kosher approval.” Kosher products retail sales today amount to $30 billion a year according to “The Chicago Jewish Sentinel” of July 7, 1988. **Note: In the year 2000, this is now a trillion dollar racketeering scheme, in which every nation on Earth pays the KOSHER TAX.

Canadian Kosher products are stamped with the letters “COR” that stands for “Council of Orthodox Rabbis”. This is a front group for the powerful Canadian Jewish Congress, which actually receives all the money from this tax. The Jews in Canada are so united they do not allow any competition which is not the case in the U.S. Here a number of Orthodox rabbis have split away from the major groups to go into the kosher racket for them.

This is strictly a religious tax, which millions of non-Jews unknowingly pay each time they buy a basket load of groceries! What would happen if a group of Christian ministers or priests got together and demanded that all companies pay them a similar tax? They could use a “C,” symbol (for Christian), or a cross, (for Christ), threatening that those who refuse to print such a label on their products would be boycotted by Christians. If that happened you would hear an enraged outcry from the ACLU, American Jewish Committee, Jewish Anti-Defamation League, etc. They would be filing suits to stop this “violation of the Constitutional provisions providing for the separation of Church and State.” But, because of the Jews’ centuries old claim of being “a poor persecuted people” along with the Christian fear of being accused of “anti-Semitism,” there is a deafening silence.

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New Zealand bans kosher slaughter

Depraved Jews pimp out Gentile women to console themselves that they’re still the dominant and “chosen” race and nation

Jew pimps predominate in global prostitution and the sex slave trade

Jews predominate among the pimps of prostitution and sex slavery, not just because they’ve been the most depraved people on the planet, since they nationally rejected God’s Son Jesus Christ; but also because it consoles them that they’ve dominated and destroyed Gentiles, and answered to corrupt rabbinical interpretations of the Old Testament, which tell Jews to be always ready to do that sort of thing.

Jews also of course love to pimp out Gentiles to make money, and because they get sadistic pleasure from the moral destruction and misfortune of non-Jews, and see it as a way to morally reduce them and leave them prone to God’s judgement, so that the Jews will begin to curry favor with God again, and somehow see Israel’s antichrist installed on ‘David’s throne’ in Jerusalem, instead of God’s Son Jesus Christ.

Check out this article on the Jews predominance in prostitution and sex slavery …

“[Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion] could hardly imagine that Jewish women would stoop to crime or prostitution. When an associate, Meyer Weisgal, who resembled David Ben-Gurion, once told him humorously that a girl had walked up to him on a London street and offered her services, overwhelmed by the idea of sleeping with the ‘Israeli prime minister.’ Ben-Gurion, clearly troubled, was interested in only one thing: ‘Was she Jewish?'”— Dan Kurzman, 1983, p. 39

“I also take a kind of perverse pleasure in the thought that the most important and influential book ever written is the product of Jewish thought … I call it ‘perverse’ because it is an instance of national pride which I don’t want to feel and which I fight against constantly …”I remember once a fellow Jew remarking with satisfaction on the high percentage of Nobel Prize winners who were Jewish.

I said, ‘Does that make you feel superior?’ ‘Of course,’ he said. ‘What if I told you that sixty percent of the pornographers and eighty percent of the crooked Wall Street manipulators were Jewish? He was startled. ‘Is that true?’ ‘I don’t know. I made up the figures. But what if it were true? Would it make you feel inferior?’

He had to think about that. It’s much easier to find reasons to consider oneself superior than inferior. But one is just the mirror image of the other.”– Isaac Asimov, 1994, p. 322

But where do Jews enter the picture?‘ I asked him.

‘Ah!’ said Simon [Wiesenthal], slapping his knee. ‘I haven’t told you something else. A few years ago, I have a talk with a man who went to school with Hitler. I ask him what Hitler was like in school and he says, ‘Normal. But maybe this hatred began after got this infection from a Jewish whore.’

‘Are you saying that Hitler caught syphillis from a Jewish prostitute?’ I asked increduously.

Wiesenthal laughed and said: ‘What’s the matter? You think only Jews can catch diseases from prostitutes?’

‘No, but were Jewish prostitutes common in Austria?’

‘Why not? Is there a Gentile monopoly on prostitution?’

‘I just don’t see it as a vocation for a nice Jewish girl.’

‘A nice Jewish girl,’ Simon mimicked. ‘You have those ‘nice Jewish girls’ in Israel, too, these days and they had them in Vienna years ago — when there were more Jews.’ — Alan Levy, The Wiesenthal File. William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, Grand Rapids, MI, 1993 p. 18

At the end of the 19th and beginning of the twentieth century, Jews were deeply involved in what was popularly called “white slavery”: international prostitution rings. “White slavery,” notes scholar Albert Lindemann, “was a concern of Jewish leaders throughout the world, who recognized it as a special problem.” [LINDEMANN, p. 33]

Depraved Jewish sex celebrity Dr Ruth Westheimer gives the Jews' "666" hand sign of wicked, godless 'perfection' under Israel's antichrist

[Jews have also dominated the pornography and commercial sexploitation business, a trend which continues to this day -- see Mass Media section]

“Between 1880 and 1939,” notes scholar Edward Bristow, “the Jews played a conspicuous role in ‘white slavery,’ as the commercial prostitution of that era was dramatically called. Not only was this Jewish participation conspicuous, it was historically unprecedented, geographically widespread, and fraught with collective political dangers.” [BRISTOW, p. 1] “Jewish trafficking,” says Bristow, “was anchored in brothel keeping, women freelanced or kept houses while their husbands procured … Jewish traffickers also supplied Gentile-run houses.” [BRISTOW, p. 56-57]

Rooted largely in Eastern and Central Europe where they “dominated the international traffic out of the area,” [BRISTOW, p. 2] Jews were involved in prostitution rings that networked, wrote Arthur Mora (of London’s Jewish Association for the Protection of Girls and Women) in 1903, to “almost all parts of North and South Africa, to India, China, Japan, Philippine Island, North and South America, and also to many of the countries of Europe.” [BRISTOW, p. 1] Jewish criminals trafficked women under their control virtually anywhere, also including the major cities of Bulgaria, Bosnia, Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, Ceylon, Manchuria, South Africa, Rhodesia, and Mozambique. [BRISTOW, p. 181]

“By 1900,” says Bristow, “Jewish commercial vice was largely incorporated in underworld elements and many of it participants were predators of the poor.” [BRISTOW, p. 89] Jewish pimps, procurers, and traffickers preyed mostly on non-Jewish women, but even large numbers of Jewish women were part of their stables.

