Roaming “pavement ape” sucker-punches pregnant woman in Brooklyn to escalate racial strife and precipitate the Jews’ cultural Marxist lockdown of America


A 34-year-old Brooklyn woman who is six-months pregnant was laid out cold by a roaming nigger in a vicious “knockout game” attack.

The violent assault was caught on video and published by the “Jew York Post” to escalate the racial strife the Jews have been using to win sympathy for their intended cultural Marxist lockdown and Jew run FEMA police state agenda for ordinary gullible Americans.

The victim, Jannatul Ferdous, was walking with her sister in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood Thursday, when the 33-year-old nigger Willie Stephens slugged the hapless pregnant woman with one single blow, knocking her unconscious and endangering the life of her unborn child.

The video camera captures the pavement ape Stephens walking swiftly toward the two women. As he is passing, he decks the unsuspecting Ferdous, by apparently viciously slamming a clenched fist in the pregnant woman’s face and then walks away as if nothing really happened and while barely missing a step.


Fortunately neither Ferdous nor her child were seriously injured by the feral nigger’s attack, and the woman’s sister quickly called the police and gave them the pavement ape Stephens’ description to facilitate his capture. (RELATED: ‘Knockout Game’ Attack And Other Violence In Ferguson)

According to the “Jew York Post”, police said the woman may have been another unfortunate victim of the “knockout game.” The goal of the so-called “game” is to knock a target out with just a single blow. The “target” being usually a decent White Christian American and the perp almost invariably a nigger on welfare and a crime spree. Several people have died during the attacks.

Jew attacked in knockout game and suddenly it’s a national story …

More typical nigger behavior (TNB) …

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