Low IQ pagan Muslims riot in the countries the Jews let them infiltrate to destroy decent White Christian European culture

2012_Sydney_protest Okay there’s a bit of “boycott Israel” about this, but it’s generally low IQ, low-life Muslims rioting in France in 2014, after being let into the country under some Jew arranged “benefit of diversity” immigration policy for the alien dupes of the moon idol Allah …

Also this recent riot by crazed low IQ Muslim idolators in Pakistan …

Ahmedabad-Riots-AFP-640x480 121460-sydney-riot Also check out the following video showing the injuries of a little girl who was burned alive by her Muslim uncle for wearing lipstick … The 11 year-old girl was warned by her uncle not to wear lipstick, but she continued to do it anyway. In a fit of rage, the angry Muslim man molested her before setting her on fire.

The girl somehow managed to survive, but was burned on 99% of her body. Now, she is in constant pain and can barely speak as she tries to recover from her wounds. Her 55 year-old attacker was arrested by police, but continues to say that he did nothing wrong in how he handled the child.




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