Jewesses prostitute themselves to deceive, fleece, and defile prominent and wealthy Gentile males---they do it so well because Jews are all harlots, as divorced from God and servants of the devil or Satan

In 1872, for example, Jewish prostitutes in Warsaw numbered 17% of the known prostitution population, in Krakow 27%, and in Vilna 47%. [BRISTOW, p. 23] Within the Jewish community itself, it was not uncommon for recruiters to marry innocent Jewish young women and “deposit them in foreign brothels.” [BRISTOW, p. 25] Many of the Jewish criminal underworld figures apparently saw no gap between their day-to-day activities and their religious lives, often maintaining their religious obligations. A Warsaw thug, Shilem Letzski, organized a small synagogue for Jewish “prostitutes, madams, pimps, and thieves.” This criminal community even had a rabbinical court “to settle disputes between pimps.” [BRISTOW, p. 60] In Constantinople, prostitutes contributed money to “have their pimps called to Torah on holidays.” [SCHNEIDER, p. 225] In New York City, “a public school and a large synagogue were situated right next door to the house of prositution.” [RUBINOW, I., 1959, p. 114-115]

In Buenos Aires, Argentina, notes Donna Guy, the Jewish pimp organization called the Varsovia Society “ostensibly functioned as a mutual aid society … In fact, the Varsovia consisted of pimps who wanted to maintain their business and still lead a religious life … Varsovia associates established their own synagogue on Guemes Street in the midst of the traditional bordello district.” [GUY, p. 22]

Israeli scholar Robert Rockaway notes also, for example, that prominent Jewish American mobster Longy Zwillman “always remained sensitive to his Jewish upbringings.” When a close friend died, and the funeral was conducted in a church, Zwillman refused to attend. As he explained it, he was an ancestral member of the Jewish priest caste (the Cohens) and it was religiously forbidden to him to be with a dead body in a room. [ROCKAWAY, R., 1993, p. 30]

Dr. Louis Maretsky, the head of the B’nai B’rith in Germany, forlornly noted in 1912 that at least 271 of 402 prostitution traffickers on a Hamburg police list were Jewish; in reviewing similar lists for Eastern Europe and South Africa at least 374 of 644 were from the Jewish community. [BRISTOW, p. 56] (No mention here is made of even higher possible percentages: as explored later, it has long been a tradition for many Jews in their diaspora to formally change their identifiable Jewish names). Concerning Galicia, Maretsky wrote that “the prominence of Jewish traffickers and brothel operators there is no doubt. From the files of the Austrian and German police there were 111 Jewish traffickers active in Galicia and the neighboring province of Bukovina for 1904-08 alone.” [BRISTOW, p. 56]

By 1889 Jewish women ran 203 of 289 (70%) of the licensed brothels in the “Pale of Settlement” (encompassing over 20 provinces in eastern Poland and western Russia — an area where Jews were about 12% of the population). 1122 of 5127 (22%) licensed prostitutes in this area were Jewish. [BRISTOW, p. 63] The grievous political dangers for local Jewry in the context of enduring interethnic hostilities, when 78% of the rest of the women were Gentile, many indentured in Jewish houses, is obvious.

Further in the West, 16 of 19 licensed brothels in Warsaw were run by Jewish women, prostitutes in the low-class establishments were expected to service 40-50 customers a day, up to 60-70 on Holy Days. (In 1905 the respectable part of the Jewish Warsaw community rioted against the brothels; 40 whorehouses — legal and illegal — were reported destroyed, 8 persons killed, and 100 injured). [BRISTOW, p. 61]

In Minsk, Jews ran all four legitimate houses of ill repute. In the Russian province of Kherson (which includes the city of Odessa) 30 of 36 licensed brothels were Jewish-owned. The American Consul in Odessa wrote in 1908 that the “whole ‘business’ of prostitution is almost exclusively in the hands of the Jews.” [BRISTOW, p. 56]

Martin Fido notes another genre of Jewish Eastern European profiteer in the prostitution world, in England:

“Latvian ponces accompanied [prostitutes] to help them cross borders and find accomodation and working premises. These men were despised by police and by some of the criminal fraternity for ‘living off immoral earnings.’ But they were not pimps … They were effectively travel agents, couriers and managers in strange and unfriendly places. Their arrival in London ensured that a major strand of prostitution would be controlled by organized crime. One of these Latvians, Max Kassell, was still running a small stable of hookers in the 1930s, when he was murdered in Soho … Jewish dominance of the East End [of London] and its crime was reflected in their Yiddish name, ‘spielers’ (places for games). In the Brick Lane neighborhood, Isaac Bogard, a Jewish villain whose swarthy complexion and tightly curled black hair earned him the nickname ‘Darky the Coon,’ extended his interests. He began in the early years of the 20th century by supplying muscle for street traders who wanted to prevent newcomers from moving in, but he moved on to managing prostitutes and drinking clubs.” [FIDO, M., 2000, p. 19-20]

Then in London there was Harry ‘Little Hubby’ Distleman, “a Jewish club manager, gambler and possibly part-sharer (with his brother) in a chain of brothels.” [FIDO, M., 2000, p. 31] Jewish author Chaim Bermant noted in the Jewish Chronicle in 1993 that “In the same period (1903-1909), 151 aliens [in Great Britain], most of them Jewish, were convicted for keeping brothels, and 521 for soliciting … Rabbi Avigdor Schonfeld … protested that to draw attention to the existence of Jewish prostitutes harmed the good name of the Jewish people.” [JEWISH CHRONICLE, 1-15-93]

More recently, Jewish singer Eddie Fisher recalls that “while performing in England in the late 1950s I had become friendly with a Jewish song plugger, a man who eventually left the music business to open a very exclusive whorehouse.” [FISHER, E., 1999, p. 293] A little later, there was the infamous Colin Levy: “In 1973, one of the better-known and more appreciated solo practioners of that tony [London prostitution] underworld was Norma Levy (nee Mary Russell), an Irish-born prostitute in her mid-twenties whose career ‘on the game’ ws being managed by her husband Colin Levy, a petty crook … In 1973, Colin Levy found himself short of money. Aware that one of Norma’s patrons was the celebrated Lord Lambton, he decided to solve his problem with a bit of blackmail. Camera in hand, he lay in wait outside Norma’s bedroom during Lambton’s next vist to her flat. At the appropriate time, at a signal from Norma, he burst into the room. With flashlights popping in his face, the stunned Lambton was frozen on film, in flagrante delicto, for posterity.” [Levy's blackmail failed, but there was a resultant scandal, including the ethics of newspaper (where Levy tried to sell his photos] that published accounts of the story] [KIERNAN, T., 1986, p. 162]

In Vienna, authorities knew of about 50 Jewish prostitution traffickers based in Czernowitz, “and they were a very inbred lot extending over two generations.” [BRISTOW, p. 74] The most publicized ‘white slavery’ trial occurred in 1892, in Lemberg (once also called Lvov, then a Polish provincial capital, today called Lviv in Ukraine), where 27 traffickers — all Jews — were prosecuted for ensnaring women to go to Constantinople, Egypt, and India. Some of the women recruits understood their tasks, but others “were maids, others fieldworkers, one a butcher’s helper, all apparently promised honest jobs.” [BRISTOW, p. 74] (Lemberg, “a cradle of Zionism from the 1880s onward,” also had anti-Jewish riots in 1918. [KRAJEWSKI, S., p. 340] )

There was a tradition of Yiddish folk songs about Jewish criminal behavior, like this: “I am Salve, the thief, Four brothers are we; One is hungry, the other well fed, But thieves all four are we. One is a pickpocket, The second a pimp, a handsome fellow; One is a hijacker on the lookout for packages, And I am a house thief.

A pimp is common, As all agree: From his own wife, He gets the disease To be a hijacker is bitter: You can rupture your lung, It’s hard to earn something with some of the packages, The best thing is to be a house thief.” [RUBIN, R., 1979]

“In an age of pandemic anti-Semitism,” says Bristow, “a Jewish pimp was a political as well as a social force,” [BRISTOW, p. 4] very emotionally reinforcing anti-Jewish sentiments of the day. Jews were already blamed in central Europe for a financial crash in 1873 and economic competition between Jews and non-Jews was heightening.

A young and enraged Adolf Hitler paid particular attention to the highly visible phenomenon of Jewish street hustling and prostitution rings in Vienna, and was incensed that many non-Jewish women were coerced into the largely Jewish-run trade. “In no other city of Western Europe,” he wrote in Mein Kampf, “could the relationship between Jewry and prostitution, and even now the white slave traffic, be studied better than in Vienna … an icy shudder ran down my spine when seeing for the first time the Jew as an evil, shameless, and calculating manager of this shocking vice, the outcome of the scum of the big city.” [BRISTOW, p. 84]

The wicked harlot of the international Jewry takes her revenge on gullible Gentiles by reducing them to sex slaves to Satan and prostitutes like her

The Jewish prostitution business extended from Europe across the world, where it sometimes overlapped with French, Italian, Chinese, and other rings. In the Punjabi (Indian) capital of Lahore, “Jewish pimps were in the habit of leaving their women penniless only to reappear after workers had accumulated some money.” [BRISTOW, p. 195] In Rio de Janeiro Jewish immigrants from Russia, Poland, Hungary, and Romania were so much identified with prostitution in the late 1800’s that “the kaftan, a Jew’s traditional long gown, became synonymous with pimp.” [BRISTOW, p. 113]

Thirty-nine Jews were expelled from Brazil in 1879 for soliciting women for prostitution and running illegal whorehouses. [BRISTOW, p. 114] Of 199 licensed whorehouses in Buenos Aires in 1909, 102 were run by Jews and more than half the prostitutes were Jewish. [FRIED, p. 71] 4,248 Jewish women were registered for licensed brothels in Buenos Aires between 1880-1913, and those represented only the licensed ones. Edward Bristow estimates that 9,000 Jewish women immigrants came to Brazil in a 25-year span in that era as prostitutes (many were no doubt highly transient), when the total Jewish population of Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay combined amounted to less than 60,000 people in 1910. [BRISTOW, p. 119] (Brian Viner, a columnist at England’s Jewish Chronicle, underscores these figures from Argentina in this manner: ” That I know all this is thanks largely to my estimable cousin Ben, a fount of information on Jewish gangster matters. I phoned him the other night and he told me, just as I might tell someone that Arensal are top the league by a point, that of 60,000 Jews living in Argentina by the 1920s, 9,000 were involved in prostitution rackets. You have to admit it’s a conversation stopper.”) [VINER, B., 11-29-02, p. 37]

In 1889, the Buenos Aires Bulletin Continental reported that 200 German/Austrian women were held against their will by Jewish pimps from Poland. [GUY, p. 5] “Jewish procurers,” says Donna Guy, “… became an organized ring in major cities all over the world. They were particularly powerful in the Argentine port cities of Buenos Aires and Rosario … [GUY, p. 10] … Turn-of-the-century reports by the Hamburg B’nai B’rith [a Jewish fraternal organization] concluded that most prostitutes in Buenos Aires were Jewish and that traffickers ‘dress with ostentatious elegance, wear large diamonds, go to the theatre or opera daily; they have their own clubs and organizations where wares are sorted, auctioned, and sold … They have their own secret wireless code, are well organized, and– heavens! — in South America everything is possible.” [GUY, p. 19]

“Pooling their financial resources in a kind of guild,” notes another Jewish scholar, Howard Sachar, “the [Polish Jewish] newcomers [to Argentina] in 1909 controlled slightly more than half the nearly two hundred licensed brothels in Buenos Aires. Jewish women served as their madams, and Jewish immigrant girls often were recruited and lured into their hands as prostitutes.” [SACHAR, H., 1985, p. 283]

In Cuba, Jews “became engaged in the ‘White Slave Trade,'” says Robert Levine, “importing prostitutes — some Jewish — from Poland … Many women recruited to the business had been trapped in the Russian and Polish Pale and throughout the Hapsburg Empire by force or fraud, and the human dilemma was great.” [LEVINE, p. 66]

Incredibly, even in Germany, where Jews have such a horrible history, such Jewish-related problems still bubble beneath the surface. In 1994 a US News and World Report reporter noted the observations of a Frankfort policeman patrolling Precinct 4:

‘It’s all owned by Jews,’ [Bernd] Gayk says of the train station’s red light district. ‘Practically everything in this area is owned by German Jews. There is a single cabaret here owned by a German, but the rest belongs to the Jews.'” [MARKS, J., p. 42, 44]

Shockingly, even shortly after the Holocaust when there were only a few thousand Jews left in Germany, they remained prominent in the prostitution business there. In 1961 Rabbi Richard L. Rubenstein interviewed Dean Heinrich Gruber of the Evangelical Church of East and West Berlin. Rubenstein notes that Gruber nearly himself perished in a Nazi concentration camp, and he “had a long and heroic record of opposition to the Nazis on Christian grounds as well as friendship and succor for Nazism’s chief victims [Jews].” [RUBENSTEIN, p. 5]

“The problem in Germany is that the Jews haven’t learned anything from what happened to them,” the Dean told a startled Rubenstein, “I always tell my Jewish friends that they shouldn’t put a hindrance in the way our fight against anti-Semitism.” [RUBENSTEIN, p. 7]

Gruber then complained that “many of the brothels and risqué night clubs, for example, were in Jewish hands, especially those in close proximity to army camps.” [RUBENSTEIN, p. 7] And Rubenstein’s response to the clergyman? “Look,” the rabbi said, “I don’t understand why you are so troubled about a pitifully small number of Jews in shady positions or interested in making money rather than following more edifying pursuits. It seems to me that every person pays a price for the kind of life he or she leads. Why should Germany be upset about a few such Jews unless they are overly involved in other peoples’ lives? Must every Jew make himself so pale, so inconspicuous, even invisible, that he will give no offense to Germans? … After what happened [the Holocaust], why should any Jew remain and worry about German approval?” [RUBENSTEIN, p. 7-8]

Marvin Wolf, a Jewish captain in the U.S. army serving in Germany, recalls that in 1971 “Rabbi David, the Jewish chaplain in Frankfort am Main — and the husband of my mother’s second cousin — told me that he knew several Jewish millionaires at whose homes I would be welcome — but, ‘I’m not crazy about any of them, ‘he said. ‘What do you mean?’ I asked. ‘After the war, ’45, ’46, Germany was in ruins,’ he explained. ‘Terrible times. Nobody had money except the Occupation forces and a handful of Jews who had survived the camps and got a monthly pension — government reparations. In Frankfort, a few of these Jews recruited starving, desperate German girls and opened brothels. Got their revenge, and got rich, too. They’re in other businesses now, but do you really want to spend Pesach [Passover] with such people?” [WOLF, M. J., 1998]

In 1909 one Jewish observer, Marcus Braun, estimated there to be 50,000 Jewish immigrant prostitutes in America and 10,000 pimps. (Edward Bristow considers these figures grossly inflated, but notes that one of Braun’s colleagues, echoing at least public feelings about the problem, thought there were up to 100,000 American Jewish women of ill repute.) In any case, the Jewish pimps of New York City (who owned many of the “so-called French” bordellos in the Tenderloin district and “sought to fill them with French prostitutes from abroad”) [BRISTOL, p. 165] had their own official organization: “The New York Independent Benevolent Association.” Frances Kellar, a respected social worker, wrote in 1907 that “the two nationalities who may be said to be central to the disorderly house business in New York [are] French and Jewish … French houses … are not … to be so much feared as the Jewish … [which are] thoroughly vicious and bad.” [BRISTOL, p. 165] By the turn of the century, “hundreds and hundreds” of Jewish women walked the Lower East Side of New York City as prostitutes. [FRIED, p. 8] Benjamin Altman described the whores he saw on Allen Street: “A hundred women on every … corner. Tall women, short women. Fair women. Ugly women.” [FRIED, p. 12]

Between November 15, 1908 and March 15, 1909, almost three-quarters of 2,093 prostitute cases before the New York City courts were “native-born” women, “a preponderance,” noted Albert Fried, “who were presumably Jewish.” (Ethnic categories included “Russian” and “Polish,” but not Jewish). [FRIED, p. 8] Of “foreign-born” prostitutes in court, 225 were Jewish, 154 French, 64 German, 31 Italian, 29 Irish, and 10 Polish. [FRIED, p. 8]

The Jewish pimp,” says Albert Fried, “freely used marriage brokers and unemployment agencies to snare his victims — the young, the lonely, the innocent, the weak, the alienated, the oppressed.” [FRIED, p. 14] Starting out with one whore in 1890, for example, by 1912 Motche Greenberg had a “controlling interest in eight whorehouses and 114 women and was earning $4,000 a month, an incalculable amount by today’s standards.” [FRIED, p. 18]

In Chicago, by 1907 Rabbi Emil Hirsch declared that 75% of the “white slavery” in his city was controlled by Jews. [BRISTOW, p. 177] The Jewish periodical the Forward forlornly reported that “the facts that were uncovered at the trial [for corruption] of [police] inspector McCann are horrifying. 75% of the white slave trade in Chicago is in Jewish hands. The owners of most of the immoral resorts on the West Side are Jews. Even in Gentile neighborhoods Jews stand out prominently in the nefarious business.” [FRIED, p. 70]

(Even in 2001, as a result of an undercover police investigation, Joel Gordon (a cantor, i.e., the man who sings liturgical songs and leads prayer in a synagogue) and his wife Alison Greenberg were tried in Chicago for running a brothel. Ginsberg was also charged with acts of prostitution. “We now realize,” said Howard Peritz, a member of Gordon’s synagogue, “that in starting a congregation around a man [Gordon], we were canonizing him.” [JEWISH TELEGRAPHIC AGENCY, 1-5-01] The same year, a synagogue room (Finchley Synagogue’s Kinloss Suite) in Great Britain made the news when it hosted a “stag party with three strippers performing ‘sexually explicit acts.'” Some of the money raised was supposed to go to a Jewish charity.) [ZERDIN, J., 29-01]

In 1987, a Jewish ultra-Orthodox group bought a slaughterhouse in Postville, Iowa, and began hiring illegal non-Jewish aliens from Eastern Europe to do the menial jobs at their company. Despite the fact that only Jews dominated the upper eschelons of the firm, and Jewish author Stephen Bloom’s underscores Jewish exploitation and condemnation of the entire non-Jewish community in his book called Postville, he frames the following in cautiously distancing, apologetic form: “[A woman in her mid-twenties said:] ‘The managers are incredibly rude. One manager fired me because I wouldn’t go to bed with him.’ The translator used the word ‘manager,’ but the woman was most likely speaking of one of her supervisors, who would have been a Christian. ‘If the manager wants to sleep with you and you do, you get a raise. If you don’t, he makes your life miserable. Girls have no choice.’ No one [of a group of fellow workers] disputed what the woman said.” [BLOOM, S., 2001, p. 138]

In 1932, a few Polish-American officials of the city of Hamtramck (within Detroit) were charged by a grand jury with the “familiar charge of collusion with vice interests for gratuities.” The central player among those convicted was Jewish, Jacob Kaplan, “head of a vice syndicate” who collected $2,000 a month from disorderly houses in the Syndicate.” [WOOD, 1955, p. 53-54] In 1941, the Detroit Free Press listed the names of those involved in another exposed vice ring in the area of Hamtramck, a ring that drew city officials and administrators into its web with bribes and payoffs. The racketeers included “Sam (the Jap) Gross, Hamtramck area brothel operator;” Charles Berman, “charged with operating a vice resort;” Irene Kaplan, “defendant in accusations as brothel keeper;” Ike (Forty Grand) Levy, “vice resort operator;” Kitty (Big Nose) Silverman, “reputed vice resort keeper;” and Jack (alias Jack Jesus) Silverman, “husband of Kitty.” [WOOD, A., 1955, p. 84, 86]

Israeli scholar Robert Rockaway notes the dimensions of Detroit’s all-Jewish Prohibition-era Purple Gang: “Detroit’s Canadian border and existence of Jewish-owned Canadian distilleries, such as those of Sam and Harry Bronfman [Jewish founders of Seagram], offered opportunities to Detroit’s Jewish gangsters that rivaled bootlegging operations in Chicago and New York. Instead of transporting the liquor themselves, the Purples arranged for the Jewish-dominated ‘Little Jewish Navy’ to bring it across the river for them … The Gang’s dealings also extended to the sale of stolen diamonds, narcotics and prostitution in Canada.” [ROCKAWAY, R., 2001, p. 113-]

Jewish prostitutes became the "madams" of the whore houses when they stepped up in the world

In New York City, among many other Jewish madams, was “Polly Adler, the Polish-born madam of New York’s most famous bordello of the 1920s and 1930s.” [MCDOUGAL, p. 92]

Jewish comic and eventual TV superstar Milton Berle recalls Adler’s brothel: When I had a night off from the Paradise, John Garfield [the actor, born Julius Garfinkle], who was a good friend, and I went over to Polly Adler’s for dinner. Sure, the world knew Polly as a [brothel] madam, but her friends knew her as an intelligent woman, fun to be with, and a good cook. After dinner, Polly excused herself because she had to make some telephone calls to arrange for girls for her clients. John and I were talking when I said, ‘I don’t know about you, Julie (his real name was Jules), but I feel sort of horny.’ John thought he might feel the same way, so we spoke to Polly about it, and she said she could get us two of her $100 girls — Polly handled only the best — and send them around to wherever we said. John and I went our separate ways to await our deliveries. When the doorbell rang at my place, there was Carole [a woman Berle had been dating and already having an affair with].” [BERLE, M., 1974, p 186]

A little earlier, “the most famous madam in turn-of-the century New York was Rosie Hertz. Saving enough from her own prostitution, she and her husband, Jacob, opened several brothels on the Lower East Side during the 1880s … The epitome of the ‘white slaver,’ Hertz was called by one judge the ‘godmother for prostitutes.’ Another critic considered her ‘as much a public feature of the lower East Side … as the Brooklyn Bridge.” [GILFOYLE, T., 1992, p. 295]

Dallas, Texas? When Jack Ruby (Rubenstein) murdered Lee Harvey Oswald in 1963, he owned the Carousel, a local strip tease joint. As Gerald Posner notes, “Ruby’s main competition was from the Theatre and Colony Clubs, owned by two brothers, Abe and Barney Weinstein. In 1961, they had introduced amateur strip-tease dancing.” [POSNER, p. 362] Atlanta, Georgia? By 1999, owner Steve Kaplan’s Gold Club “nude dancing” business had been “indicted on federal racketeering charges that included prostitution, credit card fraud, money laundering, police corruption and ties to the Gambino organized crime family.” His lawyer, Alan Begner, was also Jewish. “Since 1982,” noted the Atlanta Journal and Constitution, “Begner has carved a lucrative niche as a lawyer of adult entertainment establishments,” representing about half of the 45 in metropolitan Atlanta. “I knock out laws,” he explained to the newspaper. Begner’s interest in strip joints began when another Jewish owner (Emmanual Isaacs of the “She Club”) asked him to represent him. [RANKIN, B., 12-5-99, p. 2D]

The Associated Press further noted in 2001 that Gold Club owner Steven Kaplan (club manager: Norbert Calder) was “accused of building a $50 million fortune in part by providing prostitutes for celebrities. Atlanta’s Gold Club is one of the most profitable nude clubs in the country, popular among convention-goers and visiting celebrities.

Federal investigators say it is also a high-priced brothel that pumps cash into the Gambino crime family … [The Federal indictment against Kaplan] says Kaplan ordered more than 20 beatings of people who did not repay loans at high rates of interest.” [COURT TV, 4-2001]

The most famous “sex club” in history (prospering in the 1970s and 1980s before the AIDS epidemic) is probably Plato’s Retreat, based in New York City. Its owner was also Jewish: Larry Levenson. As Jewish scholar David Allyn describes it: “First of all, you have to picture the Ansonia Hotel, which is a late 19th century wedding-cake of a building in the heart of the upper west side in New York. In the basement of the Ansonia was Plato’s Retreat, then the world’s most famous sex club. Men and women would stroll about the Ansonia lobby in nothing but towels. In the club, they would have sex with possibly a dozen or so people in a single night. Plato’s Retreat represented the commercial version of what was happening in people’s apartments and living rooms across the country.” [BOOKMARK, 2000]

Green Bay, Wisconsin? George Tane, also Jewish, “was a bootlegger who controlled Green Bay, Wisconsin. After Prohibition, he owned all the houses of prostitution in the city.” [ROCKAWAY, R., 1993, p. 214] Atlanta, Georgia? In 2001, Steven Kaplan, owner of the nude “Gold Club,” faced a Federal indictment on counts of “loan sharking, money laundering and bribing police officers.” He was also accused “of building a $50 million fortune in part by providing prostitutes for celebrities … Atlanta’s Gold Club is one of the most profitable nude clubs in the country.” [COURT TV, 4-30-2001] [See also evidence in this volume -- Mass Media 2 Chapter -- about prostitution rackets controlled by today's "Russian" mafia, which is largely Jewish in organization; Heidi Fleiss (the much-publicized, high-priced Jewish prostitution "madam" to Hollywood stars), famed Jewish prostitute Xaviera Hollander ("The Happy Hooker"), and details of enormous Jewish influence in the worlds of "smut" and pornography]

With the American public beginning to note the high Jewish representation in the prostitution trade; some journalists implied wider corruption. In the June 1909 issue of McClure’s magazine, for instance, George Kibbe Turner wrote: “Out of the Bowery and Red Light districts have come the new development in New York politics — the great voting power of the organized criminals. It was a notable development not only for New York, but for the country at large. And no part of it was more noteworthy than the appearance of the Jewish dealer in women, a product of New York politics, who has vitiated more than any other single agency the moral life of the great cities of America in the past ten years.” [BELL, p. 187]

It is an absolute fact,” wrote Ernest Bell in his 1911 book about white slavery, “that corrupt Jews are now the backbone of the loathsome traffic in New York and Chicago. The good Jews know this and feel keenly the unspeakable shame of it.” [BELL, p. 188] “The criminal instincts that are so often found naturally in the Russian and Polish Jew,” wrote Frank Moss in a popular volume called American Metropolis (1897), “come to the surface in such ways as to warrant the opinion that these people are the worst element in the entire make-up of New York City … A large proportion of the people of New Israel are addicted to vice.” [FRIED, p. 55-56] “Vice and crime did pervade the Lower East Side,” remarks Albert Fried, “and no one knew it more keenly than its residents. The better part of wisdom, so far as they were concerned, was to keep the disgrace quiet, to avoid publicizing it.” [FRIED, p. 59] Meanwhile, in the early 1900’s the National Council of Jewish Women even had Yiddish-speaking volunteers working to keep new female immigrants at Ellis Island “out of the clutches of men (often Jewish) who would try to entice them into prostitution.” [SCHNEIDER, p. 224]

White European sex slave pimped out by the Jews, just as the Jews "shaved the heads and pared the nails" of the Gentile women they enslaved and brought into their houses in the Old Testament

By the early years of the twentieth century, large urban department stores had reputations “as breeding grounds for prostitution.” In New York City, for example, Macy’s fell under suspicion to some, in part for its proximity to a former red light district. In 1913, Percy Strauss, the Vice President of Macy’s, hosted a “vice vigilante” group to investigate his store. “Strauss,” notes William Leach, “no dour Puritan, had a personal interest in leading a campaign against vice. For one thing, as a German Jew and spokesman for the Jewish community, he had to disprove the charge — widely made — that immigrant Jewish women (and many of his own employees, therefore) were more likely than other women to be prostitutes.” [LEACH, p. 117] By 1915 the Committee Against Vice (of which Strauss had conveniently become chairman) published a report that affirmed that Macy’s was “normal.” “On the other hand,” says William Leach, “testimony in the ‘secret reports’ told a different tale. Saleswomen, it was revealed, passed around pornographic cards and poems about themselves, talked openly about ‘sex’ and ‘sex desire,’ and ‘gossiped about fairies,’ as one investigator put it. Private accounts by other investigative reformers echoed this view, that things at Macy’s and in other department stores were hardly ‘normal’ or ‘decent.’ ‘The strongest temptation of girls in department stores,’ warned one reformer, ‘is not poverty but luxury and money.'” [LEACH, p. 118]

Although Jewish poverty was — and is — often argued as a major reason for their high international representation in such a vice, a 1914 League of Nations survey of 25 Jewish prostitutes in Buenos Aires showed that only 4 of them claimed to be poor before their new trade. Nine, however, stated that their family lives had been “immoral or abusive in some way.” [BRISTOW, p. 95] (As Robert Rockaway notes about the dozens of members in Detroit’s all-Jewish criminal Purple Gang, which was involved in everything from murder to prostitution: “[Purple Gang members] were not products of crushing poverty, broken homes, or widespread economic despair. Most of them had been raised in lower middle class households where the father had a steady, if not well-paying, job.”) [ROCKAWAY, R., 2001, p. 113-]

And what, in complete dismissal of the facts of history, is the common Jewish perspective about the unabashed prominence of Jews in the “white slave trade?” This, in 1998, from Jewish scholar Gary Tobin in a popular Jewish newspaper: “For those with a knowledge of history of 19th century anti-Semitic propaganda, the idea that Jews are running “the white slave trade” is nothing new. Cartoon like stereotypes of loathsome Jewish villains trading on the lost virtue of non-Jewish maidens was standard material for the Nazis and their precursors … It took a sick mind to imagine that Jews were running the world’s oldest profession.” [TOBIN, Distinguished, p. 51]

Gentile prostitute pimped out bare-ass naked in the street for the Jews

Tobin was responding to a very disturbing article in the New York Times (January 11, 1998) which described the horrible situation that Slavic Gentile prostitutes face today, trapped in Israel. As the Times notes, with the collapse of the Soviet Union and a resulting economic chaos, literally hundreds of thousands of Russian and Ukrainian women have been dispersed throughout the world, most entrapped in an international prostitution trade run by the “Russian mafia.” (Although it is certainly inferred, what the Times article does not overtly mention is that a significant part of the Russian mafia is Jewish. See later chapter). Glenn Frankel, however, a Washington Post correspondent in Jerusalem, took the perspective in 1994 that “there was much talk about the Russian mafia muscling in [to Israel], although the police and most crime experts agreed that the brothels were almost entirely under the control of the Israeli mafia and that the Russians worked mostly as low-level managers or hookers.” [FRANKEL, p. 175]

White European women pimped to the Jews' depraved fantasies in the 'Holy Land'

“Israel has become a routine destination for the global trafficking of women,” noted Leonard Fein in a 1998 Jewish Bulletin, “women coerced into prostitution. The thousand such women brought into Israel annually derive principally from the countries of the former Soviet Union, and the way they get to Israel is that they are ‘purchased,’ each one costing between $10,000 and $20,000. And they are, of course, expected to repay the cost to their masters through what amounts to indentured servitude — or, if you prefer the simpler and more straightforward, slavery … Some [are] as young as 15, and even 12 … Each woman earns between $50,000 and $100,000 for her pimp. The turnover of the prostitution trade in Israel comes to some $450 million a year.” [FEIN, 1998, p. 21]

In a country of six million people, this averages about $75 a year paid to a pimp for every man, woman, and child in Israel. There are today 150 brothels and sex shops in Tel Aviv alone. [SILVER, E., 8-25-2000, p. 32]

In an interview with Marina, a Russian prostitute, the (Jewish) Forward noted in 1995 that there were nine or ten “Russian” prostitution rings in Israel. “Girls are regularly beaten to keep them obedient,” Marina told the Forward, “… [The Israeli police are] regularly paid off with free visits to our girls. A reporter like you thinks you’re picking up a stone from the road, but you might find you’re digging into a mountain.” [SHILLING, p. 5] As a report by Israel’s Women’s Network noted in 1997: “Every year, hundreds of women from the former Soviet Union are lured to Israel, gaining entry by posing as immigrants, on the promise of finding lucrative jobs, and then are lured into prostitution by abusive pimps.” [GROSS, N., 1997, p. 16]

In 1998, Hungary’s Consul in Tel Aviv, Andrea Horvath complained that four Hungarian women “had allegedly met their Israeli employer in a Budapest discotheque. They were hired as dancers but were later forced to provide sexual services as well.” [MTI, 3-20-98] In 2000, Robert Friedman, in talking about his book about the “Russian Mafia,” noted Seimon Mogilevich, head of a major Jewish mobster network, noting him as “one of the world’s biggest traffickers in women, Eurasian women.” [PENKLAVA, M., 5-3-2000]

“Women are sold into the sex business in Israel for between $5,000 and $15,000,” reported the Jerusalem Post in 1998, “while the pimps who buy them can earn between $10,000 and $50,000 a year per woman … 2,000 women are brought to Israel from the CIS and forced by pimps to work as prostitutes. Many are brought here on false pretenses and held against their will.” As Ira Omait, head of the Haifa Emergency Shelter for Women told the Post, “We are fast heading in the direction of trade in minors for prostitution and slavery.” [COLLINS, L., 12-15-98, p. 5] Incredibly, as noted in a Jerusalem Post editorial in 1998, “According to the Women’s Lobby [a women's group in Israel], part of the [prostitution] problem is that there is no law against slavery in Israel.” [JERUSALEM POST, 1-13-98, p. 10]

Poor Women of Ex-Soviet Union Lured Into Sex Slavery” headlined a 1998 Associated Press story. Women forced into prostitution in Israel, noted the article, were locked in rooms and provided only food and condoms. And Israeli law on the subject? In 1996 150 men were arrested for pimping or running brothels. Merely 21 cases went to trial, and no one was ever convicted of a crime. [LINZER, D., 6-13-98] In 1998 an Israeli judge even ordered an insurance company to pay for a client’s prostitution addiction:

“An Israeli insurance company has been ordered to pay 300,000 shekels ($80,000) to fund the prostitution habit of a man injured in a car accident.” [DEUTSCHE PRESSE-AGENTUR, 4-22-98]

The man claimed that since a 1993 car crash he couldn’t form relationships with women and relied on the prostitution world.

The 1998 New York Times article noted that more than 1,500 Slavic prostitutes — mostly from the Ukraine — have been deported from Israel for residence infractions in the past three years. (Israeli oppression knows no end: “Unlike many countries, Israel does not pay airfare for deportees.” [LINZER, D., 6-13-98]) Prostitution is not illegal in Israel and clients include foreign workers, “Israeli soldiers with rifles on their shoulders,” business executives, and tourists. The Times noted that “The networks trafficking women run east to Japan and Thailand, where thousands of young Slavic women now work against their will as prostitutes, and west to the Adriatic Coast and beyond … The routes are controlled by Russian gangs based in Moscow … In Ukraine alone … as many as 400,000 women under 30 have gone in the past decade … Israel is a fairly typical destination … Police officials [in Israel] estimate that there are 25,000 paid sexual transactions every day. [This in a country with a population of 6 million]. Brothels are ubiquitous … Once they cross the border [into Israel] their passports will be confiscated [by pimps], their freedoms curtailed and what little money they have taken from them at once … The Tropicana, in Tel Aviv’s bustling business district, is one of the busiest bordellos. The women who work there, like nearly all prostitutes in Israel today, are Russian. Their bosses, however, are not. ‘Israelis love Russian girls,’ said Jacob Golan, who owns this and two other clubs, ‘…. They are blonde and good looking and different than us … And they are desperate. They are ready to do anything for money.” [SPECTER, p. 1]

“The situation,” wrote Jewish author David Weinberg in an 1998 article about prostitution in Israel entitled Not So Holy Land, “is enough to make you cry in despair, or vomit from shame.” [WEINBERG, D., 1-18-98, p. 8]

Don't think Jewesses don't love to prostitute themselves too, to deceive, fleece, and defile prominent and wealthy Gentile males----they do it so well because Jews are vampires and harlots by the very nature they inherited from their father the devil

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Jewish faces

Sex and the Jews: Letter to a Jewish Correspondent — Dr Lasha Darkmoon

Jew fostered black on white hate — 33 years is not enough! Let him “flee to the pit”!

Mass murder of white Christian Europeans by the Jews’ ruse of bringing black slaves to America, opening borders to alien invasion, and introducing melting-pot multiculturalism, must be stopped and the Jews themselves indicted as culpable in the orchestrated heinous felony of it.

David Duke on the media blackout of the Jews’ role and collective guilt in black slavery …

Late Lubavitcher pseudo-messiah Schneerson admits the Jews use “the melting-pot” to further their evil plot to dominate and largely eliminate the gullible goyim in their ideal world under Israel’s antichrist …

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Taste of their own medicine– Multiculturalism in Israel 2010


The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews

Jew John Holdren advises Obama to kill millions of Gentile US babies to make it easier for the Jews to inherit an evil ideal antichristian world

A lot of Americans know John Holdren is a genocidal maniac offside to the Jews’ puppet Barack Obama; but not so many know the creep is a Jew, with elimination of non-Jews in the Jews’ ideal antichristian world as his real agenda, which is something all Jews at least subliminally give consent to and many militantly support in a whole host of ways.

Read this …

Forced abortions. Mass sterilization. A “Planetary Regime” with the power of life and death over American citizens.

The tyrannical fantasies of a madman? Or merely the opinions of the person now in control of science policy in the United States? Or both?

Reprobate Jew John Holdren advocates elimination of the goyim in the Jews' ideal antichristian world

These ideas (among many other equally horrifying recommendations) were put forth by John Holdren, whom Barack Obama has recently appointed Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, Assistant to the President for Science and Technology, and Co-Chair of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology — informally known as the United States’ Science Czar. In a book Holdren co-authored in 1977, the man now firmly in control of science policy in this country wrote that:

• Women could be forced to abort their pregnancies, whether they wanted to or not;
• The population at large could be sterilized by infertility drugs intentionally put into the nation’s drinking water or in food;
• Single mothers and teen mothers should have their babies seized from them against their will and given away to other couples to raise;
• People who “contribute to social deterioration” (i.e. undesirables) “can be required by law to exercise reproductive responsibility” — in other words, be compelled to have abortions or be sterilized.
• A transnational “Planetary Regime” should assume control of the global economy and also dictate the most intimate details of Americans’ lives — using an armed international police force.

Impossible, you say? That must be an exaggeration or a hoax. No one in their right mind would say such things.

Well, I hate to break the news to you, but it is no hoax, no exaggeration. John Holdren really did say those things, and this report contains the proof.

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Baby murderer Margaret Sanger: wife of a Jew and mother of the American abortion holocaust

The Jews who run Obama and the USA

Hey Jews, your vindictive plot to blot out the name and memory of Jesus is a complete failure — get over it or burn in hell the lot of you!

Jews prepare anthrax pandemic as next US false flag op

Religious Jews have been obsessed with the esoterics of numbers, especially as they appear in the Old Testment; and since judicial blindness has fallen on them from God for the crime of the Crucifixion, they’ve superstitiously used numbers in all their major ops and machinations against the hated goyim and feared Christians worldwide, to convince themselves that they’re doing the will of their g_d, in the evil deeds and general atrocities they commit on a day-to-day basis.

The way Jews superstitiously use numbers is something many Gentiles are now aware of, and because it’s widely known that Jews are subversive to the welfare of Gentiles and militantly oppose Christians and Christianity, lots of people have become almost paranoid about what’s likely to happen next, when a certain combination of numbers crops up on the calendar, in the url of a website, or on barcoded products, etc.

The symbol of a serpent on a pole is a sign of Jewish bioterrorism against the goyim, and it derives from the image of a serpent put upon a pole by their patriarch Moses to ward of the evil of serpents' bites

Superstitious Jews hold in high regard the numerals one, three, six, nine, and eleven, especially if they’re doubled or tripled in connection with something evil they’ve become involved in or want to use to foster their global takeover agenda. This month is the eleventh month of the Gregorian calender, but also the ninth of the old Roman, which is, of course, the calendar the month of “November” (Lat. novem=nine) is actually named for. Hence it’s going to provide the Jews with plenty of numbers to use as the basis of something particularly evil they have planned for the gullible goyim, especially in America, where they’re militantly planning an imminent soviet takeover.

Read this

FEMA, the FCC, and Homeland Security plan to commandeer the airwaves next month. The Emergency Alert System (EAS) will be tested at 1 PM EST on November 9. EAS alerts are transmitted over radio and television broadcast stations, cable television and other media services.

Local and state EAS components are tested weekly and monthly, but this will be the first national test of the system. It is significant that FEMA will conduct the mandatory test.

FEMA was created by executive fiat. EO 12148 was signed into law by a stroke of Jimmy Carter’s pen on July 20, 1979. FEMA is described as a federal agency designed to coordinate government response to natural disasters that overwhelm the resources of local and state authorities.
In fact, the federal agency was established as part of a martial law mechanism.

The company retains the ability to modify the timing of deliveries depending on manufacturing yields and other factors.

Last month, Emergent was a co-host for a bio-preparedness conference in France on the threat of anthrax.

“Emergent [was] pleased to co-host this conference as part of our efforts to raise global awareness of bio-preparedness,” said Allen Shofe, senior vice president of corporate affairs, Emergent BioSolutions.

Also this article …

Anthrax victim

To protect against anthrax, the U.S. government has ordered 44.75 million doses of a vaccine from a Maryland company.

Emergent BioSolutions Inc., with headquarters in Rockville, Md., said that under the $1.25 billion award it will supply its BioThrax over a period of five years, reported.

BioThrax is the only vaccine licensed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to protect against anthrax infection.

“Emergent is proud to be able to contribute to the U.S. government’s program of protecting the nation from the threat of anthrax,” said Fuad El-Hibri, chairman and chief executive officer of Emergent BioSolutions. “This five-year award provides for uninterrupted supply of this critical bio-defense countermeasure while addressing the government’s mandate to reduce spending across all programs.

Ghastly symptoms of anthrax soon to afflict millions of gullible Americans

“In coming to agreement, Emergent and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention worked diligently to establish business terms that incorporate substantial price concessions.”

Initial deliveries are expected to begin this year. A total of 8.5 million doses scheduled to be delivered during the first contract year.

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An anthrax false flag pandemic is the next form of “metal thrashing mad” chaos the psychopathic Jews are going to bring on in America …

Jews “HAARP” Japan to stop production of Honda’s FCX Clarity car

Japan has been producing vehicles that don’t use gasoline – not a drop! No gasoline means zero emissions and zero oil revenue for the leading Jew banksters and financiers. Jews in ZOG have inspired the US to slaughter and maim hundreds of thousands of civilians in Iraq and Libya mainly for OIL. Why would the Jews and their acolytes want to spend trillions of dollars on so-called “wars on terror” to seize control of the oil in the Middle East, if the demand was soon going to drop drastically with the introduction of vehicles that use zero gasoline?

Jews in ZOG in the US evidently used HAARP weapons on Japan to protect their financial interests in the Middle East. The Fukushima meltdown was created to kill the production of Japan’s all-electric and hydrogen fueled cars, like the Honda FCX Clarity.

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Haarp causes Japan’s Quake Part 2

Is Japan to be the new Atlantis? …